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  1. Sniper9

    Thickest laces

    I like elite bc I actually like how thin they are (the waxed ones) but they def don't last as long as Howie's. I like Howie's bc of how durable they are but they have less wax than I'd prefer. Still very good laces though.
  2. Sniper9

    Your current equipment

    Helmet - Warrior Alpha Pro Visor - GY Amazon visor Shoulder pads - CCM ft1 Elbows - Bauer one95 (love these things) Gloves - Warrior QRL Pants - Warrior Qredge Shins - CCM ft1 Skates - True
  3. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    If you've had a few skates in them with no issue I don't think you will have issues. I haven't read anywhere about ppl saying they have issues bc of no comfort edge. Ppl complain about not having them but just bc other brands have them not bc it causes issues.
  4. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Only way to see is to try em. I've never needed any type of comfort edge on my skates though so my experience wouldn't be helpful to you on that regard.
  5. Sniper9

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Imo they look like garbage.
  6. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Do u NEED the feature though? If you look at your skates about 1/4 inch of the top of the skate isn't even hard it's just the liner and faux leather and its soft. There's even a crease which will show you where the Thermo plastic ends Pretty much replicates what a comfort edge is but not a totally separate piece sewn on. The comfort edge on the as1 and Bauer's aren't even much of a comfort edge and imo are even harder than the top of the Trues.
  7. Sniper9

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    Glad it worked out for him.
  8. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    If mine ever came loose or off I'd replace the rivets with black helmet screws. I'd imagine they would look similar tot the goalie skates without the tendon guard with slight differences such as the comfort pad and lundqvist loop
  9. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Am I the only one that hasn't had any tendon guard rivet issues with true skates? I always make sure I don't use them to take the skates off nor do I use it to hold on to when getting the ice off the steel etc. The ppl that are having issues do you also put ur hockey socks over the tendon guards? I don't see how the tendon. Guard would come loose unless you do one or all of the three above.
  10. Sniper9

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Why not just bring it to the shop it's a five min fix for both. Or u can replace it with a t nut and screw.
  11. Sniper9

    Hand placement with flex profile

    I generally stick handle with my lower hand around the same area when I shoot wrist and snap, bottom hand about quarter down from the top. From the pics I've seen this is about on par with most ppl Never had to tinker with flex profiles for that. Slap shots however, I found low kick sticks I had to have my bottom hand lower. My bottom hand is actually pretty low for slap shots regardless, it's lower than the mid point of the stick.
  12. Sniper9

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    Wow..... Could've just epoxied the existing holes that he didn't want to potentially expand and redrill those to line up with the holders. Were those oversized holders or just replacing the same size with edge ones?
  13. Sniper9

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    I stocked up on the ek365s bc I love the weight and how I shoot with it. And the fact I got them for about 100 cdn each. I'd never spend more than 160ish cdn on a stick.
  14. Sniper9

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    It's whatever you're comfortable with. When ops first came out they were equivalent to prob the mid range ones now at best. Back then we thought they were (and they were at the time) the best. Now some won't even think about using a similar spec stick. I see it kind of like being spoiled. Better not to try out a stick that's the next best thing and 300+ bucks if what you have now works. Because it'll just mess you up psychologically lol. But it's also a marketing thing where new models come out every year or so.
  15. Sniper9

    Easton Mako Skate Questions

    There's a video on customizing and dialing in certain areas (including the heel) with a heat gun. https://youtu.be/SXzXWMjGpI0