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Found 34 results

  1. Looking for some advice. Skated my entire life in CCM/Reebok and use a 9' radius with a minor forward pitch on epro 280 holders size 8.5D skates. I have finally exhausted my last pair of Reebok 20K from my playing days and need to finally get a new pair of skates. I have a pair of 50K Ribcore and JetSpeeds and like the fit of both skates and have tried using my old profile on the skates, but cannot adjust to the SB 4.0 Holders. I feel like my heels are are pitched too high and am tripping on quick starts and can not effectively turn. Call me a dinosaur (32 years skating in CCMs) who is set in his ways but I have not been able to dial in a similar profile. Very frustrating. I have used no icing sports and my local LHS to match profiles and was informed there is no difference in pitch between epro and SB 4.0, only that the holder itself is 4mm taller. Either the information is incorrect or I am dropping too much money trying to get my profile correct because I can definitely tell a difference. Maybe the boots themselves are different, I really don't know at this point. A quick aside, I was watching the Wings and Sharks game tonight and noticed that Datsyuk was wearing JetSpeeds with epro holders, but didn't see shims are any signs that his skates were meant to look like a JetSpeeds. I am looking for advice and have access to several LHS here in Minnesota that can do profiling or skate services. I am hoping there are some players out there that have experienced similar issues. 1. Get my Epro put on a new boot, I have 10 pair of epro and custom steel to last a life time, but would hate to have to use shims or filler on a new skate. Got to be an easier way. 2. Continue to mess with profile (I have messed with neutral and slightly backwards profiles) but haven't found anything that suits my needs. 3. Look for old CCM and Reebok Skates on discount, but would prefer to upgrade my skates; hence the whole point of my post. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi guys, My Reebok 7K Pumps are starting to lose integrity and I'm looking for a replacement pair. Does anyone know the fit profile of the old Reebok 7K Pumps or any Reebok Pumps from 2012 or so? Are they closer to a vapor tapered fit or is it a more supreme-like fit? Cheers!
  3. My Reebok 8k Pumps are on their way out. I'm looking to get a similar skate with the same/similar features that isn't much different in sizing. Ideally, the holders of my new skates will be compatible with the runners of my 8ks, because I bought an extra set of runners for the 8ks that I still haven't used. I'm looking at the CCM Ribcor 46ks, would those work? Anyone have any suggestions? Looking to spend $250 or less. Thanks.
  4. I recently bought some second-hand hockey pants and there is no way I could give them back, I also wouldn't want to buy some new ones either. I am trying to figure out how to keep the pants up higher so they don't get in the way. Although I still have not found out what to do yet, any comment, answer would be great. My helmet fits fine at the store, but when I go to practice, my temples start hurting a lot as if someone was squeezing my head super hard. The pain would start probably around 35-50 minutes in. I first had a CCM XT (forgot the size), and the pain would start earlier than the helmet I have now which is the Reebok XT medium. The Reebok one does not hurt as much, but probably will hurt the same when I use it during a game. Any comment would be great. I was thinking of cutting the EPP foam a little but read some articles saying that would void the certification. Recommendations for a wide head, probably a round head would also be great. (Best if the helmet recommendations are under $60) Also the helmets have cages. New edit: Is there any way I could alter ski pants suspenders to fit the hockey pants?
  5. benson

