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Found 170 results

  1. I've been skating with Bauer's advanced range of motion skates for the past 6 years (ONE90, ONE95, TotalONE) and have submitted reviews for each. Now it's time for the latest iteration of that concept; TotalONE NXG. Notice the Curv hangtag - The biggest design change on the NXG is the tendon guard; every year since the ONE90 Bauer has expanded on this concept. Here is the updated tongue and inserts; the pocket is now plastic as the one in the TotalONE would stretch over time. Here is the binding on the tongue. It was tweaked to help prevent wearing on the inside eyelets. The footbed concept from the Vapor APX now is on the Supreme as well. I have them on and cannot feel the toecap edges. And lastly, a comparison picture with its predecessor. I've had the skates on for about an hour now. They fit very well out of the box (albeit a bit tight on my bigger foot, but that's my desired fit) and am not feeling any sort of difference from the TotalONE. Lacing pattern is even. These just arrived in time for me to get them baked as well as put heel lifts on the LS2s. I'd like to thank Keith Duffy, who is the Senior Category Manager for skates at Bauer Hockey for providing me with the skates. I'll begin the long-term review during the bake. Questions?
  2. jaysakic8

    Bauer Pro Pants Lowers

    Hey anyone out there know where I can get a navy Bauer lower for the 2-piece pro pants. Looking for medium. I am in NH, already checked TSR...didn't know if anyone knew anyone else that might carry them.
  3. So my LHS doesn't stock all the widths in the skates I'm looking at so I thought I would post this to all of you and get your take and knowledge. I was trying on a Supreme One.7 and Vapor X70 in a size 5.5 and they only had the D widths in both skates. The One.7 seemed to fit snug right out of the box, maybe a bit too snug and the X70 definitely were pinching my forefoot area even without them laced up. There was another Vapor (I forget which model) in a EE width but it seemed to be a bit loose and I'm wondering how a Supreme EE width would fit me. Is the Vapor D width the narrowest of the two skates and the Supreme EE width the widest with Supreme D width being the second narrowest and the Vapor EE width the second widest? Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  4. Souldriver

