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  1. SB39

    How do YOU tie your skates?

    I tie mine tighter in the 3 eyelets by my toes, a bit looser by the arch of my foot, since that is where I get the most pain from constricted circulation, then very tight at the ankle, where I stop my laces. In response to IPv6Freely (great name btw), I have to tie them very tight since they get slimy and slippery as the game progresses and sweat accumulates. for this same reason I've switched from skating barefoot to with socks. I wish I could go back to barefoot but it gets too slippery, both from the wet environment and it's as if my foot loses volume as I sweat, or the skate chamber expands. This is 100% roller playing with an ice boot and mounted chassis.
  2. SB39

    Diet and nutrition for max performance thread.

    I agree for the most part with forgoing supplements. I used to take more but now I take only whey, fish oil, ZMA, and melatonin for sleep. I've considered going back to creatine mono for some strength and endurance, but overall work on your diet and workout hard and you'll be 90% there. If you get good at it you can eat healthy for pretty cheap and make it all taste good. Lots of spices and hot sauce.
  3. SB39

    Diet and nutrition for max performance thread.

    Duplicate. Take Naps!
  4. SB39

    Diet and nutrition for max performance thread.

    I make the same smoothie every week 5-6 hours before games. - About 2lbs o mixed fruit - watermelon, various berries, various citrus - Plain whole milf yogurt - Chocolate protein powder Excellent clean energy and it usually clears me out about 2 hours before the game. Perfect setup.
  5. Squat, deadlift, run hills, and make your stomach as strong as you can.
  6. SB39

    Alkali Hockey

    About Alkali pants, I tried on a pair at NARCH Winternats 2 weekends ago, and then ordered a pair of the RPD max pants. They make my old Mission Inhaler pants feel like wearing tin foil by comparison; lighter, softer, much more comfy, better ventilation. Huge difference and I can't recommend them enough.
  7. I came up with this a month ago. Take the roll left over from a roll of TP, put that over the thickest part of the stick (before it starts to taper), tightly tape it with as much duct/electrical tape to weigh what you want, then slide the weight down the taper and practice til your wrists fall off. This way makes applying and removing the weight easy, so you're not taping weights directly onto the stick which makes removal a pain and wastes material. You can swap it to whichever game or practice stick you want to use. I'll open this up for any other hacks for home practice.
  8. I'm curious what consensus may exist on MSH about using clunker sticks, that you would never use on the rink, for practice at home. I use a 2005 Nike Apollo to mess around in my kitchen, saving my Diablos and Mission VHex-2 for skates. I feel like this gives me stronger hands and better feel when switching over to the better sticks, after a short acclimation. Do others here use game or near game-caliber sticks for home practice or something a bit more... ghetto?
  9. When you guys practice at home, kitchen floor or garage or whatever, do you use a game stick or an old beater? I've been alternating back and forth in each session between my game stick (100 VHex) and a beater stick (87 NBH Apollo) which feels about a pound heavier. I start with the beater, then my game stick feels like air, and I think my hands warms up better doing the switch.
  10. Hey man, round is a shape, don't hate.
  11. Good set of exercises from the posts here. Focus in the gym on accelerating the weight as hard as you can in the gym; you have to train explosion to get explosive, and you can do that with normal exercises, not just specifically explosive ones like Olympic lifts. Also, get your stomach REALLY strong and tight; I've read a few articles recently nominating bicycles as the best overall ab exercise, and I can add a resounding endorsement. Generally stick with compound exercises, and almost everyone can stand to clean up their diet, which often results in an effect described as clearing through the fog in your head and body that you didn't even know was there. Get after it!
  12. SB39

    Repalming gloves

    Update: I talked to Yves, who picked up the initial call. I told him about the concern, he said "Oh Damn," didn't ask me for my name, and just told me to write the order down on the same order sheet and send it in. Not impressed with his response, but we'll see in another 5 weeks or so...
  13. SB39

    Repalming gloves

    Has anyone ever had any problems with Northern Sports Repair/fixitbymail.com? I sent out a pair of my gloves through my LHS to get goatskin palms, mesh gussets, and reinforcement on the right palm, and they came back with clarino palms and none of the other work done... The guy at Powerplay said he had never seen that before from them, but what about you guys here...?
  14. SB39

    Repalming gloves

    There is also Northern Sports Repair, somewhere in New York I believe
  15. I definitely skate better when my skates are wet. Usually when I skate on them dry (I'm still breaking them in without baking them), I have to skate for 20 min and get sweat going before I retie them tighter and better fitting. This also means that I usually need to take 4-6 Aspirin to deal with how tight my skates are going to be... But it's worth it, I love having a rink on campus.