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Found 7 results

  1. Okay so I'm 20 years old and used to play middle linebacker in football for 16 years and was fortunate enough to to get a scholarship to a D1 school. Well do to the fact I hated the school and really didn't like football I left the university. Hockey has always been my favorite sport also when my old buddy asked if I wanted to join his adult rec begginer league I said HELL YEAH. I have a month and a half to get ready for season it's nothing to seriouse but my question is.. what position should I play? The manager of the team wants to put me at Center and just be a power forward and kinda bully and get in the head of the other Team. (Kessler from the ducks) I'm 6'1 (off skates) and 225 of pure muscle (once again I was a D1 athelete) I understand ice hockey is a whole different beast than football but my skating is a little below average as of now I can go forward. Stop, and change direction. It's techniqually a "non-check" league but I was told as long as I don't line someone up in open ice and take him out of the game most hits are ok especially along the boards fighting for the puck. Any advice or drills for me? Is a very big and physical Center viable? I need to learn to pass and take better shots I havnt had stick time in a while but I just made the decision to sign up today. And where should I get my gear. I wanna do this right so any advice would be much appreciated! Once again the division I'll be playin in is for adult beginners ONLY some can barley stand in their skates. Any advice on my position or anything else on how to improve my skills would be very helpful thanks!
  2. Pallidine

    New to Hockey

    I'm just starting to play hockey and I need help getting gear. When I was trying on skates the other day I tried on a pair and it was very tight width-wise so I tried on the ee width and it was looser in the toe area but it still was tight and painful on my Achilles tendon. My question is, are skate supposed to feel that way until you break them in or is it a problem, because the person at the shop didn't know about hockey skates, only figure skating.
  3. We play pick-up ice hockey every Thursday night at the BX Rink, in the Bintaro Exchange Mall. All skill levels welcome, but we try to have a minimum age of 16 years or so, as there are some bigger guys who play. The rink is actually pretty nice: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRvH...ZyfLYx_gJ_w0Wu This was some footage from a November 2014 tournament. The skill level at the weekly pickup is generally not this high, and the game play rarely (if ever) this intense. The point of showing the video is to demonstrate that we have a playable ice hockey rink in town, which is actually legitimate (as opposed to the other rink in town which you may have seen, which is plagued by missing pieces of the boards, scalloped ice all along the boards, and inappropriate boards themselves, with railings protruding out at hip level). So, if you are closer to novice, then not to worry, and if it has been awhile since you last played, and find yourself packing on a few lbs. as a result of being unable to exercise in the stifling heat, then this might be the sport and group for you. Fee is generally 150,000-200,000 per skate, depending on the turnout. We share the cost of rink rental and beverages. If interested, then email: bintaroicehockey@gmail.com (It may be months between my checking this email of this website, but I will check the gmail.) Need equipment? Then please detail your needs in the email. Between us, I am pretty comfortable in saying that we will be able to put something together for you. For address and location, please reference the rink website and phone #: http://bxrink.com/
  4. Does anyone know if the Mission Inhaler DS1 gloves skimped out on protection, since they are marketed as an inline glove? I play in an ultra hot, ultra humid rink, and I sweat buckets, so "Warm gloves" are like water makers on me. I asked a similar question about the Mission Inhaler helmet, and turned out it was ice ready. I have been wearing the Inhaler helmet for ice, and find that it releases my heat much better than my old Re-AKT (which I have since done away with). I play forward and tend to steer clear of pucks, but ya never know when some schmuck is gonna whack at one's hands right, and catch a thumb that has minimal padding. We never know too when a slapshot from the point that I am trying to deflect may get a thumb. So, that is really my concern, I would rather have nasty sweaty hands and a robust thumb guard/ all around padding, than drier hands, and be at risk for injury. But, if these are beefed up/ ice ready, then I think these may be the gloves that I was looking for. Obviously, I do not expect these gloves to offer Bauer Nexus 1000 type protection, but if they offer protection comparable to the other tapered gloves (Bauer APX/APX2, Easton HSX, Warrior Covert, CCM Crazy Light, etc.) Anything else that I ought to be aware of if using these for ice, then please let me know. I have been wearing Warrior Covert DT2 Bone:X gloves, which are rather protective, but no ventilation, and stiff cuffs, so I will not miss them.
  5. I purchased a goal for casual training, but the netting is so weak that there are already several holes within it. Its a 50in net, but I can't find replacement nets anywhere. Would a 52in net work?
  6. I am selling a pair of brand new, never worn, never baked pair of Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates. I got them for free & I do not fit into Eastons. Like I said before, these are brand new in the box. Really nice skates and you can get them for much cheaper now than you can even when they go on clearance. I am asking $300 shipped to the US, Canada and elsewhere will have shipping added. Payment via PayPal. All sales final as once I sell them I have no way of knowing if you baked them or not. If you have any questions please ask. Pictures below Thanks
  7. Hi all, I've been off the ice for a few years, and am now itching to get back into it. Basically, I'm in whatever the bottom level "beer league" I can find in the SF Bay Area. One of my problems I have is that last December I hyper extended both knees while trying to run for a bus. The right knee is pretty much OK now. However, my left one gets a bit on the painful side when walking long distances, or if I use older shoes. I have particular problems on the outside of my left knee. Because of this, I've decided to get a knee brace for playing. Because of the size of my legs, I'll probably be going with Donjoy because their XXXL is the only size that looks like it will fit. Additionally, I can't afford anything overly expensive. Right now I'm looking at the Donjoy Reaction model. This is actually the one used by the US Ski Team, so I know it can take a whole bunch of stress, though it doesn't appear to have the side support of any of their beefier models. I was wondering if anyone has tried using it for ice hockey? If so, how'd it do for you? http://www.djoglobal.com/products/donjoy/reaction-web-knee-brace Besides that model, I'm also considering the Playmaker II http://www.djoglobal.com/products/donjoy/donjoy-playmaker-ii and Tru-Pull Advanced. http://www.djoglobal.com/products/donjoy/tru-pull-advanced-system Any advice and/or comments on using these will be greatly appreciated!! Robert