    rh sticks, gloves, helmet, cage - Mint -

    Selling some items for a friend, he bought all new gear and dislocated his shoulder on his first shift back. He decided to "retire" since he is in carpentry and can't afford to lose time. All equipment, unless noted, was used for one shift in an inline game and I don't think my friend even got a chance to break a sweat. And I mean that literally bc I took his jerseys he said he didn't clean and they were fresh as hell. Prices have some wiggle room but not much, no pictures as I just stopped by his house and didn't think to take pics as its 0 degrees outside. Equipment has no wear, looks newer than showroom. Shipping from lower NY Gloves- Easton s6 gloves - white - size 15"........$25 Reebok hg5k - Never Used - navy and white - size 12".......$25 Helmet - CCM V08 w/ matching cage - size L - he said it's a dark royal blue but looked like navy to me - SOLD! Sticks- All sticks are uncut, I doubt he used all 3 in one shift but he bought them all at the same time. Not even a scrape or mark on the white tape. All RH, no grip that I could tell in the single digit weather. Bauer apx, listed (with a price cut) on its own since its a higher profile item. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/topic/65489-bauer-apx-rh/ Bauer vapor 2.0 - 87 flex - backstrum p92 curve........$20 Easton EQ30 - 85 flex - Zetterberg curve........$20 awesome feeling stick, retailed about $150.
  5. I was wondering how accurate the Bauer Plastic Skate Fit Gauge is? A little back story. I am currently in Bauer Supreme one 70s and with the current supremes dropping in price I was thinking about getting a new pair of skates (one.8 or one.9). My current skates are 8.5D however I feel I could possibly drop down a half size. When I have used this gauge at my LHS my biggest toe is just over the 8 not quite the 8.5 and the width of my foot measures an E based on the guide on the under side. In other threads on the forum I have read people have said that the Supreme D is really a E width. However when I try on an 8D my toes feel scrunched and there is a lot of pressure on the sides of my feet. When I try on an 8EE they feel better. I know I am gaining a fraction in the length area because of the wider heel. Mainly I am just wondering if after the skate is baked will the 8D open up more or should I go with an 8EE.
  6. I've never been able to wear a Vapor skate since the inception of the Vapor 8 in 1998; they were always too narrow for me in that aspect. Vapor 10, XX, XXX, XXXX, X:60 similarly failed. When the APX skate was shown to dealers for the first time at BauerWorld, which I attended, I threw on a pair for the hell of it and was actually shocked that it worked for me. I didn't get to try them however, but when APX2 came out, I was intrigued as it has some new features that are new to market. You still have the red accents on the boot, mixed in with black and grey. You can see the rib structure really well in this picture of the back of the skate. The tongue is a 3-piece felt tongue, with a hard facing; the metatarsal guard is flush with the facing. I normally am not a fan of felt tongues, because they tend to shift on me, however, those tongues usually have a soft facing. Also, the tongue is very tall, about 1" taller than standard ones. One of the big features is the new Lightspeed EDGE holder; as noted, it is 3mm taller than the original LS. One thing to note is that these holders are 296mm; the Vapor at the EE takes the bigger holder. The steel is removable via a trigger mechanism... ...pull it and off it goes. I whipped out my macro lens to show the new injected lacing system; which is the same material as the holder. The premise behind it is that it will eliminate multiple layers of stiffeners in the boot, while having an energy rebound factor as well. Note that it is triple-stitched on the boot. It's about the same thickness as standard. There isn't any metal in it; the eyelets are D-shaped which helps to keep laces flat. The Edge Comfort which debuted on the TotalONE is now standard on all top-end Bauer skates, but another thing that has been added to the APX2 is a wear guard right above the top eyelets. As far as fit is concerned, my foot is in the right spot and don't have any volume issues. Laced up, I'm getting an uniform lacing pattern with a good spread. These are 10.5EE, which is slightly wider than my TotalONE NXG and on par with my Nexus 1000 as far as true last is concerned. The skates feel great on my feet so far; no hotspots at all, and I'm getting that "I really don't have to bake but I know I have to with these skates due to the materials" feeling. I will say that they do feel stiff right off the bat, moreso than my NXGs and way stiffer than my Nexus. I will be putting LS3 on these, and will most likely won't be putting a lift on them to start. Naturally, I will be doing a LTR on these; unfortunately, due to my move and subsequent store buildout, I don't know when I will get on the ice with them. It's been a crazy few weeks. Special thanks to Keith Duffy, who is the Sr. Category Manager for skates at Bauer Hockey for providing me with these - much appreciated! Any questions, please ask in this thread.
  7. I am planning on buying the Bauer Supreme One.8 Girdle/Shell Combo, but I have one concern about it. I would like to use the TO NXG shell in place of the One.8 shell, and I am wondering if the shell is compatible with the girdle. The NXG shell utilizes padding around the whole shell, unlike the One.8, and I personally like a little more protection. Any advice would help. Thanks!
  8. I bought Bauer x90's a little bit ago and being the worry wart I am, I can't help but obsess over the fact My feet arent perfectly fitting the footbed meaning the skates are a little too big... tell me if you guys think this amount of space is a big deal or if I shouldn't fret, $550 is a lot of money to lose if i did size this wrong. Oh and I typically wear two socks or the nike elite socks shown http://s738.photobucket.com/user/MikeYez/media/get-attachment_zps7afde6cf.jpg.html?sort=3&o=1 And with my foot on the footbed http://s738.photobucket.com/user/MikeYez/media/jhgi_zpsc936d2b0.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0
  9. Hey guys so I currently have a pair of Bauer x 7.0 skates and I love them but the tongue is just absolutely terrible. I was considering buying an aftermarket pro felt tongue but I wear a size 5.5D skate so trying to find a Junior size tongue to fit is near impossible. Do you guys think if I can remove the plastic insert in my stock tongue that make it not as stiff?(Lace bite is not an issue for me). Or anyone know of felt tongues for a Junior skate? All I could find online was for most Senior skates. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. KiskiSnipes19

    Glove recommendations?

