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    CCM Ribcor 78K
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    CCM Ribcor Trigger 3D P28 75 flex
  • Gloves
    CCM HG12
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    CCM Vector 08
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    9K Girdle/Super Tacks Girdle
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    CCM RBZ 130
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    CCM Super Tacks
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    RBK 8K Pro
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    Easton Pro Backpack

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    Long Island, NY
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    xdadxlifex, Hockey, VW's, music, PMA, sXe, coffee addict, photography
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  1. xstartxtodayx

    CCM FV1 Full Face Visor

    I've seen CCM post about it recently on IG and it honestly caught my eye. I've never been a fan of bubbles but this one intrigues me, wonder how they'd look on a Vector.
  2. xstartxtodayx

    Help with vision in a cage.

    I have a couple of V08's and have used the Profile II's for a few years (I prefer the grey or the oreo one, the bright white I didn't care for). The Profile II fits the V08 great but make sure you get the size that fits your face... I wear a large Bauer cage on my small V08, the cage and helmet don't have to be the same size. I went with the Profile because it was the closest shape to the old Jofa I had in the 90s (CCM makes something similar but their sizing is odd, medium is way too small and large way too big). As for the Reakt, I've been trying one for the past month and a half on one of my helmets and I'm still on the fence... I like the weight (which I really didn't think would be noticeable), and the color since it is less distracting, but it's a slightly different/smaller shape than the Profile (I prefer the Profile shape over the Reakt) and the bars spacing is ever so slightly different than the Reakt so it took me a while to get used to t. All in all I think both are great choices and both fit well on V08 helmets.
  3. xstartxtodayx

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    That video... wow. Investors? Possibly you!
  4. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Nothing yet, JR said mid-August so I'm figuring another week or two before they get out to resellers and then the public (me).
  5. xstartxtodayx

    Ribcor 70K Skates

    If you can find a pair in your size still I'd say snatch them up asap, you won't be sorry! I searched for a pair in my size but couldn't find any (aside from a few on ebay that were advertised at orig. retail price still) so I picked up a pair of 78K's which are extremely similar (one step down from the 80k's, very similar to the 70k). I love the fit and feel, they def remind me more of an older traditional fitting boot which is what I was searching for (I had a pair of Vapors that were too stiff and felt too tall, and a pair of Supreme's before that which also felt too stiff and weren't a great fit for my foot). The Ribcors have great cushioning on the ankle that feel amazing while offering good stability but not being super stiff.
  6. xstartxtodayx

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Reminds me of a couple of Titans I had back in the early 90's with that concept, concave on the fingertip side and convex on the palm side.
  7. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Ordered but there was some recall issue with the Step Steel for the new XS holder so new steel won't be shipping for a few more weeks. Currently I've adjusted a bit to the new steel but the biggest issue I'm having is the height compared to the Step Steel on my old skates, I've bottomed out a few times on sharp turns
  8. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    They're way too far for me, prob close to a 3 hour drive through some of the worst traffic around (and they're in Brooklyn, no one ever wants to go there unless you have no choice ). I skated on them in another game and in a public skate and they're feeling much better already, definitely had to adjust to the longer steel hitting the ice and the more neutral pitch of the skate compared to my old one. Last game felt 1000x better (it was on much better ice which prob also helped). With all that said, I've bit the bullet and went ahead and ordered some Step Steel for them and am going to join the ProSharp Project to experiment with various profile options... skating on essentially the "standard" option for close to 30 years I'm excited to try some other profiles and see what I like best (I honestly never even tried a different hollow until a couple of yrs ago when I switched from the standard 1/2" to a 5/8", wow what a difference that made for me haha, now I'm on FBV 90/75 and love it, wish I knew about this stuff when I was younger). Thanks all for the replies.
  9. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Long Island, NY... eastern part where hockey is practically non existent (closet rink is 45+ mins which has the closest shop, most nights I drive over an hr to play).
  10. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    The profile project is very tempting, very very tempting.
  11. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Thanks for all the input everyone. I went to the shop yesterday to see if they could adjust the pitch or profile them and he looked at me like I had 3 heads, I then asked if he could at least grind off a bit from the front to rocker them a little more and he then told me the machine they use for that is broken, so yea I'm pretty sure I won't be going back there any time soon (JR's mail order sharpening service is looking really really good right about now). I have another game tonight so I'll give them another shot, then this weekend I'm taking the kids to a public skate so I'll give them a little more time and hopefully just get used to them eventually. I compared to my old skates and the steel on them isn't all that old but looks like it's been hacked pretty well by the shop that had been sharpening them (fronts and back really really rockered up). I also put them flat on the counter to try to see if I could compare where the balance point was between new and old and the new skates def had longer steel towards the front and what stood out to me was the new skates seemed to have 1 balance point where as the old skates had 2... I could balance them neutral but then if I angled towards the toe ever so slightly I could balance again on another section which seemed odd (these started as standard step blacksteel blades with their standard profile). I had planned on getting Step Blacksteel for these all along so maybe I'll look into having them profiled from the start.
  12. xstartxtodayx

    Blade pitch question - SB XS from LS Edge w/ Step

    Thanks. I have a feeling my local shop won't know wtf that is haha, they are more old school but do have a FBV machine that I have them use for me. I'll see what they say but am also considering ordering some Step Blacksteel from here and having JR profile them. Thanks. I was under the impression that the steel on the SB XS was a 10' radius, same as the Step Steel I was previously on, so aside from being new steel and my old blade having more grinded off front/back from sharpening I didn't expect much difference, or am I totally wrong there?
  13. So I've spent a while reading over old topics trying to get as much info as I can but finally decided to just ask specifically since I was just getting more confused. I just picked up new skates, CCM Ribcor 78K with the Speedblade XS, coming from a pair of Vapor X700's with LS Edge and Step Blacksteels. Right off the bat they're amazingly comfortable. I skated in them for the first time last night in a beer league game (wish I could've done a few public skates/puck shoots but I live 45+ mins from the closest rink and puck shoots/open hockey are few and far between)... the boot felt great, it gave me the fwd flex I wanted and wasn't as high and stiff as my old Vapor X700's. The biggest issue I had was the blades/holders... I felt more back in my heels in the CCM's than my Vapors, also it somehow felt like I had more blade out under my toes (same size holders, 263, but this could be because it was brand new steel I'm guessing combined with the more neutral pitch?). I felt good going straight forward and backward once I got going but I couldn't make quick lateral movements stationary or while in motion and starting up I had to sort of concentrate more since it felt so different. So after reading everything I could find I figured I'd see if the shop can try to adjust the pitch of the blade forward a bit (and if that doesn't work maybe shims under the heel, then just swap a set of LS Edge holders if all else fails). Are there any technical terms I should ask for when seeing if they can adjust the pitch? And is this my best option to start with? I was all ready to order new Stepsteel for these holders but now I'm going to wait since, in the end, there's a chance I may be swapping the LS Edge's back on. Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. xstartxtodayx

    New True Lid

    It kind of reminds me of Lego hair on his head
  15. xstartxtodayx

    CCM V8 Helmet Fit?

    The V08 def runs larger. I'm a small in mine and anything Bauer I'm a medium. Also, the V08 is a more oval fit compared to the Resistance/310, I bought a Resistance a few years back and after one period of play had to ditch it, it was way too square and just didn't feel good on my head at all.