    Reebok 11k Helmet

    Background: I have had this helmet since 2012, consider this a really long-term review. I play 1-2 games a week and coach youth hockey 3-5 times a week. When I play, I use the cage that came with the combo, when I coach, I take off the cage. I'm reviewing this now because I am starting to shop for a new helmet and I've really liked this one. Fit: My helmet is a size Large, I have a large head. I also have a more round shaped head, so some helmets don't fit me as well. This one works well with the micro-dial system, I can snug it a little if needed. The padding is still soft to the touch, and it fits great. This has been a very comfortable helmet. Protection: Having this helmet for 4 years, it has seen some action. While I play in no-check leagues, there are still hits and it's been fine. The cage has taken many sticks and pucks to it with no issues. I haven't had any issue with the protection of this helmet at all. Weight: If feels average in weight, the cage is a little lighter than others. Overall, it is well balanced. Durability: I've had this helmet for 4 years with no issues. Due to removing and replacing the cage several times a week, the screws are starting to wear a little bit, but overall, it's fine. No cracks, no rusty screws or metal bits, it's been very durable! I have had a couple of times the micro-dial seemed to have been re-set on me while in the bag (hit by something else in the bag maybe), but a quick spin and it's loose, throw it on and tighten it back up. Intangibles: When this helmet came out, there were tons of options for the colors and you could get it with or without a cage. I opted for black/black and with the cage. The league I play in requires all players on a team to have matching color breezers (pants for you non-Minnesotans) and helmets, so black is what our team uses. Again, the micro-dial is great for getting a good fit. It doesn't always stay in place, but it's easy enough to adjust. Conclusion: This has been a great helmet. I'm reviewing it now as I'm starting to shop for a new helmet so I don't have to remove/replace the cage constantly. I will continue to use this helmet for playing or coaching, just not for both. Final score: 10/10, would buy again.
  6. lovejotd

    Reebok 30k replacement

    I was wondering if anyone knew a stick I could buy that would match the feel of the reebok 30k? I have a couple of 30ks and I really like them. Reasonable price, good performance, but it isn't sold anymore. I notice some of the new ribcor sticks do not really have the ribs like the old ones did. Thanks!!!
  7. (Shafts no longer available) Very lightly used CCM U+12 LE Shoulder Pads - size Extra Large (XL) $65 $60 shipped to USA OBO:
  8. ajbrochacho

