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Found 26 results

  1. Byufiglien with an as yet-unseen rather ugly white skate.
  2. How / where can I get a pair of bauer vapor xxxx in 6 3/4? The custom size is the only thing I'm really interested in; no other changes.
  3. So I've had Graf Supra G535s for two months now, I've baked them twice, I've had them punched, I've gotten Superfeet footbeds, and I've switched the holders to TUUK LS2s. Yet, despite all these measures, I still get pain on the sides/bottom of my feet when I skate. The best way I can describe it is that it's a dull, fatiguing pain. The pain is most intense when I take off my skates, but then it goes away pretty quickly after. My best guess is that my skates are too narrow for me. They're size 7.5 regular, and they fit very snug lengthwise, but not too snug. My right foot is slightly longer than my left foot, and it slightly touches the toecap when sitting. I always feel like my heels are too far forward in the skate, like they aren't snug in the heel pockets, but they don't move around when skating. Based on this info, would you say that my skates might indeed be too narrow, or could this be another issue? Can you recommend a different pair of skates from what I've told you? I'm partial to Bauer because I like TUUK holders, but I'm open to trying something else. Thanks for reading this block of text!
  4. Hi all, I am 29 years old, turn 30 in two months, and am just now picking up ice skating in prep to join a beginner league eventually. I signed up for adult skating lessons that meet once a week for 30 minutes. How often do you recommend I skate per week? Currently I had two lessons on Sunday, practiced alone on Monday, and will be going this afternoon (Wednesday) to get in some more work. I feel like if you "fake it til you make it" and not be overly fearful for eating it, and try to mimick how skaters skate, you learn much quickly. I can do crossovers right over left, can do both leg "lemon drops" backwards (still have a hard time using my left leg for backwards C cuts). The hardest thing for me is hockey stopping, I feel like I'm leaning my upper body back instead of staying straight and just angling my skates, and applying too much pressure which has a tendency to kick me over forwards when the skates dig in, how long did it take to learn hockey stops for you? Additionally, are there any drills I can do to practice hockey stopping? I was considering getting hockey roller skates to practice striding and maybe hockey stops but since there is way more friction with roller skating, I decided it was probably a bad idea while trying to learn on the ice. Thoughts?
  5. SkateWorksPNW

    CCM JetSpeed Skates 8D - Like new!

