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Found 57 results

  1. So I normally always used a 77 flex(or 75 if i used non bauer) and when i cut it, it goes to roughly a 92-96ish flex. Well a buddy of mine recommended me trying out a higher flex and I did. I went to a 87 flex 1x. I feel like receiving passes has improved and battling for pucks has improved slightly. The main thing is definitely the catching of passes. However I feel like the flex for shooting just doesnt let me get all I possible can out of it. I'm 5'6, 150ish and when i cut down the 87 its roughly a 106 flex. So what would be the best solution for this? Go back to a 77/75 and just work more on my technique receiving passes or work on pushing down on the stick more? My next stick will most likely either be a ccm reckoner or a 1N if that dictates whether it will play softer or stiffer Edit: I feel like maybe the stiffer flex thing was in my head because my buddy said how even when you cut the stick, the bottom part is still built in a way that is still a 77 flex. For example no matter how short I cut it, the bottom of the shaft and blade are unaffected. Is it possible it was just in my head that I noticed a difference on receiving passes and puck battling?
  2. Lakota

    New stick help

    Hi, I recently snapped my stick(CCM Tacks 2052) after using it for a month and I am looking to get a new one. My budget is $60 and under (Junior size stick) The sticks I have been looking at are: Easton RS II ($49.98), Bauer Nexus N6000 GripTac ($54.99), and the Reebok RIBCOR 24K(49.99). I want something that will last for atleast a few months. Any input on which stick I should get or other sticks that might work for me would be greatly apreciated
  3. MikeWhy

    Yakupov curve

    What are you guys' insight on the yakupov curve? Is it more like a Bauer Ovi or an e28(i dont like the ovie but am actually fond of the e28...dont know why.) this may impact my next stick decision.
  4. What's up everybody. I apologize if this is already a thread but I could not find anything on the topic. Usually when I play a hockey game my legs feel good and I feel full of energy. I play about 4-5 times a week and usually I am one of the quickest guys on the ice. However, once in a while, I get this sensation in my legs like they are buzzing, or tingling, and they feel so heavy and numb. Last night I played a game where I could barely move and I was getting out skated over and over. I felt very slow and it was really frustrating. Anyone every had this happen to them before? How do I prevent this sensation? It's like my legs just didn't want to move no matter how much I tried.
  5. Pallidine

    New to Hockey

    I'm just starting to play hockey and I need help getting gear. When I was trying on skates the other day I tried on a pair and it was very tight width-wise so I tried on the ee width and it was looser in the toe area but it still was tight and painful on my Achilles tendon. My question is, are skate supposed to feel that way until you break them in or is it a problem, because the person at the shop didn't know about hockey skates, only figure skating.
  6. Dev10251

    Stick Flex

    I was curious if anyone uses intermediate sticks. I've been using a senior 85 flex stick but found that it hasn't been efficient so I decided to make a switch. I went out and bought an Easton Stealth 65 flex. I felt an immediate difference and like it much better. Is it a good fit for my size? I'm 5' 8" and 150 lbs.
  7. Joeystranger

    What Stick Should I get?

    I'm in the market looking for a new stick. I've been using the Nexus 8000 for a while and I like it but I'm in the market for a new stick. I've been using Bauer sticks for the last 10 years and I want to try something new. I'm looking at the Easton CX Stealth or the Warrior HD Pro. Anyone have any feedback on those sticks? What's the comparison to to the Nexus 8000? Cheers!
  8. Hockey84


    Hi all I have a slight pronation problem on my left leg, I have the grey, the heel lift is a little different and it takes a drop more volume I ordered the Black superfeet, no heel lift and thin sole won't take up so much volume I will report how the black work out too, the skate should fit better than the grey I can't wait Anybody use the black super feet??????? And does anybody notice less pronation with superfeet??????, I did have some pressure on the outside of my left leg , I quess my foot was turning in and the top of the skate would hit just above the ankle. Please help Thanks so much
  9. I play roller hockey in the spring for fun after ice hockey is over. And I was wondering if the tiles wear down a stick's blade? It may sound stupid but I don't use my normal stick and I want to start and help would be great! (blade is usually fully taped. Or far heel is left untaped)
  10. I'm a 6 foot winger looking to buy a new stick and I am looking at a easton v9e warrior qr1 and a ccm ribcore. These are all Prostock. I weigh around 150 pounds. I primarily take snapshots and wristshots but I also have a nice snapshot. And I would like to get maximum power out of a low kick stick while not sacrificing power. I also want good luck feel, so which one would you reccomend? While not sacrifing puck feel*
  11. So iwas skating one day lost the bolt to an axle, ive been skate without a wheel on each skate since because i cant find the axles to fit anyone know where i can find them? labeda two piece axle
  12. english15x

    English's Clearing out Sale!

