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JR Boucicaut

Warrior QRL - iammerson

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First off I would like to thank JR and Warrior Hockey for the awesome opportunity to review  the new Warrior QRL.


So a little background I am 6'0, 195lbs, and I currently play about twice a week in A and B adult ice leagues. Also I am pretty active on here so throughout my reviews if you have any questions for me that I did not address in my review don't hesitate to private message me or leave me something on this thread and I will get back to you asap.


Time frame of use: One game and a quick stick time.


Sticks that I have been using: I have been raiding the bargain bins scooping up a lot of the Bauer APX 2 and Bauer X90 sticks lately.


General Intro: Full disclosure I have never used a Warrior stick before this. Most of my playing career I have used some version of Easton sticks up until recently when I switched over to the Bauer Vapor line.


Weight/Balance/Feel: The stick did feel very light compared to what I am currently using (APX 2). I cannot say after my limited time with the stick if I would consider it to light but I am still adjusting to it. Rite off the back the thing I enjoyed most about the QRL was the balance which blows my APX 2 out of the water. I am usually very particular with the balance and Warrior has definitely done a great job. Again have only had a limited amount of time with the stick so the feel is something that I am still getting use to but I am enjoying the feel of the puck so far.


Shooting/Passing/Feel: I am predominantly a snap shot wrist shot kind of player and so far the QRL has a very nice response, comes off the stick very well. Took a couple slap shots in warm ups and I am kind of mixed on how I feel about it so far. Usually takes me a few games to get used to it. Overall stick has been very responsive so far from my limited sample time that I have used it.


Durability: Again only been a game and change but the stick held up very well.


Looking forward to what else this stick can do. Will be back soon once I have a couple more games under my belt with it.





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Time Frame of use: Almost two weeks


General Notes: I can definitely say that since my last post I am even more excited about the new Warrior QRL then I was before. First things first the balance is just perfect, I really have not experienced anything like it. However the most impressive feature that I have noticed with this stick is the release. As silly as it sounds the Lightning Quick release slogan is dead on accurate. My snap shot has shown some significant improvements once I finally adjusted to the stick after a long tour with multiple Bauer APX2 and Bauer X90. The stick is so responsive it really has been a great treat to use so far. Enough rambling though here is a breakdown for all the features of the stick so far.


Weight/Balance/Feel: Again the balance of this stick is perfect. It almost seems unreal every time I hit the ice with it. The puck feel has been a little bit of adjustment like with all new sticks but over the last 3 or 4 game I have really grown fond of it. The blade is very responsive while still not being so hard that the puck pops off your stick every time its time to accept a hard pass. Like I said earlier this is definitely the lightest stick I have ever played with. To be completely honest that aspect of the stick has been the most difficult to get use to for me personally. It is so light that I am sure if you were tired enough on the ice you might actually forget you were holding it lol.


Shooting/Passing/Feel: The release on this stick is unreal and I don't say that lightly. I have been lucky enough over the years to experience a lot of the top brands top end sticks and I have to say the Warrior QRL release blows the other sticks out of the water. I have seen some significant improvement in my snap shot and wrist shot. I have never been much for taking slap shots but with the handful that I have with this stick I have to say the pop is fantastic. Sending and receiving passes with this stick is awesome. The stick is so responsive, I find myself delivering much stronger passes with less effort. Again the construction of the blade is a very underrated aspect of this stick. Warrior has really found that perfect balance all companies (I hope) strive for.


Durability: So to this point I have played about 5 games and two stick times. The stick still feels brand new, obviously there are some cosmetic scuffs but other than that the stick is holding up great.


Again I check back here more then I check my work email so if there is anything particular anyone wants to know that I have not addressed in the reviews please don't hesitate to private message me or hit me up on twitter (same username).


Thank you again to JR and Warrior for this experience, I am really enjoying the new Warrior QRL

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Update #3


Time Frame of use: Just under one month.


So I have just about 20 or so games using the Warrior Covert QRL and I know at this point I am a broken record but I am still really enjoying this stick. The aspect of the stick that I like the most is definitely the release. I have really felt the difference in my passing as well as my shooting. The response I get with this stick is just top of the line and really sets itself apart from past high end sticks that I have owned.


At this point the only real thing to analyze is the durability. As far as that goes the stick still feels brand new outside of a couple of cosmetic scuffs and scratches. The pop is still like new, the release keeps getting better with every shift and the blade is holding up really well. The flex feels the exact same as the day I took it out of the box.


As always if there is a specific question you have about the stick that I have not addressed feel free to hit me up and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


As always thank you to JR and Warrior for the awesome opportunity.

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Time Frame of Use: Just under two months and around 35-40 games/stick times


I can honestly say after almost two months with the Covert QRL I have really adjusted fully from my previous stick the Bauer APX2. The response of the stick is still the same as the day I took it out of the box. The main feature of the stick "Lightning Quick Release" definitely lives up to its name. The response I get while using this stick is just awesome. The flex is still just where I like it not showing any breakdown what so ever.  The blade durability has held up very well. No major chips or cracks in the blade at all. All and all I am really enjoying this stick so far.


As always thank you to JR and the guys at Warrior for the opportunity and again if there is a specific question you have about the please do not hesitate to private message me and I will get back to you A.S.A.P

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Update #5

Time Frame of use: A little over three months

Stick has really impressed me. The durability is really impressive. Stick has held up very well after a lot of abuse. The release is still just as great as the day I got it. Outside of a few cosmetic scuffs the stick is in really great shape. 

I guess I will report back when it breaks or does something that makes me sad.

JR, Warrior thank you both for the gift. This stick has been great and I am enjoying every trip on the ice with it.

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