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  • Skates
    CCM Ribcor 78K
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
  • Gloves
    CCM HG12
  • Helmet
    CCM Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
  • Shoulder Pads
    CCM RBZ 130
  • Elbow Pads
    CCM Super Tacks
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    RBK 8K Pro
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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    Long Island, NY
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  1. xstartxtodayx

    Looking for P28 type curve that's a bit more closed

    Was just buying a stick for my 6yo and saw that Bauer has a new curve called a P01... unfortunately it's only on their kids sticks but wow it looks great, it's like a less open less heal kinked P28, had a nice straight section from heal to mid blade then a nice toe curve, just wish they had a senior version.
  2. Not exact on the timeline but I'm pretty sure the CL line was also referred to as RBZ, quicklite, and jetspeed at various times in its existence. It's all the same gear just new models each year, some years versions are better than the others
  3. xstartxtodayx

    Any shin guards with good knee protection?

    I feel like most modern shinguards have thinned out the inner padding so much lately. I had Super Tacks with the D30 or whatever it's called, it was great if you fell exactly on that spot but as we all know, you don't always fall square on the center of your knee. I took a few falls on the upper portion and bruised my knee pretty well since it's essentially thin padding behind the plastic shell. I have since picked up a pair of 8K pro stock shinguards with the thick liner and wow what a difference. The inner padding makes a huge difference and adds a ton more protection all around your knee while not adding much weight or bulk, no wonder so many pros still wear the old Jofa/RBK pads. Sure the d#0 stuff is great if you take a Shea Weber blast straight to the knee cap but for the most part that stuff just seems like marketing nonsense to me.
  4. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    I don't get the cream shells... why not tan to match the gloves? Or at least swap the white on the jersey/socks for cream to match the shell? Reminds me of a mis-matched Beer League uniform.
  5. xstartxtodayx

    Baking gloves.

    Gloves now a days don't require much break in from what I've seen, most are good to go from the start... long gone are the days of full leather bricks taking months to break in the struggle was real back in the 90's... I still have flashbacks of breaking in Easton Air GX gloves, those things were torture but oh so rad.
  6. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    Yes, most accept returns if you have not used/damaged the product. I bought mine from Pure Hockey online and returned it to their store since I was in the area. Just be exstra careful when installing it and testing around the house. Not sure what sort of guarantee anyone has once you've tried it on the ice.
  7. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    I wear a small V08 (and medium in Bauer's). Cage and helmet size don't really correlate since everyone head and face sizes are different, I typically wear a large Bauer Profile II and Reakt cage, CCM cages never fit right, medium is too short and large too long, damn Goldilocks syndrome
  8. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    They're designed to fit on all helmets in theory so yea it should fit. I bought one and returned it. I put it on my V08 and it just felt a little too short, like my chin was left exposed a bit (this was my concern since it was a "one size fits all" senior shield and, in my experience, I've always sized up in cages to get a proper fit). I flipped the clips upside down to see if that gave me a little extra length and it I found it wasn't as easy as it is with a cage... the flipped clips gave me a little extra length but they changed the angle (of the dangle?) and the shield didn't even come close to sitting in the J clips (no matter how I adjusted them) and also left 2 slits between the helmet and top of shield that were large enough for a stick blade to easily slide into since now it was angled outwards ever so slightly. So my conclusion was mostly that shields don't fit my head/face correctly so I'll stick with my cage, too bad because it was a nice looking shield.
  9. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Might have better luck in the 2019-20 thread:
  10. xstartxtodayx

    CCM Skate VS Bauer

    One thing to try before you go spending money is to try a different lacing style (if you search there is a thread or two that discusses various lacing techniques and pros/cons of each). My old Bauers were so stiff/high that I never felt I got enough fwd lean, but when I undid the top eyelet I too felt sloppy... I found the key was to skip the second from the top eyelet (look at pics of Crosby and his skates, he does the same), this gave me the support I was used to but loosened it just enough to allow more fwd lean, it was a win-win for me. Like I said, it might be worth a try before you go spending money (and even then you might like it and do it in whatever skates you get next).
  11. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Just saw this pic on Step's FB page with a different view of Kuch's skates, I don't remember seeing this one posted yet (and most images are blocked at work so sorry if it's old):
  12. 2 part question... A.) How far do you travel to play hockey yourself? How far do you live from the nearest rink or rinks? B.) How far do you drive your children to play or learn to play hockey? I know they're similar questions, basically, how far does everyone live from their nearest rink? Growing up in Nassau County on Long Island I was about 10mins away from a rink, I learned to skate and play on that rink, then as I got older I played on a bunch of rinks all between 10-35mins from home. Now I live out on the north eastern end of Long Island and the closest rink is a 45-60 minute drive (depending on traffic, etc). The league I play in plays at all different rinks since hockey rinks are few and far between on Long Island (in total I think we have about a dozen, most of which are in Nassau County which is the western part of the island). Most games I drive an hour plus to play, between 45-70 miles each way depending non the location, all late at night of course since those are the only hours us old folk get. Some drives home I contemplate if the drive is worth it and wonder how crazy I am for doing it, then again I wouldn't trade it for anything. Now that my kids are getting old enough to play I'm faced with that issue as well... they've been doing skating lessons at the closest rink (45min drive each way on Sunday mornings, well 45 mins there and over an hour and half home since all the citiots head to my neighborhood to pick pumpkins and apples and drink wine this time of year). My 9yo daughter seems like she might drop hockey in favor of swimming (yet another hike for us), but my 6yo son is just starting a learn to play program next month and I know he's in it for the long run (they both play roller hockey near home so already have a love for the game). So yea, does it ever get any easier??? Sorry this wasn't much of a question as it was a vent, just wanted to see if I was alone in living so far from a sport that I love.
  13. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Someone on S2K snagged a locker room close up of the skates, I don't want to steal his photo so here's a link to the post: http://www.sports2k.com/forum/index.php?/topic/5078-2019-2020-pro-stock-sightings/?p=364894
  14. xstartxtodayx

    Insole problem

    Superfeet Yellow or Carbon are great, I've had the Carbon Pro for the past 4 or so years in 2 skates and love them. CCM has a new line of insoles called Orthomove I believe, they're similar to the SF Yellow but have 2 or 3 different arch height adjustments (basically an attachment to the arch area to raise it various degrees), I've heard the quality is equal to SF but the adjustable arch option might be good for you to find the right fit.