    skate questions

    I'm in the market for new boots and beginning to look around the web for deals. A couple pairs have jumped out at me and I was wondering if anyone knew anything about them. The first pair are the Reebok XT Pro Pump. They're under 200 bucks now on IW and I was wondering how they compare to other skates on the reebok/cmm ribcor price point continuum. The other pair were the Graf Supras 735s. They're pretty cheap over on HM and I was wondering if they're just the older version of the G735 overloads. I don't really understand how Graf's product lines are laid out but i'm leaning more towards those anyways just based on past experience. Any info or even recommendations is cool. I don't have a particular style or anything particular in mind. just trying to find a good deal on a good boot
  9. I'm currently using an Easton Z-bubble with a focus flex Sakic blade. I absolutely LOVE the stick, but I know it's on its way out. I'm a 6'1, 190lb forward that doesn't take a whole lot of slappers. From my investigating to this point, it looked like the Bauer Vapor line was going to cater best to my playing style. I wanted to throw this out to the community here for some input, any other sticks that would work best for the specifications I'm looking for. Also, I can get a really good deal on a Vapor X80 or X90, but is it worth it to jump up to a X700 or X800, assuming Bauer is the way to go? I'm looking to stay south of $150.
  10. I've recently been using the nxg girdle combo which I liked but I really would like to go to traditional pants but it's been so long since I've used them because the nxg's have lasted long enough. I'd really like to find a pant that isn't very bulky and has (don't really know how to word it) a good mobility to protection ratio I guess. I've been looking at either the stealth cx, ccm rbz, ccm ultra tacks, reebok 20k or 18k. I'm really stuck and it's starting to get really frustrating... why oh why do I have to be so picky... Lol. Thank you!
  11. Was wondering if anyone had purchased these Reebok 4-Rolls, I found them for cheap but couldn't tell the difference between the Nashville and Columbus color ways. They look the same even though the Columbus one says Navy/Beige. I need a plain Navy glove for this season and was wondering if the beige even made a big difference, thanks. Link : http://www.hockeymonkey.com/reebok-hockey-gloves-4-roll-ultra-sr.html
  12. In my quest for elbow pads that fit me best I've narrowed it down to Reebok/CCM. So as the title puts it, do you think I would be better off in Reebok 20k's or CCM Tacks 6052s? I just got 20k Pros but I know the 6052 introduce d30 foams in the cap, is that worth it? They're the same price so that isn't a factor. I've spent a lot on elbow pads recently trying to find the right pair (my local pro shop doesn't carry much adult stuff). I'll be switching from Easton HSX pads, which fit nice at first but the straps have given out and they slide like crazy now. Thanks for any insight/help you can provide. *Thanks to Cosmic for pointing out the 20K recall to me.* Update: Decided to keep the 20K's and I'm glad I did. Used them for the first time last night and they were great, no slipping, and I even forgot I was wearing elbow pads. I was concerned about mobility coming from a 3-piece pad but it wasn't an issue.
  13. I currently wear a pair of Reebok 7000 pro stocks but they've taken a beating and I'm looking to try a pair of Bauer's out. Is the Supreme line comparable to the Reebok 7000 fit? I think the Nexus might be too wide.
  14. http://www.modsquadhockey.com/forums/index.php/files/file/175-2014-reebokccm-catalogue/ Skates - We won't be covering the Tacks skate line until the lockdown has been removed. In the catalogue, that has a hockey tape theme, the skate is "covered" by tape. I will reinsert those pages in March, but I imagine Reebok/CCM will provide new pages. RBZ skate line is unchanged. The Reebok line has been updated - with a black theme, to go with the RIbcor theme. The quarter package of the skate has been updated with ribs for additional flex; down spec'd versions of the quarter package extend down to the 26k. You're still getting the Pump, liner and felt tongue from the 20k, however, the SB 4.0 holder which debuted on the RBZ skate is on the Ribcor - but with a black version of the SB steel. The SB Black will also be on the 30k skate as well. Sticks - both lines unchanged. One thing to note is a new CCM pattern; Galchenyuk, which is a Reebok Phaneuf/Drury/Parise clone. Helmets - CCM finally gets a new helmet after many years, and it's pretty apparent as to why it took some time - they had been working with the University of Ottawa (same department who validated Blackstone's FBV) and others on this helmet. Addressing both linear and rotational impacts, the Resistance offers protection in two ways; their REMa System (don't mind the catalogue, REMa stands for Rotational Energy Management) are 4 bladders which are liquid (oil) filled. The premise behind it is that as it the head rotates with the helmet, the bladders helps to slow it down, reducing the impact. On the linear side of things, there are pods - a combination of EPP/U-Foam and plastic shock absorbers which compress/disperse at point of impact. It's tool-less, with the adjustment on the back of the helmet. The Resistance will MSRP at $229.99. The Resistance 300 have the REMa bladders, but no pods. $159.99 MSRP. The Resistance facemask is a 580-style mask that's stainless steel with flat wires - and the clips where the screws attach actually have foam around it, which absorb shock. It only comes in silver, however the 300 mask is regular steel and comes in all colors. Gloves - this time around, Reebok gets the update; starting with the 30k, which is their anatomical fit, and is what they are calling a two-piece glove; the hand goes into one segment of the glove and then the rest of the glove wraps around it. The backroll is a combination of EVA (U-foam) and standard HD foam - the EVA is vented for air flow. Also to note, the cuff is bindingless. CCM gloves are unchanged. Pants - Reebok is unchanged. New pants for CCM - named RBZ. It still has U-Foam in the thigh and hip, but also gains the +1 length adjustment that debuted on the Reebok pants. Protective - Reebok is unchanged. The RBZ name carries over to an updated CCM line - things of note are the shoulder pads, which no longer have the floating sternum pad like on the CL - it now is integrated into the rest of the chest. The elbow pads seem to come down longer than last year's CL, and are vented in the bicep and forearm areas.
  15. Louie