    I've been using my Easton EQ50 Elite gloves for only about 4 months, and the stitching in the fingers have worn out twice, the second time being today. When I was showing my mom the hole, I noticed another hold in the middle of the index finger. I'm really disappointed because I really likes these gloves. They were really comfortable and the cuff didn't take anything away from my shots, which I had problems with in the Stealth line. I used to have Bauer 4-roll's and I hated them because they were too loose. These are 4-roll style gloves as well, but they felt great. Any suggestions as to what gloves I should take a look at?
  11. KiskiSnipes19

    Helmet suggestions please!

    I'm recovering from a recent concussion I sustained in my Easton S19 Z-Shock. I understand that you can get a concussion in any helmet, but I definitely saw this coming since the inside is almost just EPP foam. That being said, I'm on the market for a new helmet. I'm considering the Bauer Reakt, IMS 11/9.0, the Warrior Krown LTE (kind of looks like it has mostly EPP foams like the S19 though), or waiting for the Bauer Reakt 100. Suggestions/opinions? Greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  12. yazomoto2008

    Bauer Supreme one.8

    Skate: Bauer Supreme one.8 Size: 8.5D Foot Type: Normal arch. Narrow heel with wider forefoot. Ht./Wt.: 6'0 175 lbs. Play Level: A level adult league. Play both Defense and Forward Previous skates worn: Nike Bauer Supreme one90; size 8.5D Purchased: December 2013 For my 18th birthday, my parents bought me the NBH Supreme one90. Had the skates baked and they fit perfectly from the start. Since this was my first experience using a skate with the hard shell, the top of the skates would dig into my upper ankle area since there wasn't much padding there. Once I got used to the skates though, my ankles did a better job of holding steady. Aside from that, I had no problems with the one90's for about 6 years. Up until recently, started developing lace bite on one foot likely due to the deterioration of the tongue. The tongue on the one90's is very thin, and I'm honestly surprised it hasn't given me problems until now. With the skates being relatively beat up from high school and rec hockey early on while playing non-checking adult league since then, it was time for new skates. Decided to go with a skate that would last long without going over the top in terms of price. I especially appreciate the tongue on this skate. Going back to the traditional style of tongue has allowed for my lace bite to recede. Blade/Holder (10/10) With the TUUK Lightspeed 2 holders and TUUK LS 2.1 steel, I'm glad I took a step down for these. I'm not a huge fan of the fusion steel. I never had to experience this, but I've seen too many times, where friends have had the fusion steel break catching passes in their skates. Also, I had to have my previous holders in the one90's shimmed to prevent the clicking noise that commonly occurred with the holders. Couldn't be happier with my current holders and steel. Weight (10/10) These are to date the lightest skate I've ever worn. A tad lighter that NBH Supreme one90's, but not by much, at least, it's not noticeable when skating. Protection (9/10) I have blocked multiple shots with these on and I've had no problem (granted I play in a adult league with no slap shots). I will say that with the hard shell skates, it still remains that if someone whacks me in the skate with their stick, the force seems to carry through the skate, but not a major issue. Durability (9.5/10) Have a few nicks and scuffs on the boot. Also, have a few chips in the holder. But, since I'm playing on three teams at the moment, the amount of wear and tear seems to be per usual. I'm just hoping the boot stays as stiff as my Supreme one90's did. Performance (10/10) Due to the increase in lateral stiffness of the boot (upgrading from my old skates), I am able to push through turns and accelerate with more control and force than before. I am not the greatest skater, but I like to move quick. So, upgrading to newer skates definitely improves things by a slight margin. These skates have the same feel as any other Bauer Supreme skate I've worn. Overall Assessment (97%) Overall, I'm happy with the purchase I made on these skates. Unfortunately, the local shops in my area were out of stock, so had to order them in my size, but I couldn't be happier. They are working out great. BOTTOM LINE - Solid skate. For the price range, you get a top notch skate without missing out on too many bells and whistles.
  13. leonzhu

    P92 vs P14 vs P12?