    Like new. Used a couple times. Come with box. selling because they are too large and I had to buy smaller skates. Video below shows the skate condition to be like new. CCM recently changed to a more anatomical and ergonomic fitment in their skates. These fit similar to a Bauer Supreme or Vapor. Very low volume boot that is formfitting. Asking $400 OBO. Shipping from Seattle, WA. Willing to also consider trades for store credit or hockey sticks. Video showing the skates and their condition The CCM JetSpeed Ice Hockey Skates are the top of the line model in the exciting and innovative JetSpeed Line. It showcases CCM's brand-new RocketFrame™ quarter package that wraps and contours around the foot like no CCM skate before, delivering mind-blowing agility and power through each stride (see the drastic JetSpeed vs. RBZ boot shape comparison in the image gallery.) These JetSpeed skates also come with the option to choose a High, Medium or Low Custom Support Insole that will provide personalized support for optimal fit, performance, and comfort. Heritage: New Level of Play: Elite Fit Guidelines: Medium Volume / slightly shallow heel pocket - slightly narrow forefoot - standard instep Sizing Guidelines: CCM skates generally fit 2 sizes down from your regular shoe size FEATURES Weight: 770 Grams Weight of the skate measured in Grams (Sr 8.0D, Jr 4.0D, Yth 12.0D). Heat Moldable: Yes Improves break-in time. Holder: SpeedBlade 4.0 Holder Type of skate blade holder. Runner: SpeedBlade Hyper-Glyde Type of skate blade. Tongue Material: JetProtect Tongue - Multi Layered Type of material and design of the tongue. Boot Construction: Contoured Rocketframe™ Composite Type of material the product is primarily made of. Liner: SuperDry & Durazone Abrasion Protection Type of inner liner material. Outsole Construction: Ultralight Carbon Type of material the outsole is made of. Footbed: CCM Custom Support Type/Brand of footbed in each boot. Warranty: 90 Days Period of time the product is covered under a manufacturer's warranty. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION In the air, the Lockheed Blackbird holds the record for being the fastest jet at 2,193 mph. On the ground, the jet-powered Thrust Car holds the land speed record at 763 mph. On the ice, the all-new CCM Jetspeed Ice Skates are designed to bring you the fastest and best fitting skates in the game. Like the record holders above, CCM engineered the Jetspeeds ergonomically, literally building them around the players foot to maximize speed. With ergonomic curves in key areas of the skate, like the high-ankle, heel, and forefoot, the new boot design is contoured to eliminate wasted space, improve heel lock, and maximize energy transfer with each stride. The lightweight composite midsole increases blade to boot support, while the ultralight carbon force with a full exhaust outsole provides perfect balance of stiffness in the power channel for superior transfer of energy to the blade. Rounding out the construction of the Jetspeeds are the Speedblade 4.0 holders and the SpeedBlade Hyper-Glide runners. The holders are designed to increase your attack angle, providing greater strides and sharper cornering while the runners work in unison to provide superior speed and glide to enhance performance. When it comes to protection the Jetspeeds are no stranger, and when it comes to comfort CCM provided you with the utmost, all around. Additionally, the Jetspeeds join forces of both comfort and protection in the places you need it most. The newest feature, the JetProtect Tongue, is designed with multi layer construction for enhanced lace bite protection while ensuring maximum comfort. On the inside, a dual zone soft touch liner is enhanced with SuperDry and Durazone abrasion patches providing you with the luxury of a dry, protected, and fully supporting skate. On top of that, or inside rather, the liner is equipped with a Multi Density memory foam and symmetrical foam comfort pad that both conform to your ankle bone allowing for protection, comfort, and most of all a personalized fit. Adding to personalization and most of all, comfort, the Jetspeeds sport another new feature, the Heat Moldable Speedcore 2 Plus which optimizes a contour shape with heat moldable technology that allows customized support specifically for your unique foot shape. Lastly, the footbeds of the Jetspeeds are CCM Custom Support Footbeds, meaning you can mold this to your exact specifications so you are comfortable game in and game out. CCM has proven once again that they’re not out of the skate game, but rather very much alive in the world of speed, comfort, and providing you the equipment you need to break records on the ice.
  6. It's been a longgggg time since I've posted on here, but hopefully someone can help me out! So I have a pair of CCM U+ Pro Reloaded skates, but both the boot and steel are one their last leg. I live in a city, but we only have 1 hockey shop, and I'm not thrilled with the knowledge there. I work for an ECHL team, and our equipment manager was telling me he isn't sure what's the closest to the CCM U+ Pro skates so I thought this would be the best place to ask! I'm not fully loyal to CCM, and I will try any skate that has a similar fit to the U+ Pro Reloaded. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  7. Anyone knows what special inserts uses Shea Weber under his laces? Looks like a special thing that enlarges height of the boot and allows to tight laces harder. Anybody know where this "thing" is available to buy? Thanks in advance.