    Spring Pant/Shell Clearance

    Pro Stock Reebok 9K Shell XL (6) - Fits a large/XXL very well too New York Islanders Third/Alternate 9K Brand New $60 $50 + shipping Pro Stock CCM 9K Shell XL New Jersey Devils Brand New $150 + shipping Warrior Pittsburgh Penguins Winter Classic 9K Shell - SOLD CCM Barrie Colts 9K Shell SOLD Reebok Penguins 2011 WC 9K Shell - SOLD Hershey Bears PP10 Lot (10 Shells) - SOLD CCM Regina Pats 9K Shell - SOLD Reebok New York Rangers 9K Shell - SOLD Bauer Edmonton Oilers Goalie Shell - SOLD
  16. On Wednesday August 20, 2014, We hosted a moderated chat with Ollie Camet from Reebok/CCM OllieCCM Good afternoon everyone. I'm here to answer any questions you have about CCM and Reebok hockey sticks. Our Stick Director couldn't make it today but I managed the stick category before so hopefully I can answer all your questions. Stewie How do the shafts differ from senior to intermediate on the two CCM stick lines? OllieCCM The SR geometry is a tradiotional "T" while the INT geometry is closer to a "C"...so more contoured. JR Boucicaut Ollie - would you like to give a quick recap of both lines and how they differ from each other? OllieCCM Sure. The Tacks has a mid kick point and the AttackFrame blade designed for accuracy. The RBZ line has a custom kick point and Speed Pocket blade technology for a harder shot. Stewie will you be offering the two intermediate flexes on both lines again (60 and 65) that we see on your other lines? OllieCCM Yes. Players are much better educated on which flex is right for them so it makes sense for us to offer multiple flexes. In the past we only offered a 65 flex. It made it hard for a JR player to jump from a 50 to a 65 so we felt a 60 was needed. OllieCCM The right flex is key to performance. Many players believe a higher flex will mean a harder shot when often the opposite is true. If you can't load a stick properly because it's too stiff, you won't transfer enough energy to the puck. JR Boucicaut Will there be clear options on the Tacks sticks as there is on the Superfast? OllieCCM Tacks is only offered in Grip. Stewie do the 60 and 65 flexes differ in length? i want to say they did by an inch or two but don't remember nor know if that carries on OllieCCM Yes. The 65 flex is 1 inch longer. JR Boucicaut We've been noticing a lot of Reebok/CCM stick usage in the NHL as the season ended. It looks like there was some very good adoption of the Tacks line. Do you have any numbers you can share with us? OllieCCM Reebok-CCM was the #1 supplier of sticks in the NHL at the end of the 2013-14 season. We had well over 200 players on our sticks. JR Boucicaut This question is asked a lot; What do you do at Reebok/CCM, how did you get started, and if you can offer advice to someone looking to get into the business, what would it be? OllieCCM I started here 8 years ago. A teammate of mine was working here and he referred me for a product manager position in Lacrosse. Moved to the hockey side shortly after that. Best way to work for a hockey manufacturer is to work in the industry. Either for a league or in a store and make contacts. We're always looking. Gummer12 Do you encompass the goal stick line as well? For those of us goalies who may also have any questions. OllieCCM You can give it a shot. Gummer12 Is the CCM C400 goal stick any different than the old CCM H10, or which stick is currently closest? OllieCCM Those goalie sticks were before my time. The C400 has a foam core paddle with fiberglass...if that helps. It also has a multi-laminate handle Gummer12 For the paddle measurements, do you know which edge that measurement is taken on? Some are measured on the top side, and others measured on the bottom/heel side. OllieCCM 99% sure length is measured from the heel but I'm confirming. OllieCCM Confirmed...measured from the heel. Chippa13 The Lecavalier P17 isn't available per the latest catalog, any chance it will be revived for future offerings or is it gone? OllieCCM We're trying to streamline our curve offering by offering the most popular ones. No plans to bring back Lecavalier for now. Some other patterns are pretty close. Gummer12 What do you see as the biggest hurdle to getting prices down to a more affordable level in order to help grow the game? OllieCCM Good question Gummer12. When you think about it we offer products at many different price points for all levels of hockey. In the past the selection was more limited. Yes sticks can now be more than $250 but we also offer some starting $50 for OPS. It comes down to the consumer deciding where he wants to spend his money. Stewie i think we are seeing better features on a lot of the mid price point sticks now, someone mentioned in the forums being impressed with the second tier tacks stick, what features trickle down to that stick, and what is the weight difference approx OllieCCM Across the Tacks line you'll have the same blade technology (AttackFrame). It's essentially a technology that reduces torsion to keep the blade stiff during release. OllieCCM The Tacks is 430 grams, the 5052 is 450 grams, the 3052 is 510 grams and the 1052 is 570 grams. kerr Would the CCM Tacks 5052 stick play similar to pro stock stick with a FC construction? OllieCCM Yes Kerr. Stewie Are all levels of the Tacks offered in intermediate? OllieCCM Yes, Although the 1052 only comes in 65. kerr With certain MSH members complaining about the lack of heel curves, will a pro Crosby pattern be offered to appease them? OllieCCM The Galchenyuk pattern on CCM is a heel. JSK81 How about the crazy light line, is there gonna be another model after the CL500, and 400, 300 etc? OllieCCM There are no plans to move forward with a new CL line of player sticks. IW Team - Chase Ollie - How's the C.O.R. in the AttackFrame compare to the SpeedPocket. I understand RBZ = HIGH COR, but does the AttackFrame strategically have a low COR? OllieCCM The C.O.R is highest on the RBZ for more power. The C.O.R on the Tacks is also high but it's really build for maximum accuracy. OllieCCM Any last questions? JR Boucicaut I think we're good here. I appreciate you coming out and filling in for Ryan! OllieCCM Thanks for joining us for this live chat. We'll try to do more of these throughout the year. JR Boucicaut We will have plenty to talk about in the future. Absolutely!
  17. stick9