    My fiancee is getting tired of having so much hockey gear in our townhouse. Not much room! Anyways trying to unload some gear. All prices are OBO, I really want this stuff gone! Price includes shipping (USA) CAN, add $10. Picture Album: http://imageshack.us/g/689/20130609204920.jpg/ Nike/Bauer Vapor XXXX girdle Size: L Condition: Used Price: $65 Shipped Now on eBay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/181158307901?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Utah Grizzlies (ECHL) Jersey Size: XL Condition: Used Price: $30 Shipped DONATED Dangle Berries Jerseys Set (Home/Away) Number: 67Size: XL (Athletic Knit)Condition: Like newPrice: $60 shippedDONATED RBK 8K HelmetSize: Medium Condition: Very used Price: $30 shipped DONATED Bauer 4500 Helmet Size: LargeCondition: UsedPrice: $30 shippedDONATED Bauer 400 Shoulder PadsSize: Large Condition: Good Price: $30 shipped DONATED Easton Synergy Shin GuardsSize: 15"Condition: UsedPrice $40 ShippedDONATED Easton Stealth Shin GuardsSize: 15"Condition: UsedPrice: $50 ShippedDONATED Bauer 400 Elbow PadsSize: Large Condition: Good Price: $25 shipped DONATED Reebok Pro stock shellSize: Unmarked (I believe L or XL, I am 6'1, 200 lbs and fits me)Condition: GoodColor: MaroonPrice: $50 ShippedCame from some team sale my buddy got it for me.DONATED Pittsburgh Penguins Pro Stock Laundry BagColor: BluePatch Number: 51Price: $25 ShippedRight from the team sale. Nike Bauer 4-rollsSize: 14 Condition: Good Price: $40 shipped Palms have lots of life left. Very tiny hole in the left palm (see picture) DONATED Easton S7 Elbow Pads Size: Large Condition: Used Price: $25 Shipped DONATED Cooper GlovesSize: SeniorCondition: NewPrice: $50 ShippedDONATED Bauer Total One StickHand: Right Curve: Gagne P106 Flex: 87 Condition: Used (Probably seen 3 skates) Price: $80 Shipped TRADED Bauer One95 Blades (3) Hand: Right Curve: Gagne P106 Tapered hosel Standard, I made an error. Condition: All new (2 taped, but never used) Price: $50 shipped for all 3 SOLD Itech Visor Price: $40 shipped Cut: Straight Size: Adult Condition: Good DONATED
  13. Ok so heres the deal, I bought a pair of CCM U+ 12s about a year and when i got them I never had a chance to bake them because I ordered them by mail from hockeymonkey. When I got the skates I was on my home from school to play in the Return of the Robin tournament. I never thought It would be a big deal to just skate with them without baking them because I did it with one pair of my CCM U+ 08s and and many previous skates ordered online. I've noticed though that my feet feel offset in my skates like one foot it toward the inside of the skate and the other is toward the outside. I can still skate perfectly on them but, would baking them fix the position and feel of the boot so that it feel like im centered on the blade or atleast they feel even? P.S. I have checked the E-holder and it appears to be on strait and square. and just a side topic any one else with CCM U+ skates feel that the boots look really narrow when you lace your skates just curious.
  14. Everyone, I have for sale Bauer x100 size 10EE mens skates mint condition worn 1 time. I didn't like the fit and feel of them on the ice, going back to my CCM's. These are profiled from Maximum edge 9.5ft radius with 5/8" sharpening. Comes with original box and Bauer skate blade removal tool. $375 shipped to your door. Paypal only, no trades.
  15. Without the puck I'm an average-above average skater in terms of speed but from what I'm told I slow down insanely too much with the puck...I'm curious if there are specific drills people use to work on this as well as little tips people have for when they're trying to carry the puck at their top speed(like switching to one hand and pushing it etc.) Just trying to improve my game.
  16. So I wear size 6EE bauer supremes, I'm curious as to what pros and cons would take place if I switched from 80/80/76/76 to 76/76/72/72, the alkali's going down a wheel size when you reach size 6 or whatever had me wondering if I could potentially get more out of my set up. Would it lead to a lower center of gravity? More agility? I'm curious and maybe the answers on this will have me looking to changing my set up in the future.
  17. genik1988

    Fake NXG stick?

    Bought a nxg on kijiji from a guy, I already suspected it could be fake because he was selling it for 150 but decided to check it out anyway. I bought it and i feel like there are some imperfections that give it away. Anyway ill go to a store tomorrow and compare with a real retail one and ill know for sure. The spiral grip is what makes it look the most fake to me, I also scanned the UPC code with android app and it didnt find anything. Could you guys post same pics as me to compare? Its a p92 102 RH griptac NXG. I also took off the top plug and i saw APX written inside for some reason. Weird stuff. Am I just paranoid or are my suspicions founded? Here are some pics(dunno how to upload directly here..doesnt allow me) http://imageshack.us/g/202/img20130506034325.jpg/ What do you guys think?
  18. I am returning to hockey after a long layoff. Last I skated, there was no aggressive pitch. Additionally, I need a flat pitch to keep the dynamic forces of movement out of my knee, and inside the muscles. Which skates have the least aggressive pitch? I am interested in Reebok (whichever)K, Bauer, and CCM RBZ. I am thinking that the Nexus line will have the least aggressive pitch out of anything on the market, and thus they are the frontrunner, just curious if anyone here has any thoughts.
  19. Anyone get any experience with BASE? Especially their Nasty stick? I've been meaning to go in to get a fitting and I thought this would be a good place to ask.
  20. So for a while I was set on getting the CCM RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick, until I picked up the Reebok RibCor. Although these two sticks have only a weight difference of about .07 oz (according to HockeyMonkey), the RibCor felt better to me. I know there are different technologies in each, such as the custom kick point in the RBZ Stage 2, and quicker power transfer in the RibCor. What is your guys' personal opinions on these two sticks?
  21. So I have had 2 apx's while having my NXG Glove(with the PU inserts on the palms) and both have matte finish and for christmas I got an NXG with grip..Now a I've said before the gloves have been used heavily beings i bought them right at the release and use them close to 4 times a week. But I strongly feel the grip is what is doing the damage to my bottom hand which is tearing the PU inserts off, by the threads(the top hand's insert finally ripped in half but thats a common problem for everyone). Bottom line is, is there anything I can do to prevent the bottom hand PU inserts from coming off and do you guys' face this issue with regular nash/micronash/digital/msh3/etc. palms without the patches?
  22. Tyler Roy

