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11' - jpeaslee

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Steel - CCM SB +2mm SB Runners

Hollow - 7/8"

Profile - 11' 

About Me -   Played inline in South Georgia a little bit growing up and club inline in college.  Took about a 10 year break and started playing Ice a year and a half ago after turning 30 and moving to a place that has legit hockey (yes it's "Alabama", but it's different than you'd think).  I play 3 nights a week.  Low D2 player, but skating is probably my biggest strength.  I messed around with profiles a bit when I first started ice and wound up skating on 8'/13' and that completely changed the way I was able to skate.  FWIW, I'm a big guy, 6'2" 265, usually a bit of a 2 way forward.

Review - While I normally skate on Step black, when I got new skates I had them profile the factory runners to 11'.  This won't be completely an apples to apples comparison as they're not quite as tall as my step black.  The 11' profile is definitely a bit different than what I'm used to and I immediately knew it wasn't going to work (not that I really had planned on it).  I felt completely on my heels and way less agility without really being more stable in the straights.  Trying to do a strong crossover, pushing and building speed they were a little bit more stable, but in a straight line, not as much. I definitely don't see myself going back to a single radius anytime soon.  I definitely don't like these and it's crazy to me that so many people don't even know they can change their ROH, and even fewer know anything about all the profile options out there.

In this batch I also got some 9'/10' which was a big improvement over these.  You can see that review below.  As I get further into these tests, I may change things up a little bit on some of the older reviews if I feel things aren't staying to scale. 

Acceleration: 2.5
Mobility: 1.5
Stability: 2.5
Speed: 2.5

Other Profiles Tested:  9'/10'
8'/13' (not prosharp)

Next Profile: Zuperior M and Quad I (I think)

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