    Stick, Skates & Protective

    Thinning the heard so to speak. Reebok RibCor stick - RH 75Flex P40 (Perron) pattern. Used about 10-15 times, very light wear. Blade is a bit too closed for my liking, $150. Reebok 8k skates, size 6.5, $50. Plenty of life left, these were Reebok's top of the line skate prior to the release of the pumps. Easton ST16 Shins 14", $40. Really good condition, always aired out. Easton ST16 elbow pads, Med, $30. Excellent condition, very protective. Mission Fuel 110 Pants, size Med, $40 All prices are negotiable and include shipping within the US and Canada. Pics coming shortly!
  18. EtiamSurgo

    Skate Fitment Help Needed

    Hey all, I am new to hockey and nowhere near the greatest skater, and I need experienced advice. Being from East Tennessee (not a very hockey friendly part of the country) my local pro-shop at the rink is smaller than most gas stations. Their inventory consist of a couple different Easton skates, so I don't have a lot of choices. From my online research on various model fitment I think that I have it narrowed down (please correct me if I'm wrong). Bauer Supreme, Bauer Nexus, or Reebok 12k,14k,16k? When I say "new to hockey" I mean this will be my first skates ever.... I was leaning to the Reebok's because of the softer more comfortable boot (as per reviews). But, without trying them on I'm concerned about the fit with my foot shape. Any help or opinions is greatly appreciated.
  19. So for a while I was set on getting the CCM RBZ Stage 2 hockey stick, until I picked up the Reebok RibCor. Although these two sticks have only a weight difference of about .07 oz (according to HockeyMonkey), the RibCor felt better to me. I know there are different technologies in each, such as the custom kick point in the RBZ Stage 2, and quicker power transfer in the RibCor. What is your guys' personal opinions on these two sticks?
  20. These are a set that has been out of production for sometime. But I know a few stores/websites that have them on sale still and I have heard about people inquiring about them so I figured I'd give them a review. Personal Details Male 6'3” 190 lbs Butterfly A-D level hockey Usage time: 1 year Price: I paid $500 Glove History: Simmons 994 Blocker & Warrior Messiah Blocker with Warrior Messiah M3 Catcher (mistakenly called it the M2 in the video), Smith 6000 Retro Blocker/Catcher, Reebok Larceny Pro. Now Larceny Pro Blocker and CCM EFlex Pro Glove I believe these were Reebok's first full line of pro equipment made entirely overseas. To some people this is an issue, to me as long as the equipment works I am happy. I am going to review these as 2 separate items as my opinions on them are pretty different. Blocker: Initial Thoughts: When I first received the blocker I felt like it was bulky and almost cumbersome since I was coming from a flat board Simmons 994 blocker and a very lightweight Warrior Messiah blocker and Smith blocker. I also noticed how protective this glove is compared to my previous blockers. The Larceny blocker is very well made and was extremely comfortable to put my hand into. Fit: The blocker has 2 adjustable straps, 1 completely around the wrist and the other around the outer wrist protection. I found I didn't have to adjust the outer one at all and left it fairly loose to keep the side board as straight as possible. The strap around the wrist easily keeps my hand secure in the blocker, something my Warrior Messiah had problems doing (it always felt like it was about to fall off no matter how tight the straps). 10/10 Comfort: This blocker feels pretty big on your hands, it has a huge side board but it is lined with pillows everywhere for protection and comfort. Putting my hand in this was an absolute treat. The palm material is this extremely soft leather that was honestly the most comfortable palm material I have ever tried, and there is a big pillow of it that sits on the top of your hand adding cushioning for the blocker. Unfortunately since using the blocker for over a year now the palm is crusty and sometimes almost annoying to put on. Now sometimes I have to pour water in the glove to make it soft again. I air my equipment out after every game and never let it sit out in the damp or in my bag, I have also never had this issue with any other pair of gloves I have owned. I understand palms wear down but this is the most drastic change I have ever experienced for a comfort level. New: 10/10, Now 5/10 Protection: The Reebok Larceny blocker is an absolute tank, the only glove I have owned that has