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True A6.0 SBP (Pro Stock)

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Player Background:  Beer leaguer.  I play on two teams.  One is C division as a forward and the other is in E division where I get to play defense.  As a forward I look to move the puck to the more skilled players as quickly as I can.  Puck feel and being able to shoot and load the puck quickly are critically important to me.  

I have been playing with the CCM Tacks line since it debuted.  I fell in love with the P46 curve as it had enough curve for me to cradle and handle the puck but the lie was flatter than the P92 I had been using for years.  The last few Tack’s variants however have changed a lot and I was less and less happy with them.  I had always loved True sticks back when I was using a P92 and then I saw this stick on Sideline Swap…. A True A6.0 P46 pro stock (Cody Glass).  I hemmed and hawed not being sure it was exact and then took the plunge and bought it.  It is an exact clone!  I am now using this as my go to stick and have sold off part of my stock of CCMs!

75 Flex

Blade/Feel: For me being able to feel the piuck on my stick and pick head up with confidence is critically important.  This stick does the job as good or better as anything I have tried before.  Puck feel on the blade is quickly transmitted up to your hands and you really know where on the blade the puck is.  This provides me with more confidence than ever.  The blade is also really stiff and the puck flys off and arrives on target.  Receiving passes is also great.  The foam core in the blade softens impact nicely.  I have read some reviews that were concerned about blade durability, but I have a lot of play on this stick and the blade has neither chipped, split or deadened.  The only caveat here is that because this is pro-stock I am not sure I have the standard blade.  Comparing it to retail sticks I have seen and played with it appears to be, but I cannot be 100% sure.

Score: 10/10

Shaft/Flex: We all know that this is True’s bread and butter and this is no different.  The design aesthetics are pleasing.  Subtle blues, greys and black on blacks.  Really nice.  This is a grip stick as all seem to be these days but it is not very grippy.  Feels nice.  The shaft loads up quickly and easily and fires pucks cleanly at the net.  Its not the very best shaft I have ever used – that’s reserved for my dear, departed Miken.  That said, energy transfer is superb and I really love the way this shoots.  Wrist shots and slappers are all on par with some of the best I have shot.  Release is just as quick as many low kicks too.  A lot of my shots are off balance (because I am often off balance!!) and this stick allows me to shoot well from every situations.

Score: 9/10

Weight:  This stick weighs in at 415g and that’s fairly light to begin with.  But when you compare it side by side to other sticks in the same weight class it feels MUCH lighter.  The answer, of course, is balance and True has totally nailed it!

Score: 10/10

Shooting: Shots fly off the stick.  Accurate and hard is something I would struggle with and this stick really provides me with improvements in bit categories.  The stiff blade and responsive and the mid kick shaft flexes where your lower hand is. I find the release quick and the loaded shaft transferring power well leading to accurate, hard shots.  

Score:  9/10


Durability: Again, I read some reviews with complaints but my blade has held up really well.  I have some white scrape lines on the lower shaft near the blade but that’s it.  The shaft is beast mode strong and while the weight of the stick and blade make me feel that it might snap it never has.  I’ve got lots of play on this stick and it’s still going real strong.  

Score: 10/10

Verdict: This stick is up there with one of my favorite sticks of all time.  I am so happy with the A6.0 SBP that I am selling off my CCM stock.  Never thought that would happen.  


Final Score: 9.5/10


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