    Mission Inhaler Helmet

    Reviewers Specs 5'10 180 lbs Inline 4-5 times a week Elite level Past Helmet Bauer 4500/Bauer 5100 Time Of Use 3 Months First Impressions When I received the Inhaler helmet I was blown away(no pun intended) with the out of the box fit. Having used the 5100 in the past I was right at home with the Inhaler, my head sits really well inside this helmet. The adjustment system is extremely easy to use and get correct, same central location just like the ReAKT/9.0 and just as easy to use. I was playing that same night so I had to get the stickers off and the ear guards removed, I could really feel how well the ventilation was when using the heat gun to get the stickers off. The air blew right through the helmet. After all that was said and done I hit the rink. My first use was on an average fall day( not too hot or too cold) so testing how well the helmet vents might not be as noticeable as it might be in the summer but still a good test. Once again, coming from my 5100 I noticed a big difference in the air flow when skating and the amount of sweat I had dripping down into my eyes. The built in sweat band did wonders but the overall "coolness" of the helmet was noticed. Didn't really noticed I was wearing anything at all. First skate went well and just as expected. Fit The fit on the Inhaler is ideal for me. No pressure points at all. I found my head sat inside the helmet rather than the helmet sitting on top of my head like the 4500 does for me. Nothing to complain about. Not very bulky or any additional room. Very much like the 5100 fit. 10/10 Durability Having used this helmet for a few months now with hours and hours of game time I have noticed a little wear. The helmet it self is perfect, no issues with the foam or anything like that. Only wear I have noticed is the sweatband and where it attaches to the helmet. The pegs have started to come unglued a little bit. This is a replaceable item so nothing to be surprised about. I'm sure I could fix this with a little hot glue. 9/10 Protection This helmet isn't marketed to have the best protection or the latest and greatest tech/spec when it comes to safety. Fully HECC certified and everything so still a safe helmet to wear. Safety is on par with the VN foam style helmets. I have had a few shots to the head and unexpected hits and have not missed a shift. comparing this to other helmets at the same price point I would have to say this would get an 8/10 Conclusion This helmet is perfect for the inline player, we all know how hot the rinks get during the summer and even spring for that matter. This is a game changer in my opinion. I don't have to worry about having to wipe sweat from my eyes or being hotter than I should be. Would I recommend this helmet? Yes. Easy answer. With Mission you expect quality product. I feel very happy with this helmet and its worthy to wear the Mission badge. 27/30 90%
  23. KiskiSnipes19

    Helmet suggestions please!

    I'm recovering from a recent concussion I sustained in my Easton S19 Z-Shock. I understand that you can get a concussion in any helmet, but I definitely saw this coming since the inside is almost just EPP foam. That being said, I'm on the market for a new helmet. I'm considering the Bauer Reakt, IMS 11/9.0, the Warrior Krown LTE (kind of looks like it has mostly EPP foams like the S19 though), or waiting for the Bauer Reakt 100. Suggestions/opinions? Greatly appreciated. Thanks guys
  24. MikeWhy

    toe of blade

    I have a Toews curve(p14) and one of the characteristics of it is the small toe is rifles off shots but...my shot doesnt feel really any faster than the backstrom which we all know has a massive toe...so I ask you guys..what is the benefit of having such a small toe? Like what in the world could be the benefit or reason for having a toe basically shaved down to where it is pointy like spezza's stick in this vid?
  25. So as of right now, I am using the Bauer Total One NXG gloves and I love them, however the palms are finally starting to give away after about...8 months of heavy usage(4 times a week roughly for close to 2 hours) with a tiny hole next to my pu insert on my top hand and the stitching on the other inserts on my right. So I'm stuck trying to choose if I want to get custom Eagle x844's or Bauer Nexus 1000's. If Bauer offered a custom glove I think thats what I'd get but Eagle has catered to me in saying they'd look into possibly getting me a glove with a flex thumb(pending on a patent search), a full carbon material as well as a blacked out look to it. But so biased towards bauer gear considering its practically all I wear. I will literally sit here for weeks trying to make a choice if I don't get some reassuring advice on these gloves. What do you guys think?