come close was the Smith and even then the Larceny blows it away. The side board is big with large cushiony pillows between your thumb and the blocking surface, I have taken slap shots to there and haven't felt a thing and because of this I can confidently make saves with the side board without fearing an injury or pain. The finger protection along the stick is phenomenal. I haven't had a problem with stick mobility and yet I have taken very hard shots directly to it to the point where the finger protection itself has wedged the puck between itself and the stick. I didn't even know where the puck hit me, this was a problem with my old gloves (specifically the Warrior and Simmons) where pucks would ramp up the stick and either pinch my index finger or hit the protection and cause pain and numbness in my fingers. I have had problems before when diving to make saves where my fingers would get stuck under the stick and get pinched between the stick and the ice, but with this glove the outside padding on the knuckles has stopped that from happening. The outside hand protection looks fairly small, but I have taken stick jabs and shots from people shooting behind the net while I was in the paddle down position. I felt where the puck and sticks hit me, but I never felt pain or discomfort which again happened with using the Simmons and Warrior. The blocker board itself is very thick with a soft cushion on the top of the hand to deaden shots. This is the most protective blocker I have ever used. 10/10 Weight: I believe this blocker is the heaviest blocker I have ever owned, that said I have never once had a problem using it. Coming from an extremely light weight Simmons 994 with a flat blocker board made for a bit of an adjustment. But it is now my favourite blocker to date and the extra weight isn't an issue. 7/10 Durability: The only problem I have had with this glove is a very small tear on the binding where the stick is held in place. Now many blockers have a leather piece that protects against the wear of the stick and nylon binding. The Warrior and Simmons were much more worn and torn after the same amount of use, the Simmons to the point where the binding was split so much you could see the foams that made up the side board of the blocker. I wouldn't say the palm is worn out because it is crusty, while it is not as comfortable as it once was there are absolutely no wear spots on the palm what so ever. 9/10 Performance: This blocker had a little bit of an adjustment period because of its extra weight compared to my previous gloves. Once I got used to it the Larceny blocker has been perfect. Shots off the face go where you direct it and I have been able to punch pucks out to the board hashmarks or deflect them into corners. The extremely protective side board gave me a new save selection where I open up my hand to the shooter, which makes my stick take up more space towards the blocker side while keeping my hands protected. 10/10 Conclusion: This is the best blocker I have ever owned, it maybe a bit heavier but it is so protective the extra bulk is worth it. The glove is still comfortable even with the crusty palm material as the pillows padded your hand so well. I can't see me moving away from this blocker anytime soon. 9.5/10 Catcher: Initial Thoughts: The catching glove covered considerably more surface area than my previous Warrior Messiah glove did, and about the same as the Smith (although the Smith wasn't deemed NHL legal for sizing). It has a very baseball mitt like closure and I felt like I would become a more catching style goaltender instead of just a blocking style. Fit: There are 2 different straps that cover your hand while inside the glove and both of these are lined with the super comfortable leather palm material. Usually straps on gloves bother me because of the material rubbing on my hand but these were by far the most comfortable I have ever worn. I have never felt like this glove was going to fall off while at the same time being very comfortable. 