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Quad 1

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Recently replaced some old holders that had been well loved. I figure I went from about a 9 or 10 ft radius (just from sharpening and not paying attention) to fresh steel that was 11ft stock and really enjoyed the difference. I've played hockey my whole life but never tried different profiles so I figured id get a couple of extra set of steel and try it out. I tried the Quad 1 and Zuperior M

Acceleration - 4.5 - Definitely felt like I got a better kick in a straight line and crossing over than my standard skates. My skating is louder for sure. I'd be curious to time myself to see if I was actually faster or if it just felt better on my foot/was in my head but I can say I felt a little faster.

Mobility - 4 - The quad 1 definitely made me more mobile than my current 11ft radius but I would say this category addresses the only potentially negative difference. It's hard to describe but I would say it was a little harder to pivot with your skate still in contact with the ice so as your ankle and foot turn you can feel the edge catch a little extra ice than I'm used to. I'm assuming id get used to it over time with no problem but it was the one thing that was a potential drawback/wasn't a super obvious improvement.

Speed - 4.5 - I wouldn't say this radius helps my steel glide better than the other profiles I've tried but the increased stability gave me a lot of confidence to keep my speed a little faster in tighter spots because I felt like the control I had (stopping and changing direction) was that much better.

Stability - 5 - By far the best part of this profile. It felt like there was more/better support on the heel of my foot, but I could still lean back and get to the back of my skate so that my balance and confidence shifting my weight around was a really nice feeling and a definite improvement on my current set up. 

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