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Found 9 results

  1. Byonic Skate Blades

    Skate Blades

    Let me know if you've heard of @ByonicSkateBlades and your thoughts on skate blades in general. Check us out www.bbyonic.com.
  2. Hi guys, On my APX2 skates, i have changed all wheels, because they are totally used. Have you tips for prepare wheels for hockey ? I know they will hook the floor, and I will can't brake fastly for a moment. Thanks for your answers.
  3. I fancy trying some rink rat wheels out. The identity theft are around the same price as the grippers which I have found to be OK. Only other rink rat I have used have been the hot shot that came on my old AC4 skates and they actually lasted without splitting. All Labeda and revision wheels I have ever used have split very early into their life. Anybody used the theft and grippers can comment? I would love to be able to rotate a wheel without it splitting/chunking away before it actually starts showing signs of wear. I play a mix of tile and wood floor and have a set of addiction signatures which I only use on the tiles but I want a more all round wheel that is more hard wearing for wood floor indoor only use. Anybody used bith? The theft and gripper?
  4. Hey guys, first post here. I play on a fairly small rink (the JCC in Michigan), which means I'm turning more often and lose speed on the turns. I'm currently skating on Hornet Splits. What wheels do you reccommend I switch to, in order to maintain speed on fast turns? Thanks
  5. Hey there everyone, I recently got Labeda Addiction (orange) wheels from someone and the previous owner has really ruffed them up. Perhaps, they were used on a rough hard surface - your about to see the aftermath. My question is will I be putting myself at risk rolling on these wheels to just pop off the hub/chunk/or split? I mean the damage looks to be minor in a way but I've never had a wheel that looked like this... I primarily skate indoors on smooth surfaces. I don't think there would be much of a risk if I used them for indoor rink skating? or would there? Thanks guys!!
  6. PIC 1 PIC 2 I just bought a brand new pair of Bauer XR3s and my wheels started falling apart (as pictured) the first time I rolled on them. I weigh 165 pounds. What the hell?! I emailed Bauer 4 days ago, no response yet.
  7. Looking to sell abunch of gear. All prices are with shipping included to the USA, I am willing to consider international shipping at a higher price. Please don't hesitate to message me or comment here with offers. Please ask if you would like more pictures of any items. 1. Nike 0004 Helmet Size M - White - Hardly used, Great Condition accept for a small crack on one side as shown in picture - $80 shipped $70 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0966_zpsa412dd76.jpg http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0967_zpsf660a191.jpg http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0968_zps3e4bdc2a.jpg 2. Reebok 8k Helmet Size M - Black/Black - Comes with (like new) Tron Visor that has no scratches and a brand new helmet bag/visor cloth - Used - $50 shipped $40 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0957_zps98e12b49.jpg 3. MyBauer Custom Total One - Red - Nongrip - Right - 80 Flex - P12(Iginla clone) - Measures 63.5in when pushed against wall (with 2.5 inch totalone composite extension) - Only used several times, has a few paint chips here and there - In great condition - $90 shipped $80 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0970_zpscfba768e.jpg http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0971_zps0f8d26f0.jpg http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0972_zps7670a736.jpg 4. CCM FM580 Cage Black Size M - Brand new, never used - $25 shipped $20 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0965_zpsc8c838fb.jpg 5. Reebok 7k roller hockey pants - Black/Orange - Size M - Used - No tears or holes - Has several scuffs - Good condition - $20 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0960_zpsc094c5b7.jpg 6. Bauer 2100 Helmet with cage - Size L - Black - Used - Missing one screw on side - Padding is slightly loose on side/corner but can easily be re-glued - $25 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0956_zps73864fcd.jpg 7. Easton S19 standard blade - Iginla - Right - Brand new, Never used - $30 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0969_zpsdbef4066.jpg 8. Alkali Ca5 girdle - Size S/M - Used - Good condition - $25 shipped $20 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0963_zpseca8b80b.jpg 9. Tour Sublimated Jersey - Size M - Brand New, never used - $15 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0961_zps700df21e.jpg 10. Farrell Pro Elbow Pads - SIze M - Brand New, never used - very light weight elbow pads, could possibly be used for roller hockey/street hockey - $10 shipped http://i921.photobucket.com/albums/ad55/Kyleefriedman/ModSquadHockey%20Photos/IMG_0964_zpsd5c83dd6.jpg 11. Rocket Pucks - 27 pucks (plus 3 street hockey balls that ill throw in) - Used (pucks cost $6 each new) - Good condition - $70 shipped $60 shipped $50 Shipped 12. Revision Varient Plus wheels - 4 76mm & 4 80mm wheels - 72a hardness (purple wheels) - Used approx 15 times mostly reffing - shows signs of wear but no cracks - $20 shipped $15 Shipped 13. Bevo Swiss Elite bearings with spacers - 16 bearings - 8 spacers - Used 2 times - $20 shipped 14. Shin-tights - Used but in great condition - No fraying and not stretched out- $15 shipped 15. Easton ST Standard Blade- Right - Zetterberg (pm9 clone) - used, has some spots where paint rubbed off and some tape residue from leaving tape on for too long when the blade wasn't in use. - $20 shipped. $15 Shipped
  8. Changingplatforms

    Wheel help: Mission Helium HE 500

    I'm relatively new to hockey and I've got some basic gear (shin guards, elbow pads, gloves etc.) and I just bought some used Mission Helium HE 500's. I'm looking to replace the wheels (as they're on their last leg, could possibly be the originals) but I'm having a hard time finding the wheel configuration because of their age. How far can one stray from the wheel configuration? And are tron wheels any good for a beginner? Or should I spend the extra money and buy some rink rats? And how do you know when to change bearings?
  9. Height/Weight: 6'1/175 Age:17 Level: Gold Bantam, Playing up in Midgets, D4 Mens Overview: This is my first wheel review, so bear with me! I skate around 4 times a week, including a practice with a lot of hard skating. I am not the best skater for my level, I mostly rely on my stickahndling and shot more than speed and agility. I have skated on Labeda Millenniums in both soft and x-soft and am Skating them on Mission T8 boots with a Magnesium Hi-Lo chassis and BSB Swiss bearings Fit: I thought I should include this, since it seems to be a problem to me with Milleniums. The bearing doesnt sit flush in the hub of them, which causes rubbing on the chassis during hard turns. These wheels don't have this problem, and fit around the bearing perfectly. Aesthetics: I love the look personally. Some people think they are flashy, and I understand that. The Black and white wheels are somewhat flashy. I had black/whites, but am now on the LE yellow/whites. They are much less flashy and match my skates, which adds to the aesthetics for me. 10/10 Grip: Just what I expect on a high end wheel. Some people cannot, but I can tell a huge difference between wheels. These have a flex to them, and you can feel it during a really hard cutting turn. I lose my grip and slide out very rarely compared to skating on the Millenniums. They also slide out when I want them to, allowing me to get sideways for a hard stop, while still gripping when engaging hard pressure again. Definitely a great aspect of the wheel. 10/10 Durability: Awesome. I havent skated on Addictions, but at this point, I don't really want to. These wheels last 3 months without even showing many large cracks or splits. I get the same amount of wear in a month if im lucky with soft millenniums. With the grip they provide its surprising how long they last. After they start to wear, though, they do lose grip somewhat quickly. 10/10 Overall: Amazing wheels! I feel that they justify the price, though that may depend on the persons budget. Definitely a noticeable jump in performance and durability from Millenniums. Awesome looking wheel, awesome performance, awesome durability. 10/10