  8. the stiffness form curv composite is great, but I am having trouble bending my knees in my x100 saktes. Are there high end skates on current market that provide good knee bend with all eyelets used? like x7.0 x90 etc?
  9. I am curious if there is a difference in boot stiffness between the Bauer Supreme MX3, 190 and 180 skates. I know they all use the Curv Composite quarter package, but is the layup and manufacturing process of the boot different so that the higher end skates are stiffer? Reason I ask is that I am looking to get new skates, and the Supreme line fits me best, and I'd like to go with a Curv composite upper because I hear it molds well to your foot after baking. However, due to recent injuries (left broken ankle, right broken kneecap), I'm finding I can't get deep into my stride like I used to, and I think I might benefit from a "less stiff" boot.
  10. Dear community, I find myself in a position to require advice from you. I'm a Swiss amateur hockey referee, averaging 2-3 games a week, a bit over 20 years old, about 6 feet tall and weigh 83 kg (should be about 180-190 pounds). I happen to own an MX3 (9D) I totally adore for the feel while skating. But in the last year my foot (the right one especially) grew significantly wider and the skate, already at the beginning a little bit too tightly fitting, can't be baked into shape. In addition, the center of pressure in the skate is well off the blade axis. So I sought after replacement and slipped into an 1X and was delighted to take it out for a weekend with two games. It was a try out model, half a size too small (8.5D) and unbaked and left quite some pain as it was too narrow and I also cut into my legs outside, where the MX3 has the luxurious comfort edge. According to the guys at my LHS this is well known for the 1X. At this time I really consider having a pair of 1X skated tailored to my needs and feet, thus featuring the tendon guard, comfort edge and tongue of the MX3, for I hate those fluffy tongues and adore the springboard effect of the stiff insert. I'll also want to have the lacing of the 1X and awesome balance of the 1X / speedplate combo and if possible a softer version of the CURV. This is where your opinion is required. Do you think there are other possibilities? Could maybe Graf or VHF handle it? Might it be worth waiting for the 1S? Or does something else come up someone's mind? With the kindest of regards Bulawa Edit: The part of my foot that really widened is the forefoot, so I have quite a V shaped foot. Another thing I'd really like to have are the 280mm Edge holder I have on both my NXG and MX3, as I have a decent set of steels by now.
  11. a little background: Used to have vapor x3.0 7.5ee and supreme one.8 7.5ee, both skates provide great heel lock for me. Liked the fit of vapor line better, so I upgraded to x100 7.5ee. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everything went on fine for the first couple of months, and breakin process was not as painful as my x3.0's. but now, I am starting to feel that the heel was starting to get looser.(forefoot is OK, a little extra room though) Q1.Is this because the x100's fit is slightly different from that of the old generation?(maybe wider than before?) Q2.Can I get a better heel lock by going from EE to D? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hello everyone, Recently I have purchased a brand new set of Bauer Supreme One20 hockey skates. I bought them from a private seller. Back when I tried them on I wasn't that much of an experienced player, so everything seemed okay. At first everything went pretty smooth, I was learning to do different skating drills, like crossovers and hockey stops. But something just seemed not okay. Learning was a huge struggle, and the skate just seemed not to fit my foot very well. When I checked the size, it was 3 sizes bigger than my foot. They were okay when I tried them on because I have a pretty wide foot. But the space in the toe section of the boot is just empty. I live in a country where I am unable to sell them, and I can't get any new skates. Is there any way to fill the toe section by maybe stuffing it with paper or something else, I feel like I will have to get creative here (p.s. the skates are a size 10.0R while I should be wearing a size 7) Thanks in advance!
  13. I am curious if there is a difference in boot stiffness between the Bauer Supreme MX3, 190 and 180 skates. I know they all use the Curv Composite quarter package, but is the layup and manufacturing process of the boot different so that the higher end skates are stiffer? Reason I ask is that I am looking to get new skates, and the Supreme line fits me best, and I'd like to go with a Curv composite upper because I hear it molds well to your foot after baking. However, due to recent injuries (left broken ankle, right broken kneecap), I'm finding I can't get deep into my stride like I used to, and I think I might benefit from a "less stiff" boot.
  14. tburns517

