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  • Birthday 08/20/1981


  • Skates
    Makos, S15's
  • Stick
    1x 77 flex p91 RIT NCAA stock
  • Gloves
    Bauer 1xpro
  • Helmet
    Bauer 4500
  • Pants
    easton pro 15 pens pro stock
  • Shoulder Pads
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    easton smu
  • Shin Pads
  • Hockey Bag

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    simcoe, ontario
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    Family, hockey, Hamilton Tiger Cat's, Craft beer, golf, baseball,mental health,union member, U of Windsor alumni
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  1. getthekidthepuck


    Its a rich man's game anymore. Sad really.
  2. getthekidthepuck

    Finding my curve

    Lol yeah I had that backwards. I honestly thought that lol, I have been using the wrong lie for like 33 years!
  3. getthekidthepuck

    Finding my curve

    It depends how you carry the puck. If its more inside a lower lie if more out front its a higher lie.
  4. getthekidthepuck

    Too HEAVY for Skates??

    Personal testimony, I am 255 and bent the steel on S15's
  5. getthekidthepuck

    Skate replacement for Easton Mako

    I would just stay with Mako, theyre out there. Just picked up a used pair with extra steel for 100 Canadian I am always looking for them if I had your size i could keep an eye out for you!
  6. getthekidthepuck

    True Pro stock codes

    Do they mean anything? I didnt think that True did repaints? I picked up an 6.0 sbp and it was several digits under the name bar. Is this just the player ID? Also what year is this stick from ? Thanks guys
  7. getthekidthepuck

    Nexus Sticks Discontinued?

    2n pro is the most popular stick in the show. Doubt they will discontinue it.
  8. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Thanks Aggie, I am going to take a look at them, never used aax height blade!
  9. getthekidthepuck

    What is the most popular curve not being sold at retail?

    Craig I kind p91's on Kijjji for cheap can't remember the last time I bought retail. Some people seeing them don't know the curve so it takes some work.
  10. getthekidthepuck

    Warrior team sticks?

    No body is using a team stick that you listed but I think the ECHL doesn't use high end warriors.
  11. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Lol oh yeah he tried to see me some !
  12. getthekidthepuck

    Nolan Patrick pattern

    Hi guys I have a line a couple original 1's that are APX 2 build. It doesn't say what curve it is but I thought he used a Drury with a MH blade. I can't tell from the pics from the seller and he didn't know much about them. Any insight would help guys!
  13. getthekidthepuck

    2019-2020 Gear Sightings

    Bro where did you play Pro?
  14. getthekidthepuck

    Off ice stick handling - puck or ball?

    try a golf ball in your driveway. I use to do it for hours when i was growing up.
  15. getthekidthepuck

    New Vapor sticks.

    I'll put a good word in for you!