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Steel - mission pitch
Hollow - 7/16"
About Me - I played pond hockey growing up in Canada and then played in a men's league for the past 10 years.   My straight line speed is pretty good.  I feel my edge work / hockey IQ / hands are holding me back.  Hopefully, with these profiles, I can gain some speed which in turn will give me more time and space to make better decisions on the ice.  I've been skating on stock mission pitch steel at 263mm which I believe has a 9' radius.  I would rate this control set as follows:
  • Acceleration: 3
  • Mobility: 3
  • Stability: 3
  • Speed: 3  
I had high hopes for this profile since the Zuperior S triple is my favorite so far.  However, this turned out to be my least favorite.  It felt like I was using skis, so turning and forward crossovers took me on long loops. 
When reviewing other profiles, I thought there's no way I could tell a difference in acceleration since I won't be able to detect a tenth of a second of difference, but with this, I could tell.  It probably took me a second slower to get started in my stride.  Again it's like wearing skis or shoes that are too big.
Stability was not good.  The long flat section at times felt like it wasn't making full contact with the ice and so there's some loss in traction.  Small adjustments in direction felt unresponsive.  These two thing combined makes stability feel low.
  • Acceleration: 1
  • Mobility: 1
  • Stability: 1
  • Speed: 2    

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