    Hi everyone, I currently play with a P92 pattern on my 82flex APX (Cut down by 3"). I find that my shots are okay, although not as hard as i would like them to be. I also stickhandle decently with the P92. However, passing (especially saucers) seems to be a problem for me, my passes tend to flutter when i try to give them a bit more power. Would going to either a P14 or P12 help? I like a round toe and a small curve, slightly open face. I'm putting in the custom orders for the APX2 soon so any advice would be great. Based on the advice i get here i'll probably order up a APX to try out the curve over the summer before committing to a new curve for the next season. Thanks!
  14. So as of right now, I am using the Bauer Total One NXG gloves and I love them, however the palms are finally starting to give away after about...8 months of heavy usage(4 times a week roughly for close to 2 hours) with a tiny hole next to my pu insert on my top hand and the stitching on the other inserts on my right. So I'm stuck trying to choose if I want to get custom Eagle x844's or Bauer Nexus 1000's. If Bauer offered a custom glove I think thats what I'd get but Eagle has catered to me in saying they'd look into possibly getting me a glove with a flex thumb(pending on a patent search), a full carbon material as well as a blacked out look to it. But so biased towards bauer gear considering its practically all I wear. I will literally sit here for weeks trying to make a choice if I don't get some reassuring advice on these gloves. What do you guys think?
  15. It ma by too soon to ask, but from just a quality and longevity stand point which skate will last longer CCM crazy light, or Bauer nexus 1000?
  16. Louie

