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Found 9 results

  1. CTB

    Pro Stock Warrior Covert DT1s

    All 14” used, all prices shipped within US, +$15 to CAN Overseas Covert DT1s Backlund Flames no overlay on palms $80 Rangers team stock, micronash with overlay $80 SOLD Sharks team stock, tear in right palm but had digital palms and white mesh gussets from Pat $40 Will throw in Sharks for free if you take all 3.
  2. Hey I picked up a pro stock x60 at the national sale, I wanna figure out what the codes are underneath the name, its a wellwood curve, 0588-13 87 g15f thanks!
  3. baloo1987

    Size question

    Hello everybody, I'm very interested to buy a prostock pants CCM from the Pittsbrugh penguins but I'm worried about the size. It's write "L+2" what does means the +2 ? I guess L is large but then +2... ??!? Thanks :) Balou
  4. Anyone knows what special inserts uses Shea Weber under his laces? Looks like a special thing that enlarges height of the boot and allows to tight laces harder. Anybody know where this "thing" is available to buy? Thanks in advance.
  5. hi, my absolute favorite stick of all time was the original Easton Mako (white one) prostock (with the blacked out glossy synergy SE16 blade) released in 2012 (when the world was supposed to end). ive bought 7 in total over the years, as i would grab it whenever i saw it available somewhere...2 years ago i bought like 5 of those from PureHockey (Tyler).....i use the very popular E3 Sakic pattern in 85 flex...so nothing too fancy there. problem is, im down to 3....and since my supply is getting low...i dont go as hard in the corners because im scared (obviously) to break or damage the stick........because i know its a finite supply :( they dont make that model anymore. i feel that none of the current top sticks are equal or better.. i tried the Tacks and i loved it...........superb twig, unbelievable feeling. its a close second on my list. and i think its currently the top stick available on the market right now...but the Mako was just special for me.....its just perfect for me. i feel the puck. i feel like the stick is an extension of my body....whenever its in my hands i go beast mode. i read a few threads about ordering custom sticks from Easton ...and i could see that its not an easy task and certainly not a cheap process. but the thing is...i dont want to create a custom pattern or anything...i already use very popular things E3 and 85 Flex. its only a custom order in the sense that i want that specific older prostock model. i wouldnt mind (and wouldnt have a choice) dishing out some major coin for that........i could go for maybe 10 or 12 sticks. or maybe more...i'd like to play with that stick for the rest of my life. i remember the pros name....so i guess it wouldnt be too hard for them to retrieve it.... its probably harder to order older models...not even sure if all pros can do it, i saw a custom order sheet from easton and only the V9 and the HTX were in the choices ........although Kessel and Subban both use S19 and SE16's...thats even older but hey......im in love with my Mako...i love that twig. what are my chances in getting that done? impossible? any chances of going through PureHockey on this one?
  6. First up is a nearly brand new Bauer TotalOne NXG standard fitting blade shaft, Pro stock made for Matt Greene of the LA Kings, 122 flex, uncut measures 54". The shaft has a grip coating with checkerboard tactile raised bumps for optimum grip and is the normal Bauer Supreme squared shaft dimensions. Condition is 9.9 out of 10. Price-$100 shipped http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/slayerwarfare/IMG_5545_zpsa2f0e47d.jpg http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v38/slayerwarfare/IMG_5546_zpsed6e438f.jpg Next is a standard Easton Mako M5 replacement blade. Never used, have just had this sitting around the house for a year. RH, Sakic/Hall curve Price-$30 shipped Thanks for looking
  7. heatleyallstar15

    Bauer 4500 pro stock

    Been reading the forum for a while whenever I was looking for new gear and finally decided to join I just got a new Bauer 4500 Pro Stock in the mail today and realized it had a screw where the cage would normally snap in (since they go visor or no visor). Is it possible for me to get the piece at my local shop/online and replace that screw with the piece the cage connects to or am I screwed?
  8. I recently started playing hockey in April and am still learning about equipment, both new and old. I understand that two-piece sticks are increasingly a thing of the past, but I’ve collected two identical shafts that are improvements over my current sticks. The only issue is that one is Tapered and the other Standard. They’re both Reebok 11k SicKick III pro stock shafts, identical in every way other than Standard/Tapered (must have been the same player’s since I bought them from an acquaintance whose son plays professionally – both sticks have the same numbering and identifying marks). I paid $30 for the Tapered shaft and threw a Bauer P92 APX2 blade on it (paid $35 for the blade), so this is about a $65 stick that far outplays my Easton S13 Drury (I prefer the P92 as well). There are minor chips on the shaft, but nothing serious at all. I paid $10 for the Standard (did not know it was Standard at the time). It’s in poorer condition as far as chips in the paint, but the same weight and everything. I have not purchased a blade for it yet. I’m wondering if I were to purchase a cheap Bauer P92 (maybe the X.30 or something) or a similar Easton curve (Sakic) in wood or maybe the Mako 5, would my overall experience be different from a playing perspective when using the Standard stick? I’m not concerned about the speed of my shot (not very fast yet, I’m still developing my form), but will the shot feel different? I’m not sure how the lower kickpoint of a tapered two-piece behaves in terms of feel. The point of creating a cheaper Standard version of my Tapered stick is to have a nearly identical backup stick on the bench. I’d prefer not to switch to a different blade pattern if my game stick broke. Again, as mentioned before, I’m quite new to hockey and want to become more comfortable with one pattern and how it affects my shot. Any tips, thoughts, ideas?
  9. LH P92L clone 87 flex Tactile grip texture Cut appx 1" $100 OBO, would strongly prefer to ship US only. http://i.imgur.com/S80ES5Y.png http://i.imgur.com/MmsPAR3.png http://i.imgur.com/Ln5QlLT.png http://i.imgur.com/b3rzqzz.png http://i.imgur.com/fKM7dam.png http://i.imgur.com/ly5eeXL.png http://imgur.com/zWUzueJ