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  1. Sniper9

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    I'm one of a few that don't have real issues catching passes etc with a whippier stick. I understand how it can be a big adjustment though.
  2. Sniper9

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    1x lite and trigger 2 came in a 70? Or did you get a 67 intermediate? Or were they pro stock...
  3. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I found the clarino actually gets slippery. It's not an issue if I wear goin socks though, and the latest Bauer cut resistance socks are very good in grip as well bc of the Kevlar fibres.
  4. Sniper9


    Lol. You know what though, if it came with even a 3 mth warranty it would be a lot easier to stomach. But one mth is a joke for a stick north of 300 bucks can or USD.
  5. Sniper9


    Personally, I didn't think it was ridiculous. It was new. But not ridiculous. Now its just getting out of control since prices are rising every year for new models whereas before it was at a bit of a slower pace. I guess it's good for getting older sticks at a clearance price... Except Bauer and CCM seem to really put caps on advertised pricing even on d/c items.
  6. Sniper9


    This is getting ridiculous. Almost half the price of top end skates.
  7. Sniper9

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    Don't you use a true on 68? Wouldn't the Sr 70 in Bauer actually be stiffer than the true after cutting it down to size?
  8. Sniper9

    Bauer Senior 70 flex sticks

    I know this post was created a while ago but hopefully I'll be able to tell you soon I can't say right now bc I haven't used the Bauer or CCM se 70s but just ordered one. I've used the 68 true intermediate which is good but felt a touch too whippy for me. I usually use 75/77 in other brands. The good thing about the Sr 70 flex is that it's the regular 60" length so you cut it down the same amount. So in theory it should only feel about five flex points diff which would prob be the right amount you're looking for. When I cut down my Bauer 77s it was at the 84 mark on the stick. For the 70 it looks like it'll be about the 75 ish mark which is what I want. I want a 75 flex that's already cut. With my true intermediate it's 2 inches shorter than standard senior sticks so I only had to cut it about 1/2 an inch so that made it only 70-72 flex cut.
  9. Sniper9

    Vapor 2x Pro Shreds Laces

    We're u using wax or none waxed laces.
  10. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Do this. But def do something about it before it gets worse. Does it show similar wear on that side of the tongue as well? Maybe consider getting fresh tongues or the new pro tongues... That might help. Do they other skates show any similar wear as well?
  11. Sniper9

    CCM custom support vs Bauer speed plate

    U don't have to bake the skates. Ideally yes but you don't have to. I've used speed plates on skates that were baked previously with diff insoles inside. If you want to test out different insoles then again ideally you should rebake your skates for the best fit but you don't have to. U can try them on without baking your skates to get a general feel for them and if you like them and want them more fine tunes then bake them.
  12. Sniper9

    CCM custom support vs Bauer speed plate

    I still don't know what you mean. No CCM insole should be baked. If you're not using the CCM insole it came with, take it out bake the boot with the speedplates. There are videos online showing how to bake the speedplates with the skates together and also how to bake the sp on its own if the boots are already baked. It you're using the CCM insole u need to remove them while the skates are baking and put them back in prior to putting them on for the mould.
  13. Sniper9

    CCM custom support vs Bauer speed plate

    U want to be able to get them out.... To air them out and extend the life of your boots. The first gen also was more rigid and harder to take out bc there's less flex. The sp 2.0 is more flexible You AREN'T supposed to bake the CCM orthomoves.
  14. Sniper9

    What would you do?

    I know but some ppl don't like the idea of pro stocks. Then again some ppl do I guess
  15. Sniper9

    What would you do?

    Don't tell that to your customers