    Performance Skate Socks

    I'm looking to spend roughly $20 on a pair of performance skate socks. I've been looking around online and I can't seem to narrow it down to a certain brand. I'll post a few of the socks I have been looking at below. Are the cut-resistant/protective socks really worth the extra cash? My skates tend to fight a bit tight, so I'm not looking for anything too thick. http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Hockey_Elite_Liner_Socks/itm/16114-41/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Premium_Performance_Skate_Socks/itm/9026-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Dynasty_AX2_Performance_Compression_Socks/itm/11860-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Pro-Tech_Knee_Length_Socks/itm/7414-43/?mtx_id=0 http://www.totalhockey.com/product/Stealth_Advanced_Skate_Socks/itm/6262-43/?mtx_id=0
  15. Ok so heres the deal, I bought a pair of CCM U+ 12s about a year and when i got them I never had a chance to bake them because I ordered them by mail from hockeymonkey. When I got the skates I was on my home from school to play in the Return of the Robin tournament. I never thought It would be a big deal to just skate with them without baking them because I did it with one pair of my CCM U+ 08s and and many previous skates ordered online. I've noticed though that my feet feel offset in my skates like one foot it toward the inside of the skate and the other is toward the outside. I can still skate perfectly on them but, would baking them fix the position and feel of the boot so that it feel like im centered on the blade or atleast they feel even? P.S. I have checked the E-holder and it appears to be on strait and square. and just a side topic any one else with CCM U+ skates feel that the boots look really narrow when you lace your skates just curious.
  16. Used to own Reebok 16K's, but the tendon guard was ripping off - even after repair. I really liked the fit and feel of the boot, but I wanted to find something that would be more durable for the coming years. In come the Bauer Supreme 190's - I played my first game with them yesterday; stiffness felt great, but the neutral pitch is something I'm not sure I can overcome. What are some common methods to alter the pitch of the 190's to closely match my old 16K's?
  17. So I wear size 6EE bauer supremes, I'm curious as to what pros and cons would take place if I switched from 80/80/76/76 to 76/76/72/72, the alkali's going down a wheel size when you reach size 6 or whatever had me wondering if I could potentially get more out of my set up. Would it lead to a lower center of gravity? More agility? I'm curious and maybe the answers on this will have me looking to changing my set up in the future.
  18. Hey guys , I need help. I have had my Bauer x100's for a month and a bit now and I have pain in the skate , they fit my feet well but it's a bone in my foot under my ankle that sticks out of my foot quite far. (Both feet) In the skate it's on the inside of the skate by the "Bauer" logo (has no padding in that area) It is a very annoying pain while I am trying to play hockey and concentrate , those bones have swollen twice it's size . I have tried baking the skates and tried putting padding in the skate which doesn't work. Could you guys please recommend something that will help.
  19. I want to discuss and get more knowledge about profiling, contouring for skate edge. Now we can see some of sentences which were wrote about contouring on the internet easily. Of course on this forum too. But I feel most of them are not given a enough summary. Or too old, or too unscientific… So I learn about your contouring theories more widely. Honestly, I’m so interested in goalie’s contouring theory but this is just a goalie thread theme. But I want to provide my information, not only be taught. So firstly I write my theory. I’ve been using Blademaster’s contouring system, Custom Radius. When I was Elementary school student, I used Fleming Gray’s contour machine but now I can’t search their differences from other machines. To do things with Blademaster machine is 5kinds. To choose a radius of straight lineTo decide and mark 3points, thenar (ball of the foot), center and heel pointsTo change center pointTo change the pitchTo contour not straight line edge1. To choose a radius of straight line This is the first purpose of contouring. If you are not a goalie, we often selectable 9, 10, 11 and 13’ for straight line. These numbers mean big circle like this. If change the radius to bigger, we can achieve more stability but lose ability for small turning. But please note that I don’t connect this factor and hardly kicking or skating. I think it is coursed by the 5th head. By the way, I’m using 13’. This topic thinking about contouring though I write about the hollow either. If you choose small radius for example 9’, you need deep hollow because contact length with the ice will decrease. If you choose large radius for example 13’, we can contact with the ice with shallower hollow enoughly. So I’m using the shallowest (smallest?) BFD. 2. To decide and mark 3points, thenar (ball of the foot), center and heel points In Custom Radius system, Blademaster makes “CRBG” gauge for marking the points. This system measure the 3points from out size of your boots. It mostly shows us correct marking points but even not completely correct. Generally it makes gap about +/-5mm especially for center point because it doesn’t consider about actually fitting of my feet into the boots or differences of each boots’ shape. These thenar, center, heel point are needed for contouring. 3. To change center point Center point is very important for skating especially when we glide or cross over. This tuning would be needed especially we install custom insole like Graff’s Superfeet because we would be not able to slide our feet in the boots. Custom insole support our foot arch but it means we can’t change foot position back and forth as same as when we use genuine, paperlike insole. While we used such genuine insoles, we could adjust our foot to boots’ center unconsciously. After we chose custom insole, we have to give the true setting of center point as we used to by our ownself. I’ve used 3kinds skates for these 10 years, CCM, Bauer and now VH. I changed their center point CCM 5mm back, Bauer 2~3mm back and VH not change (0 point) or 1~2mm forward. It completely matched with their heel shapes. CCM is most straight and VH is most rounded form. This is one of a proof that center point would be change too lightly by outform of the boots. We can achieve ideal balance from correct center point for each person. It may help transmission of force and lead to decreasing of injury. 4. To change the pitch We can give some pitches to the edge. I think it’s better to keep pitch numbers under +/-2 because probably the edges would be shape too unbalance. If you want more pitches, I suggest you to use heel (or toe) lift shims. Pitch is just your feeling, I think. By the way, now I’m using 3mm heel lift shim and +1~2 pitch. Please note that if you change the pitch, you may adjust center point again. This pic is unreal but certainly cause similar thing very little when you change the pitch. 5. To contour not straight line edge This is very important for smooth skating. Slightly I wrote this on 1st head. I’m not good at English sorry… But this pic explain all the things. When we walk or running on normal floor, we can do that very smoothly. Though our foot bend only 1point. It’s thenar ball point. We can exercise smoothly if only bend 1point under the feet. On the other hand, how do you feel if you have to walk with skis? So I thought it would be solved if I contour the toe area edge after thenar point as same as I walk on the floor. In actually we don’t skate straightly as walk so the curve would be more gently. In my case, I’m contouring the the toe area tracing Tuuk’s holder shape. Definitely I think this is not scientific explain though at least I can skate very well with that curve. But someday I want to figure out best theoretical curve according to these theory.
  20. EtiamSurgo