    Shells, Shells, Shells

    Huge shell sale and I mean HUGE... Make offers (prefer to deal with cash, but would be open to 13" CL Gloves and 9K Shells), I'm ready to move on this stuff: Reebok New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Shell - Brand New In the Bag - $110 $80 $60 + shipping Sizes Available: M (1), L (7), XL (11) Reebok Philadelphia Flyers 9K Shell - Brand New In the Bag - $110 $80 $60 + shipping Sizes Available: XL (2) CCM Plymouth Whalers 9K Shell - Medium - Used - $45 + shipping CCM New Jersey Devils 9K Shell - XL - Brand New - $200 + shipping Reebok Columbus Blue Jackets 9K Shell - Medium - Used - $75 + shipping Warrior Dallas Stars 9K Shell - Medium - Brand New - $90 + shipping Reebok Hershey Bears Shell PP10 - Brand New In the Bag - $70 $60 $45 + shipping Sizes Available: M (1), L (8), XXL (3) Bauer Edmonton Oilers Goalie Shell - Brand New - $75 $60 + shipping Sizes Available: XL (1) Reebok Montreal Canadiens Shell PP10 - SOLD OUT Sizes Available: L SOLD OUT, XL SOLD OUT
  17. Does anyone have the instruction booklet that comes with the Bauer HDO Pro Straight Visor?? I got a new re akt and was wondering how Bauer recommends attaching the visor to it. Thanks!!
  18. Hi all, I am new to the forum, and this is my first post. I hope I am posting this in the right place. please let me know if its not and tell me where I sholud post it. I am needing to buy a new pair of skates, I live in the mountians of central Idaho, The closests Hockey store is a 3 hour drive for me. (The next closest store is 5 hours)Two weeks ago I made the drive and was able to try on Bauer X60, CCM U+12, CCM RBZ90, and eastonQE50. The choises were very limited. I have never had a new pair of skates, always hand me downs. I currently have a pair of 8.0r Easton Z air 03 or 04s, they are the silver ones. I have had them for 8 or nine years. They fit well but I have replaced the holders a few times and steel as well, rivits are coming out again and there are cracks and chips everywhere. They fit well enough I can play for 5+ hours without them hurting my feet. I play 1 to 2 times a week, Beer B/C league, and pond hockey. I would like if possable to buy skates made in canada if possable. I try to reward companys that keep maufacturing at home. But rhis is not a make or break deal for me, It would be great if possable. Vapor X60 7.5d The skate felt good except for the widest part of my foot was being squeezed hard enough I was sure I could only play one game, and if a puck hit the side of my foot at the lowest two laces it would have really hurt. This skate seemed slim and sleek but seemed like the side protection was lacking a little. CCM U+12 7.5d This skate fit good seemed like there might be some lace bight. CCM RBZ90 Had to go down to a 7.0d in this skate to get the width correct, But then my first two toes were touching slightly more than just brushing the end. EastonQE50 8.0d This Skate also fit well it just felt a little bigger and bulkyer than the others. My problem is The skates I would really like to get I can not try on. So I am hoping you guys can hepl me out. Here are the skates I would like to get Graf ultra g3 Graf Ultra g35x CCM U+ crazy light The CCM U+12 and Easton QE50 and easton s17 are also options Comfort is most important, then drability, As you read ubove Getting skates is really a big pain Because of where I live. I would really like these skates to last me 8 + years. Protection is next. I play Defence, and Take a puck every now and then. So please rate these 6 skates from first to last for how you think they will fit me and serve my needs and give me any advice that you might have. Thank you guys very much, I really apprecate your time.
  19. Two LH Bauer One95 sticks made for Jessica Koizumi and likely rejected because her name was spelled wrong on the stick. 67 Flex with Grip coating Brand New $130 ea + shipping $200 for both + shipping
  20. Graf ultra G3 size 8.0r and Bauer X60 7.5r which one is wider in the fore foot? No way for me to try on the grafs, the x 60 was to tight at the lowest two laces. Thanks for your help.
  21. (Medium) Bauer Re-AKT Titanium Cage - wore it 3x before I realized it was too small for me. Good as new, with screws. $50 + shipping NO LONGER AVAILABLE Bauer TUUK Lightspeed Edge Holder Senior BLACK (Size 10, Right and Left) - Brand new/ unused/ never even took the blue thing out to squeeze the trigger $50 + shipping Bauer XXL Core compression jock pants - used 3x, good as new- I can give you the brand new/unused cup that came with my XL Mission Pro Girdle if you do not want the used one that came with the Bauer pants (which I rinsed after each use, and dried outside in the sun) - $20 + shipping Skate Fenders Full Pro Protectors- Size Large- used 7-10 times, still good as new- $50 + shipping
  22. Louie

    Black Friday Pro Stock Shell Sale

    Everything $60 (plus shipping)! Reebok New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Shell - $110 + shipping Sizes Available: M (8) (6), L (9), XL (12) Reebok Philadelphia Flyers 9K Shell - $110 + shipping Sizes Available: L - SOLD OUT, XL (4) Reebok Montreal Canadiens Shell PP10 - $90 + shipping Sizes Available: L SOLD OUT, XL (2) (1) Reebok Hershey Bears Shell PP10 - $70 + shipping Sizes Available: M (1), L (8), XXL (3) Bauer Edmonton Oilers Goalie Shell - $75 + shipping Sizes Available: XL (1)
  23. Title pretty much says it all. What is the major fit differences between the newer supreme line and the older supreme line? Right now I am skating in some Supreme one 70s (8D) and the fit is great. However my old skates which are my pond hockey skates are giving me nasty lace bite and I just can't skate on them anymore. I was looking into either getting a lower end supreme skate for pond hockey or I found an older pair of supreme 3000 (8D) online for a really good price however I cannot try them on.
  24. Cosmic

