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Shout out to old friends

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So I'm at at my LHS and I realize that I don't recognize the new models. It reminded me of the point that I have not been active on MSH for some. The bookmark for the MSH site is still in a prominent spot MSH on y laptop. Every time I see it it I feel a pang of regret for not visiting in some time. Not because I didn't enjoy the discussions, but, rather, because I seemed to have moved on to a new obsession/hobby. I still play hockey-something I only started five years ago at the age of 44 after years of regretting not trying it sooner. I tend to set goals for myself as I age and jump right into things that I was too chicken to attempt in my youth. Hockey was one of those things and the joy I got from learning how to skate, shoot ( sort of) and all of the other stuff that comes with learning a sport-especially the gear :) I realized that I needed to find some balance in my life and that I couldn't make up for 40 years of non-hockey life at this stage in the game and needed to spend some of my attention on a variety of activities and priorities besides hockey and building my glove collection :) as much as I enjoyed it. So here is my point in this post. I wanted to say that The community that is MSH is like no other. I was welcomed despite my rookieness ( is that a word?). I was allowed to test products. I was invited to Winterfest ( coolest event ever ) and Summer Jam ( who gets the chance to have their foot broken by an Easton rep?) and met and chatted with people all over the continent and even the world. I also accumulated a lot of kick-ass gear which was fun, despite the drain on the bank account. I even got the chance to meet members in person who were super cool (Cole, Matt , JR, etc etc) and who I could consider friends ( many others too many to mention). I have been on other forums that fit my newer interests and the nastiness and lack of support astounded me. I no longer spend much time on these sites. I was expecting the tone that I had grown accustomed to on MSH. It became apparent that the community at MSH is made up of a special bunch who don't throw stones but, rather, support and encourage each other because of their shared interest. You guys are fortunate. I miss my daily log in to the site. I miss the community. My post count may be close to zero but I still feel lucky to have been part of this really cool community and still wear my MSH t- shirt and hat with pride- though I am not quite as stoked about those pro-stock Sharks gloves-I mean, teal? Seriously? Congratulations on a great community and a great bunch of folks. Maybe I'll see you at an open shinny some time.


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