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  1. Does anyone feel comfortable in both of these boots? The only way I can wrap my head around that is that they both feel equally mediocre if maybe you have a foot type right in between the two?
  2. See if you can borrow a P92 that's a bit shorter, between your chin and lips for example, it's a great all around curve with the features you describe but I suspect using it at your current length might not be to your liking. That said - for the type of game you describe as being your strengths - I'd recommend trying a shorter stick in general. No easy answers I'm afraid - you've got some experimenting to do.
  3. When you say long because you are tall - with no skates on and standing in your socks, where is the top of your stick hitting? Chin, lips, nose, eyebrows? Usually long stick and strong on the boards are conflicting traits. Also trying to find loose pucks around the blue paint off rebounds and broken plays - a shorter stick tends to help there as it's usually in your feet or close to your body. Curve wise the retails options are very limited. Retail P92 is out - with it's high lie at a long length you won't be getting much blade on the ice for those board battles or in front of the net. P92 L5 is a possibility but it means ordering a custom Bauer or lucking into one on sidelineswap or similar. I have found them to be rare. P30 might be of interest but CCM seems to be ditching it so that's not a long term option either at retail. P90T is maybe your best bet - pretty popular in pro stock and seems to be trending upwards maybe you can get it with custom orders now, I'm not sure. Have you used a P88 before? It has the lie and pocket you are looking for, but it's closed not open. Just curious what your thoughts are on it if you've used it before. colins
  4. colins

    skate volume, tall foot

    The 2S Pro is one of the better options available for a high instep. My son has a high instep and I didn't find the Nexus was any better for that on the Bauer side, even though the documentation suggests it should be. Custom is an option, you can adjust the amount of facing (the height of the area by the eyelets) to add additional volume to the boot. Did you try the pencil test on the 1S vs the 2S Pro to compare if there's any real difference? The 2S Pro tongue is super thick - is that contributing to the difference he's noticed? Also what footbeds did you have in the 1S vs. the 2S Pro? colins
  5. 100% agree with everything darkhors wrote here, my experience has been pretty much identical. colins
  6. The ring should not be dragging, stuttering or stalling at any point across the length of the profile. If it is, there's too much pressure/drag being encountered. Use the risers and adjust the height until you get a nice smooth consistent sound (pitch) from the ring the entire length of the profile. I've been sharpening that way with my Sparx for three years now, my profiles are perfect and so are my Step and LS3/LS5 steel.
  7. The Sparx was calibrated for the majority of steel in the wild when it was created a few years ago. And not just for new steel either, for the average partially worn cheap short steel in 90% of skates out there. It's pretty adjustable to any situation with the height adjustments it provides. That said, the answer for tall (LS3/4/Step/etc) brand new steel is simple - use the risers. I don't know why some folks seem to have an aversion for using the risers. Use the risers, or move the skates up higher in the clamp (don't bottom them out on the holders) and you make tall steel look just like 'average' steel to the machine and your problems go away. colins
  8. The knees bend accordingly to maintain balance, but what you guys are describing is a hip hinge. The key to skating is in the hip hinge, as opposed to the knee bend. As described by the_game when he says 'ass and hips pulled down'. Beflar - you should lookup some hip hinge exercises and practice those and see how that translates on ice and helps your posture without putting all the load on your quads. Then come back and let us know!
  9. Both work. Choose which one suits you best. colins
  10. A $20 extension puts you back to a longer length if you cut too much, so I wouldn't worry about it being too expensive an experiment. You give up shooting leverage and some mechanics when going significantly shorter, adjusting flex can get you part way back but it's still something you have to spend a good bit of time on to re-learn and adapt to. Crosby can't shoot like Laine but he manages to do pretty well for himself all the same right. It's more a case of what style do you want to play and what's the best tradeoff for handling and puck protection and passing vs. shooting to compliment your playing style. colins
  11. colins

    Bauer Pro Stock?

    CCM is a lot more popular at the Junior and semi-pro level is what I assume drives the volume of pro stock options out there.
  12. colins

    One75 skate transition

    You might want to try on the CCM FT480. Or last year's FT390/FT385/FT380. colins
  13. The P40 is short. And the P14 is short. But I didn't notice any difference in length between the P88 and P30. I would put all of P88/P30/P92/P19/P90T in the "medium" length category as far as overall blade length goes.
  14. Can we make this a weekly game on modsquadhockey? Someone posts 3 curves and it's left to the viewer to correctly guess which is which? lol colins
  15. I would have guessed the same as boo10 to be honest. To my eye the P28 retail is on the right. So switch the other two, P90T on the Left and P28 pro stock middle? Hard to see in the 3 pic because of the shadows cast on each other. If that's right then he bottom pic is missing the P28 retail. I'm more convinced than ever that a bunch of sticks in the wild have no P90T label from the factory but are being sold and referred to as P90T, therefore anytime some is talking about a P90T it could be one of a variety of similar but not identical curves. Is the P28 pro stock labelled as a P28? Or was it just sold as that?