    Skate Fitment Help Needed

    Hey all, I am new to hockey and nowhere near the greatest skater, and I need experienced advice. Being from East Tennessee (not a very hockey friendly part of the country) my local pro-shop at the rink is smaller than most gas stations. Their inventory consist of a couple different Easton skates, so I don't have a lot of choices. From my online research on various model fitment I think that I have it narrowed down (please correct me if I'm wrong). Bauer Supreme, Bauer Nexus, or Reebok 12k,14k,16k? When I say "new to hockey" I mean this will be my first skates ever.... I was leaning to the Reebok's because of the softer more comfortable boot (as per reviews). But, without trying them on I'm concerned about the fit with my foot shape. Any help or opinions is greatly appreciated.
  21. MikeWhy

    Broken chassis

    So I am converting my skates and a friend of mine let me take the chassis off his old boss's that he grew out of. when the chassis were removed it was exposed that a spot where one of the rivets usually connect, broke off. Now I'm currently waiting for the friend who gave me the chassis to get them back to me as he said he'd weld it but because they are magnesium he has to go about welding it differently because it doesnt react the same as steel and all that hooplah. My question is if it for SOME reason is unable to be welded, would i sitll be able to use these chassis with reenforced rivets in the remaining holes? Would i notice any loss in performance? 200 bucks is a lot to spend on a chassis so getting these suckers for free is a blessing. Here's a pic http://s738.photobucket.com/user/MikeYez/media/get-attachment_zpsca3e8e0b.jpg.html
  22. McDougalfaschnitzer

