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Superior M jpeaslee

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Steel - Step Blacksteel 288 SB4.0

Hollow - 7/8"

Profile - Zuperior M

About Me -   Played inline in South Georgia a little bit growing up and club inline in college.  Took about a 10 year break and started playing Ice a year and a half ago after turning 30 and moving to a place that has legit hockey (yes it's "Alabama", but it's different than you'd think).  I play 3 nights a week.  Low D2 player, but skating is probably my biggest strength.  I messed around with profiles a bit when I first started ice and wound up skating on 8'/13' w/ a minor forward pitch and that completely changed the way I was able to skate.  FWIW, I'm a big guy, 6'2" 265, usually play forward.

Review -  I got these installed about 2 games before taking a spill head first into the boards resulting in a moderate AC Sprain and 2 broken ribs.  Got to take a nice 6 weeks off before getting back to skating.  Subsequently, I’ve spent about 3 months on this profile skating about 3 hours a week.  I immediately felt more comfortable on these than I did on the 9/10’.  Got some of the agility back and they had a little more forward pitch (which i definitely like).  They do feel a little more stable in a straight line, but lean forward a little bit and you get some maneuverability back.  Backwards crossovers were a little easier, might be slightly less stable, but cutting was a little tighter and smoother.  If I was stuck with these, I could definitely make them work, but a little more agility would still be nice.  

As I get further into these tests, I may change things up a little bit on some of the older reviews if I feel things aren't staying to scale. 

Acceleration: 2.5
Mobility: 3
Stability: 3
Speed: 3

Other Profiles Tested: 11', 9/10’

8'/13' (not prosharp)
Next Profile: Quad I 

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