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  2. Probably not? I'm pretty new to the game so any stickhandling practice is good for me.
  3. I assumed you were skipping 3 to enhance forward flex/movement in your boot. I think skipping 1 is the better way to do that in today's boots. Lots of NHL skaters do this, including McDavid. It might feel a little strange the first time but keep it for several sessions and you'll quickly adapt and have more mobility on your edges. Make sure you have thick/wide laces, not skinny ones that will cut in. Howies or Elite Pro X7 are usually my go-to. Extenders are great - but they're a work-around - don't keep masking the issue and skating with that injury... which is what it is. Heal it up - try these exercises a few times a day, it'll help a lot. Not my video but my son has used this and it worked: @Vet88 Posted one of my pics early from some single lace extenders I made, and here's the more beefy double extenders I did up from an old leather belt. These were being used on eyelets 3/4 but you'd want to go higher and use yours on 2/3 I'd imagine. The Greatskates ones have 3 holes so you could attach them to 2/3 and use them for 2/3/4. I switched to using old wax laces (all they are good for IMHO) to attach these, I wasn't comfortable having the screws/nuts around the ankles, figured the lace was less bulky and less chance of something going wrong. I tied them really tight, snipped off the ends and burnt them slightly with a lighter:
  4. who knows I was a kid lol. I never even heard of lace bite until I got it as an adult but I’d kill for that tongue now
  5. Care to explain this for those of us who don't keep up with all the news/rumors/etc.? I really want a 4500 with better padding. Love the look. Love the fit. Don't believe that it provides the best protection in todays day and age.
  6. Right on the pencil test - I just figured since my area of issue was higher it made sense to see if that area also stayed within the boot? Yes heel locked back in both. lacing-wise I just always skipped that growing up and never changed, but now thinking about it actually I just put new laces in my supremes a few weeks ago and hadn’t been skipping any at all - just traditional all the way up So you’re saying skip the top lace? That wouldn’t put more strain on number 2 where my problem is? What do you think about the extenders, I have a set on the way already?
  7. Way back in the day I had a pair of skates, I think racks but maybe Bauer supremes, and they had a real thick felt tongue with exactly what You’re describing - long channel down the center
  8. For some reason I seem to always have a bad time with the P92. I don’t know why. Maybe the rocker?
  9. The CHS website states no warranty at all on their sticks.
  10. The pencil test is usually done right in the pocket of the 'L' shape of the facing (eyelet 4 or 5) where it transitions from instep to shin. Not way up where you are placing it. Is your heel lock OK? Your heel sitting back in the pocket? I think your problem isn't depth at all it's that you are tying your skates too tight at the top 1 or 2 eyelet and your tongue is probably breaking down and the laces are cutting in. Why do you skip eyelet 3? That puts extra strain on 2. I would fully heal your bump/lacebite (there are exercises with a resistance band on youtube that will greatly help accelerate that) and switch to lacing without skipping eyelet 3. Instead skip eyelet 1. And get some new wide skate laces (howies or Elite Hockey) non-wax. But don't do anything until you heal that bump up.
  11. The greatsave extenders should work well for that spot. You have a lot of localised inflammation around the tendon, lace bite affects everyone in different ways. For example I had no swelling and very little redness on the skin but all I had to do was look at a pair of skates and the pain started.
  12. You’re totally right it’s closer to the 2nd! I checked the two boots and you can see below. Bottom pair with the gel stickies are my old ones, pen completely crushing the bite spot. The red pair are the the larger vapor 1X - a small gap between pen and lump. And this is as big as the lump gets, so I assume if the swelling goes down I get even a little more room. I’ll try the vapors twice next week with the extenders and report back
  13. Judging from my experience, the numbness/tingling/cold/weirdness in the ring & pinky can be associated with c5/c6. I had exactly what you described, started with the shoulder pain, radiated down the arm & into the fingers. I know insurance sucks and wants you to go through their ‘process’ before you get an MRI but the only way you & your docs are going to know what’s really going on is an MRI. I’d go back to your doc or even on day 1 of PT and ask them to push for the MRI. The docs can get it pushed through, it’s a hassle & and extra steps for them but it can be done. As someone who went through this I can attest to insurance sucking balls. All my primary care doc wanted to do is give me opioids and push me out the door saying it’s a muscle spasm. I got my surgery request rejected when I had a calcified disc putting so much pressure on my spinal cord my surgeon couldn’t understand how I was walking. After Surgery my PT had to have multiple ‘consultations’ w/ the insurance doctor to extend the number of sessions that were covered. The process sucks but so does living in pain and not being able to do shit. I’d push and push and push some more on anyone & everyone you can to get you an MRI. Just my $.02 as someone who went through this nightmare. P.S. I’m fine now after surgery, ha P.S. Part Duex - hit me up if you need to talk, need advice or anything
  14. Yesterday
  15. I’d say eyelet 3. I’ll paste a pic in a boot later when I got these I had brand new skates. Bought another brand new pair of supremes as the guy told me it would alleviate my problem and it didn’t really help at all. Even the skates I’m in now are only like 3 years old I think. Even the guy at the shop said they weren’t that bad but it might help replacing them I lace them all the way up but skip 3rd eyelet
  16. I'm trying to work on things like backhand toe drags. Balls won't accurately capture that feel, will they?
  17. That's pretty high for lacebite! I'm thinking that's coming from eyelet 1 or 2 on your skates? Do you skip the top eyelet? How bad of a condition were your tongues in when you got that?
  18. Just to compare - like I said I haven’t played in a week as I’m getting over the flu - hard to tell I guess but the size has definitely decreased in a week. Sometimes it nearly goes completely away and then it comes back eventually
  19. Thanks for the help @Vet88 Here's a pic of the lacebite on my left ankle, its worse on that side for whatever reason. Please forgive the mess as I just finished eating - oh and the sleeping dog! and here's my left ankle (again the worse of the two) passing the pencil test on the 7.5 Vapor's even with a reall inflamed lacebite bump. Pressure is right around 3rd and maybe 4th eyelet
  20. you mean these? They don't seem to push the laces too far forward?
  21. use imgur, post the pic there then copy the link and paste it here. The 3 / 4 / 5 eyelet is where the curve is in the boot, I don't know how well a greatsaves extender will work in that area, it should be ok. I prefer singles or flexible doubles when fitting extenders in the curve so they will flex to the shape of the boot and foot. Here is an example of singles fitted that another member made: Another option is Reebok lacelocks, you can still find them in some shops.
  22. If you bounce between the P88 and P28, have you considered the P92?
  23. Any word on the price points of the top two models that offer the 3 fits?
  24. At this point you have basically 6 options, 3 in Vapors and 3 in Supreme. A Fit 1 in a Supreme is going to be a little different than a Fit 1 in a Vapor. I gotta think between those and 3 lines of CCM most people can find something that works. Used to be Bauer made a skate, and CCM made a skate, you chose one or the other unless you went with Graf and later Mission or something. If people can skate with laces undone or none at all, I think volume (vertical) is a little overemphasized. So that means find a skate that fits length and width and go.
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