    Easton Mako

    After some committed time on the ice with my Easton Mako skates, I'm glad to say that they are working just as well as I had hoped them to. Allow me to expand on my thoughts and experience with them! It is commonplace for hockey players to be creatures of habit that do not welcome change when it comes to the equipment they wear. We've all seen the guys wearing the same shoulder pads and shin guards they had when they were younger, and how people stick with the same brands that they wore growing up unless an endorsement deal sways them. I've come to the conclusion that being a creature of habit can be to a fault though, if you deny yourself something that could potentially allow you a higher level of performance. In my case, I had worn Bauer skates all my life, with the Supreme line fitting my foot very well and performing just as well (I am transitioning from Bauer TotalONE NXG skates). However, when the Mako was announced, it had features that seemed to suit me very well, as it was designed for increased mobility and foot support, while not following the "Super stiff for super performance" mentality. The boot isn't noticeably as stiff as other high end skates, but it is stiff in the right areas when it comes to skating mechanics. That, coupled with the fact that it fits your foot like a running shoe makes it an extremely capable skate only limited by the foot and connected body that inhabits it. There wasn't much of an adjustment period for me with the skates since they were so comfortable, and the more aggressive pitch of the blade was more welcomed than a hinderance. My skating is much more explosive with less effort, and I can turn much sharper and smoother. Backwards skating is an area I didn't expect to see so much improvement though, as quickly transitioning to fast backward skating and matching speed of oncoming skaters was instantly apparent. In my earlier sessions with them I felt like I wasn't moving as quickly, but it was an illusion because it takes less overall effort to get to speed with the Makos. The extra mobility is a tangible benefit to my skating stride, and my ability to corner and change direction has definitely improved. I'm in a place where my skating technique will most likely not change or get better, so the skates ability to extend my toes further at the end of each stride really makes a difference with me. I think with the high quality equipment that is being made by all of the companies in the game, players are really doing themselves a disservice by falling too deep in their habits and not wanting to try new concepts from different brands. Fit I would have never got the skates had they not fit my feet so beautifully. Baking only made things better, and while my fit with my stock NXGs was good, the Mako in comparison felt more like a truly custom skate. I had a little bit of rubbing irritation on the outer area above my left ankle early on, but that is no longer there. I really can't give enough praise about the fit. Blade/Holder I have to admit that with previous Easton skates, I felt like the look of the Razor Bladz was a major detractor. However, they got it right with the CXN holder. On the ice the performance was fine and didn't really stick out to me in any way. The more aggressive pitch on the steel wasn't an issue, although when sharpening them it took a bit more effort to get the edge on them. The steel feels harder than other skates I sharpened, and it holds an edge very well. I only got one nick in them so far, and it was from stepping on a stick I believe. Weight/Protection Going from a really light skate like the NXGs to the Mako, the weight addition is noticed, but only in hand. Once they are on your feet, they are a part of you, and I equate this with comparing a super light stick to another one that is heavier, but feels lighter due to a better overall balance. While also comparing the Mako to the NXG, which doesn't feature a super rigid outer material like the Bauers, I thought it would be a less protective skate, but so far I have been hit with sticks and pucks and haven't felt anything out of the ordinary. Durability Compared to previous Easton skates, the Makos look extremely well made and put together in a fashion that doesn't seem as prone to breaking down. The stitching around the ankle area doesn't look like it's ready to unravel before use (A problem I had with my Bauers), and once they are in your hand you can see that they are a real deal skate. Extending from my thoughts on protection, I've taken abuse in games, be it from sticks or pucks, and they have held up fine, with expected scuffing on the toe cap. Naturally, with extended use I will have a better gauge on the durability. Intangibles Not a whole lot to say other than they perform as marketed and as expected. People have commented on them based on the looks, and they are definitely flashier than what I've used, but they are a good attention getter and are worthy of the praise I give them when people ask me about them. Conclusion Easton has delivered a skate that is not only worthy to stand beside other companies' top level skates, but also a skate that has achieved this while not simply trying to replicate what the bigger brands are offering.
  23. Hey guys so I currently have a pair of Bauer x 7.0 skates and I love them but the tongue is just absolutely terrible. I was considering buying an aftermarket pro felt tongue but I wear a size 5.5D skate so trying to find a Junior size tongue to fit is near impossible. Do you guys think if I can remove the plastic insert in my stock tongue that make it not as stiff?(Lace bite is not an issue for me). Or anyone know of felt tongues for a Junior skate? All I could find online was for most Senior skates. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  24. MileHighJSC

    S17 Skate ankle volume ?

    How would you guys rate the ankle volume on the s17, up high on the last two eye lets? High volume, Medium, or low? Thanks
  25. I am selling a pair of brand new, never worn, never baked pair of Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates. I got them for free & I do not fit into Eastons. Like I said before, these are brand new in the box. Really nice skates and you can get them for much cheaper now than you can even when they go on clearance. I am asking $300 shipped to the US, Canada and elsewhere will have shipping added. Payment via PayPal. All sales final as once I sell them I have no way of knowing if you baked them or not. If you have any questions please ask. Pictures below Thanks