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  1. the_game

    1X ADV Custom stick sheet

    I thought I heard through the grapevine that the custom stick options for colleges were extremely limited this year. Could explain why this spec sheet is hard to find.
  2. Grab a cheap pro stock stick with a lower flex.
  3. We never landed on the moon, it was all faked & done on a sound stage by Stanley Kubrick, therefore we’ll never have personally moldable composite blades in hockey. At this point probably 90% of the people playing hockey, maybe more, know about curving your own stick like some of us did with wood blades. Not to mention most of that group have been indoctrinated to the P92 or P28, frankly I don’t see a reason for the manufacturers to even explore this. Would a crazy John leclair heel curve benefit any player or provide better shooting or stickhandling than a P28? I love the idea and would love to see it, I just don’t see it coming to fruition in today’s gear market.
  4. There's only one solution, move off the island, ha! Here are my answers: A. anywhere from 5 minutes to 35 minutes. B. 5 or 10 minutes As an ex-Long Islander I can see where you're coming from. I dread any time I have to go back there, the time it takes to get anywhere just gets exponentially worse each time I go back. (not even gonna bring up taxes, etc.)
  5. I think I remember something like this, but it might have been an ABS blade and not composite. Could very well be wrong though, its been a while.
  6. It’s amazing how many pro’s don’t know anything about sharpenings or profiles. I get it, when you’re that good you’re that good, but still if it can help joe beer leaguer imagine what it could do for a pro.
  7. the_game

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Might be an early version of the plus volume supremes that are taking over nexus
  8. the_game

    Best floor covering for glide

    The tiles you can skate on are expensive, sport court/roller hockey tiles are another option too.
  9. the_game

    The Sweet Spot

    Not sure what exactly you had done, but after my Cervical Spine surgery they had me up & walking around a ton the day after. Def don't overdo it, but I think you might be surprised when they come in and try to get to move around.
  10. the_game

    The Sweet Spot

    Waking up after my neck surgery, that was the first thing I noticed that I didn’t have that constant nagging pain through my body. Glad to hear you’re already feeling better!
  11. Does anyone have info on this chassis or seen anything about it? since they’re on Trues I’m not not sure if it’s something from True or perhaps some new Revision chassis. Looks interesting with all the cut outs in the frame and the way it’s attached to the boot.
  12. the_game

    Marsblade roller chassis

    Probably a good time to merge these threads. Click here for a post I made in August with a pic of the chassis.
  13. the_game

    Marsblade roller chassis

    If you check out John Schiavo's Instagram you can see a sneak preview of the new frames.
  14. the_game

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Is there any material differences in a 'boost' versus a normal shim on a skate?
  15. the_game

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Titan ASD10000
  16. Bauer uses that poron material on the backhand liner of their gloves, might be able to find something similar to that to use as the 'foam' for your replacement liners. That material might be too hot though, but just an idea.
  17. the_game

    Advice Kuzak old school chassis set up

    You can't really 'rocker' a hi-lo chassis and expect to get the results you describe here, they're just not designed for that. I'm also unsure if you could actually use either 72mm or even 80mm wheels this chassis as they might not fit given the 68-68-72-72 set up. I'm all for trying new things but unfortunately I don't think you are going to get your desired results here and would be best off keeping the set up of this chassis. If you wanted to get into 'rockering' a chassis you're either gonna need a time machine or hope a pair of Suregrip frames pop up on ebay. I think I remember them having the ability to rocker the front and back wheel, the axel hole came oversized and offered different shims to give the front and back wheel a rocker. I remember way back in the 90's a lot of people rockering the front wheel on this chassis to get more of an ice feel, I never tried them so I can't really comment.
  18. the_game

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Is there an ETA for a retail/cheaper option?
  19. the_game

    Red Dog Hockey Boost

    Was just watching and looking at close up pics of Crosby, looks like he shims the front of his holder and the back end is sightly offset. Would this set up mimick something like that? From the website it does look like there is a shim that you attach to the bottom of your insole?
  20. the_game

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Is it just me or does the rear tower on the new holder look huge?
  21. the_game

    2018-2019 Gear Sightings

    If we’re going back to 90’s era jerseys can we start bringing back that era’s gloves designs too? Can’t stand solid black or blue gloves most teams use.
  22. http://www.proskatersplace.com/english/reign-triton-trinity-roller-hockey-skate.html intriguing stuff, curious to see if it catches on. Anyone seen it used it?
  23. the_game

    New Bauer 2XRs?

    Isn't it just going to be whatever is the newest Bauer boot plus the Kryptonium hi-lo chassis? Maybe a different manufacturer wheel, but pretty much the same as previous years offerings I would think.
  24. Does it need marketing dollars though in today’s social media driven world? If you look at the Instagram page of beerleagueBeauty she has double the number of followers as Kendall Coyne who was in the skills comp and is doing color commentary. Perhaps a ‘build your own’, grass roots level fan interaction based league is what is needed. Take your product straight to your audience, engage them and make the event interactive. Sure they’re going to need some funding to get this built up but I would think that a few of the girls who got scholarships to play hockey might’ve majored in business and know a thing or 2 or have some connections in the venture capital world. At one time pro hockey players had jobs in the off season, ‘pro’ lacrosse players had full time jobs and played their ‘pro’ games on the weekend. I’m not saying the women haven’t made sacrifices, but there’s work that goes into building a league and it doesn’t just happen overnight after someone throws money at it (hello xfl/Vince McMahon).
  25. They should copy the model built by the PLL (Premier Lacrosse League) this year. Best players on 6 teams going to sites for a weekend, maximize fan interaction, etc.