10/10 Comfort: The palm of this glove was absolutely fantastic with an extremely soft and comfortable leather...which like the blocker has since become crusty and hard. The glove itself is pretty comfortable and I have no issues with it but because of the loss of the amazing palm feeling I am giving this a low score. New 10/10, Now 5/10 Weight: This glove is pretty standard compared to other gloves I have had. My Smith was a little heavier and the Warrior Messiah was about the same. It is never cumbersome and I felt like I always had great mobility with it. 9/10 Durability: Besides the palm becoming crusty the only visible wear on this glove is the fraying of binding where a velcro strap is. Now the protection seems to have degraded over time, and that will be touched in the next category. For the glove materials itself everything has held up well. Ignoring Protection: 9/10, With Protection 5/10 Protection: I figured this glove would be just like the blocker in terms of protection, and for the first half of a year I was right. Before I get to the palm I should say the back hand of this glove has a great slash protection for the fingers and is extremely protective against random pucks and slashes. Now to the palm. When I originally got this glove I rarely felt a shot and if I did it was simply because I took a puck right to the palm. Even then the shot never stung or hurt, but I knew exactly where I got hit. A year later and I am honestly afraid to use this with certain shooters. I noticed I have started to feel shots from guys that I have never felt before. Recently I took a shot to the palm by a local university player and my hand went numb for about 5 minutes. I then decided to go and get an upgrade because of this. New: 8/10, Now 5/10. I am giving this a 5 and not lower because some people see this as a sacrifice in order to be able to squeeze the glove easily and catch pucks better. Performance: When I first got this glove I felt like I could catch everything and that was before it was even worked in. Now as it has use to it the palm seems to have built a ridge right next to the break. This causes the gloves coverage area to decrease and the angle of the thumb to be flatter and facing the shooter more. I now have trouble catching the puck and find that anything that hits the thumb bounces out to the shooter now, when originally it would go straight into the pocket. I still find this glove better than the Warrior Messiah I had but so far my new CCM EFlex Pro and my old Smith were far better in terms of catching ability. New 9/10, Now 6/10 Conclusion: I absolutely loved this glove when I got it. In a years time I went from a goalie who just blocked shots that were near my glove, to a goalie that caught everything on that side of my body, and back to something in between those 2 extremes. Unfortunately the protection has degraded vastly and I honestly don't feel safe wearing it anymore with the stronger shooters. Which is a shame because all goalies know they want to wear matching gloves! But seriously I wanted this glove to last me a very long time as I was more comfortable with this glove than many that I had before it, but the lack of protection has made me put it on the sidelines. New 8/10, Now 5/10 Pictures Great sideboard protection. Small rip along the nylon where the stick is held. The finger protection is really good and I have never had a puck slide up my stick and hurt here. Outer hand protection is great as well and I've never had issues with this glove when I have with previous ones. Palm was once super soft and comfortable and now crusty and hard. Besides that there is absolutely no wear showing on the palm. Large sideboard cushions deaden shots to the sideboard and a big soft leather pillow deadens shots taken head on. Great closure out of the box. The bump of the material on the palm of the glove, this started appearing after about a month of use. What the glove looks like with the bump. What the glove originally looked like, the palm angles towards the pocket more when the bump wasn't there, now with the bump the palm is flatter to the shooter and I find pucks bounce off it more than they used to. Good backhand protection, soft finger slash guard. Glove opens up quite a bit in the back.
  21. Hi, I just bought a pair of reebok 5k goalie skates and used them for the first time yesterday...it's been a while since I had new skates and had forgotten how your feets hurt the first few games... Anyway I know not all skates can be baked especially the "recreational" type of skates but can anyone tell me if these are heat moldable? I've done some research but couldn't find anything conclusive. I bought these skates online and had them sharpened and used so I'm looking for a solution to feel more confortable in them. Thanks!
  22. mc88

    Reebok 9K Girdle - Medium

    They're in excellent condition. I bought them about 3 weeks ago for $170+shipping, but I'm willing to sell them for $160+shipping (used them only 3-4 times since I got them, but they're not fitting me quite right). SOLD