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  1. moejoe3117

    Retirement Sale

    What tapered blades do you have left?
  2. moejoe3117

    Junior goalie gear

    Is this still for sale?
  3. moejoe3117

    Stick blade fix

    Haven’t used it much, problem is it’s a pro stock stick
  4. moejoe3117

    Stick blade fix

    It’s right behind the blue insert.
  5. moejoe3117

    Stick blade fix

  6. moejoe3117

    Stick blade fix

    Anyone know what I can inject into a blade that has separated? Only been used a few times.
  7. moejoe3117


    Contact cement
  8. moejoe3117

    Custom Skates / Ice to Inline Conversion

    I’ve had good luck with fiberglass resin
  9. moejoe3117

    SOLD RH Tyler Johnson Pro Stock Warrior G3LR 80 Flex P88

    Do you take PayPal?
  10. moejoe3117

    Best chassis

    He's wanting to convert ice skates to roller, but the alkali chassis sizing is different from mission and labeda. Skates he has now are a medium hummer, alkali shows a large for his size skates
  11. moejoe3117

    Best chassis

    Well a buddy of mine has been on straight 80s for a long time. He is wanting to convert skates and the alkali seem to be better, but the sizing for the alkali is different than usual sizing for missions. Do alkali have a different skate size than Bauer?
  12. moejoe3117

    Best chassis

    Also, do alkali and mission chassis rivet holes line up?
  13. moejoe3117

    Best chassis

    Who makes the better chassis, labeda or alkali
  14. moejoe3117

    Would profiling skates be better for a beginner?

    Well it's my third session of ice, I have played roller for 22 years. I've got some bad habits when trying to play ice. Thought maybe profiling to a 10 or 11 give me a bit of a roller feel