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  1. colins

    Thoughts on the Sherwood EK15

    I have one but rarely use it as it's stiffer than my preference and a crazy old school PP77 Coffey curve. That said, it's a great stick. It was top of the line for Sherwood when it was new. $140 might be borderline what I'd pay for one today given how long they have been around, but if you like super light responsive and durable sticks and it's your curve/flex, I don't think you'd be disappointed. colins
  2. No it doesn't. A pass is a pass. And you get 320 per ring, however many 'pairs' you want to translate that to for marketing or whatever - it's 320 passes. colins
  3. colins

    Ribcor 70K Skates

    I don't know if I'd give up right away - most folks seem to report that the 70K starts off feeling the right size, but then loosens up a bit. If you bake and keep using them you might find they fit perfect. That "thick padding" is very thermo-formable.
  4. colins

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    My personal experience may be skewed by the fact that my oldest son owned and wore the RBZ and my youngest owned and wore the Tacks, and the RBZ's looked like trash after 1 season whereas the Tacks held up great. colins
  5. colins

    Bauer 2X / 2X Pro

    I don't know if I agree with that. The Tacks in 2014 was the start of CCM making a mark in the skate department again. They were a solid skate all around. They've done something every year since to push the envelope, and deliver more features at the same price point vs. Bauer entries. I rip on CCM for their eyelets, but aside from that, their skate products are legit and have been for at least 5 or more years now.
  6. colins

    SB 4.0 Holder

    Good advice to be careful with applying it. The CCM screws come with blue loctite from the factory. The loctite isn't exposed to the plastic, unless you put on a big blob and it seeps out from the threads/nut. Just requires a small touch, worked into the threads, and only if the factory stuff has worn off.
  7. colins

    SB 4.0 Holder

    Ok, I've been using the blue loctite but I think I'm over cranking them with the T socket driver I've been using. I noticed it seems to cause the plastic by the runner to flare out ever so slightly from the steel right above the screws if you go too tight. colins
  8. colins

    SB 4.0 Holder

    For the SB or E-Pro holder experts out there - is there a torque spec for tightening the screw/nut on those when swapping steel? I always cranked them pretty tight assuming that the are designed to bottom out on the depth of the screw, but is that actually the case? If you're just using a short screwdriver you're kind of limited anyways, but with a 8mm socket is there a risk of over-tightening and damaging the plastic in the holder? Bonus question - why do some pros like Crosby and like in the recent Subban locker room pic prefer the E-Pro over the SB 4.0? Is it noticeably stiffer? Also a different height, right? Just something they are used to as opposed to a clear performance issue? colins
  9. Sounds like this stuff: https://www.jbweld.com/collections/epoxy-putty-sticks/products/plasticweld-epoxy-putty
  10. For sure more like the 170, the tendon guard is cheap and the LS1 steel is junk. If I bought the S29 the first thing I'd do is swap the steel with some Step or at least LS3. The cheap tendon guard is harder to deal with - you'd just have to be extra careful taking them on and off not to destroy it prematurely. I don't think there's any doubt that CCM currently has the better value propositions in their line - if you have a foot that fits their profiles. colins
  11. Supreme 180 (2 gens ago) or Supreme S180 (one gen ago)? In either case, the fit profile should be the same, my yougest son was in Supreme 180 before and has tried on the S29 (but bought the 2S Pro) and they felt very equally comfortable on his foot. colins
  12. colins

    Is this holder mounted properly?

    This is why it can be hard to tell visually. The outsole can be the piece misaligned. Not that the holder isn't too, but if you are just checking the holder relative to the outsole (which is what the eye is automatically drawn to) that's not the real story. Try measuring from the edge of the holder on both sides to the edge of the boot/heel on both skates and see what the difference (if any) is.
  13. colins

    Bauer 3D scan

    Went with the Supreme's after. The EE boot, like the scanner indicated. The Nexus would have worked too I believe, but they just weren't as comfortable all around - the Supreme boot was the best match for his foot overall. They didn't have a 2S in his size so we went up to the 2S Pro after they offered a price on them to make it a bit easier a decision. I like the construction of the skate, the injected eyelets and the Speedplate 2.0. I think injected eyelets can help with lace bite as they move the laces up closer to the top of the facing vs. traditional eyelets. I wasn't sure about the tongue but he's skated in them once so far and found them comfortable right away and if anything, I think the 2S Pro tongue would help prevent future lacebite as the inserts are so rigid they won't allow the laces to cut in. The LS5 steel I'm not sold on yet - seems to have a lot of burrs when sharpened and hard to get a nice clean set of edges on them, at least visually, it looks like the coating and the steel makes for a bit of an unclean edge no matter how much I sharpen and de-burr them. Maybe because they are new, I guess we'll see how that goes, but I think swapping the LS5 for StepSteel and keeping them as backups in going to be the plan for that. One other small annoyance - Bauer seems to over crank some rivets on the holder - the middle ones on the heel. You can see the holder is slightly pinched and deformed. They seem to have this problem across the lines - a pair of X900s I had last year were the same and after just a few months use the plastic under the rivet has cracked and a small piece of it has fallen off because of the extra stress and deformity. colins
  14. colins

    Bauer 3D scan

    Yes, his lace bite pain is almost entirely gone. Still a small lump, and he can feel a slight amount of tenderness when something is pressed against it and he flexes his foot up and down, but he can skate with the lace extenders in his Tacks and nothing is painful and it doesn't make the existing condition any worse. I suspect a couple more weeks of physio exercises, ice, massage/foamroller and it will be 100% gone. Maybe the bump will stick around, I know for some that never goes away. The Tacks are about a year old, ideally I'd like to find a boot that doesn't need any modification as his foot is still probably growing a bit at age 16 and this isn't the last pair of skates he'll need. colins
  15. Single rate or dual rate spring, Hooke's law applies doesn't it? The spring in question is mounted at about a 45 degree angle, so the forces aren't vertical, but some grade 12 physics can work out the difference each extra couple mm of spring extension puts on the ring pushing back against the runner. I've never seen @Sparx Hockey Russell Layton weigh in on this, and I'm not an engineer. Russ designed the machine, if he says this is all wrong I gladly stand corrected. I'm just basing the above on my observations and experiments in using the machine at home the past three years. colins