    Bauer Total One .520 Tapered

    Bauer Total One .520 Tapered Shaft -Height - 6'2" -Weight - 215 lbs -Level of play: Beer Leaguer (ice and inline) -Position: "Center Lite" (I play right on front of the net on both ends, with as little puck carrying responsibilities as I can get away with. Sort of like a Center in basketball, but nothing like a traditional center in hockey. So on D, I just try to clear out the area in front of the net the best I can. On O, I suck the D in and free up space on the perimeter for my line mates to cycle the puck around, and occasionally bury a rebound of theirs.) -Blades used- Warrior AXT1 Kopitar & Zetterberg; and Easton Mako II Iginla -Flex- 102 and 87. I used 102 for the first 20 sessions or so, and 87 for the last one. The 102 rips slapshots at insane speeds. However, I rarely seem to ever find myself in position to ever take slapshots (even when I am assigned to play D). In warm ups tho, this thing blasts rockets. I have not taken any slapshots with the 87 flex yet. I switched to 87 just last game because I was feeling like it took too much time and effort to load the 102 for wristshots. I often find myself in position for wristshots, and wanted something I could snap a little easier, still getting decent speed and power on my shots. -Shaft Shape/Grip- Boxy shaft, Tac Spiral Grip, no sticky stuff (none needed). My gloves are pretty grippy as well (Vapor APX), so my hand does not slide as easily up and down the shaft as I would like, but my grip is always strong. Shaft feels nice in my hands. Score: 9.5/10 -Stickhandling/receiving passes- My stickhandling is the weakest part of my game, so I just created a position for myself where I camp the net on D until the puck clears the zone, then beeline it for the goal we are shooting at as the puck carrier leaves our end, often dragging 2 guys with me. So, cannot really comment on the stickhandling for this stick. It feels good when I am just practicing and warming up, but in games, forget it, that is not my thing. This stick does feel nice receiving & sending passes, but I think that is really more the blade than the stick. FWIW, I love stickchecking too with this stick, it wields similarly to how I would imagine a fencer feels about his sword, and I am pretty good at knocking pucks off guys's sticks. Not sure if the stick has anything to do with this, or if any stick would work when I find myself in proper position with the right angle to knock pucks away. I guess balance might come into play here, and if this is the case, them this stick is right. Score: 9.5/10 Shooting- It is my understanding that this shaft was designed to harness the power of TotalOne with the tapered release. It does cover all 3 shots nicely, as I can rip off rockets on all three. I definitely feel a nicer wristshot with the 87 flex than with the 102. The release is not quick though- maybe it is my poor technique, or maybe it is the stick. I am curious to try a Warrior Covert or Easton Mako/V9 to see if I can get off quicker releases on my wristshots. Score: 9.5/10 Weight and balance- I think that this shaft weighs in around 300 grams, so throw a 125 gram blade on it, and I imagine that I am coming in around 425 grams + the tape that I use to shim the blade. Not a Sherwood Wrecker sub 400g stick, but they were not out when this stick released. Balance wise, feels right. Score: 9.5/10 Durability- This is where this stick shines. I fired off tons of slapshots as hard as I can, as it has been a long layoff, and I want my body to balance itself out with the force dynamics of shooting. So, the 102 flex probably has about 100 slapshots on it, plus all the stickchecking, and is showing no signs of abuse whatsoever, with full pop still intact as from the first day I got it. Score: 10/10 Intangibles- Perfect combination of durability and performance. For me, the durability is key, as I am far from an LHS. I am pretty well stocked on these (they are on clearance right now), so I have been intentionally hard on the 102 flex, just to see what these can do. Score: 9.5/10 Conclusion- Great all-around shaft, especially at $67 after coupon code (EMAILME is the coupon code for 5% off, at the only vendor who is still selling these sticks). Hard to find anything wrong with this shaft. I am pretty sure that all struggles that I am having are related to my own skill set liability issues, except the seemingly slow release, which I think is a combo of stick+ me. Even so, when Bauer made this stick, they could have gone for a lower/more taper for a quicker release, but they seemed to want to retain the T1 power, which they certainly have done. Total Score: 57.5/60