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Found 10 results

  1. Marsblade's released some videos showing off/testing his new ice holder. I've linked just the one, but you'll easily find the others if you follow it into the YouTube. Some initial questions: "Nice soft turns" makes me think of the Custom+, how will this be different? How would it hold up under the wear and tear from game conditions? How does it perform in other aspects? Great if turns feel nice, but how is it to sprint in, pivot in, shoot, etc?
  2. I was using the 2016 VH skate with LS2 and step steel, prior to them merging with True. Best skates I ever purchased. These got worn out and in Dec 2018 I bought a new pair of VH skates with the True holder. I noticed these new VH skates by True are drastically heavier than previous VH skates. Is the weight difference a result of the True holder? B/c if is I’m going to switch back to the LS2. Thx
  3. StacktActor

    Marsblade Ice Holder

    Hi all, What does everyone think about the Marsblade holder coming out pretty soon? Think it will be the real deal? Is the Tuuk holder in for massive market share loss?
  4. t27j9s

    Bent Runner

    Vapor 7.0 Used about 2 years for Moderate level of play. Steel keeps Curving inward even after Changing Holders and changing Steel and Changing Nut and Bolt?! What in the F**N Hell is going on Here?!?!
  5. Hello, I am in the market to get new custom skates with Vh. I have a smaller then normal foot so I have always skated in jr skates with short holders. However I have learned to skate in them very well. But. Now is my chance to get VH custom skates and have them install a 246'holder. I am afraid it may inhibit my agility. However still a 246 holder isn't that much bigger. I am about 5'6 150 lbs. skating for 30 years. I am wondering if the 246 holder is going to take me to the next level speed and power, or is it just going to slow me down. Let me know what you guys think.
  6. Hi guys! I've always wondered why the TUUK LS2 and Edge holders have copper rivets at the back instead of aluminum rivets (I think?) Also, I'm planning on replacing my Lightspeed Pro holders to Edge ones, are the rivet placements the same between the two kinds? (Size 280) Thanks in advance! :)
  7. Just bought a new pair of U+ crazy lights, pulled them out of the box and noticed that the holder on the right boot seemed further forward than the holder on the left boot. I measured them and the holder on the right is about 2.25mm or 3/32 further forward than where the holder on the left boot is set. Has any one else seen this on new skates? Is this type of tolerance common on a pair of high end skates? Its hard to believe, because you can see 2.25 mm pretty easily. Seems like it would affect the pivot point on the balls of your feet? Do you guys think I should contact CCM? Thanks
  8. So I've skated twice in my new Graf Supra G535s, and today I noticed a high-pitched squeak or vibration when I made a tight turn. Should I be worried about this? I'm thinking that the runner is loose (have to tighten the screw at the back). Has anyone else noticed this with Graf holders/runners?
  9. I sent an email to Bauer but never heard anything back. I was hoping you guys could give me some insight. Here is the email I sent: Hi, I recently purchased a pair of EE Bauer APX 2's. I play NCAA D3 hockey and I got them through my coach (who got them through Bauer). I had them heat molded, sharpened, and contoured at a reputable hockey shop. I have skated in Bauer's my entire life and have never had a problem.Before the APX 2's I have owned, XX's, XXX's, and X60's and loved them. With the APX 2's, I love the way the RIGHT skate fits and performs. However, I have noticed that I have a very hard time pushing off of the inside edge of my left skate. My left foot also suffers from considerable pain against the boot on the outside of my foot (just before the toes). Walking on the skates off of the ice, my left foot tends to wobble and my ankle rolls outwards. When I took the steel out of the holder, I could visibly tell that the steel was warped. When I stand straight up in the skates, my left ankle tends to roll outwards and I feel like I am on my outside edge (when I should feel neutral). When I push off with the right foot and glide on the left, the skate seems to wobble along the ice and it is hard to do crossovers to the right (its hard to do the toe flick). I have worked at a number of power skating camps and I have always prided myself on my skating ability. Thus said, I do not believe that my edge control problems with the left skate are the product of poor skating form. Looking at the skates from the bottom, I can see that the left holder is aligned slightly more towards the inside of the outsole than the right holder is on the right skate. If I place both of the skates flat on the outside of the boot on a desk, you can see that the angles of the steel in relation to the boot are far from the same. I have attached a video for your reference. (The skate on the right in the video is the "bad" left skate. I have skated on my current pair about 5 times a week for a couple of months and have noticed no improvement in the left skate. Once again, I've used Bauer's my whole life and I love the way my current right skate feels. I was wondering what you would recommend to solve the problem I am having with the left one. Thank you! ------You can watch the video here: Is this a fairly common problem? What would you recommend doing to fix the discrepancy without getting a new pair? Thanks!