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    ive used avision ahead: full face shield, cheap visor, and their more expensive visor. all fogged. i also use shampoo, and lemon pledge (separately), and i also wear an underarmour thin skull hat too keep excess heat on visor. Guess what?? they all still fog. so since i stress about it when im on the bench while it fogs and i wipe, should i just wipe it right before i hop the boards? it doesnt seem to fog once im skating. we can put a monkey in space and land on the moon, but will we make visors that dont fog?!?!?!!?!?!
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    Here you go, use this....
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    My beer league team for the last couple years has been the Black Knights (really hoping Las Vegas doesn't use it for an expansion name) Used the '94 Dallas Stars kit with a custom logo of course
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    I pre-ordered mine.....So Mine is from the initial run of X02's. So somewhere around page 10 of this thread! or December 2008 No real mechanical problems, but you do have to dress the wheel to insure it is fully dressed and round. Once i had the upgraded holder all my problems went away. December 2008! my kids were mites, now in High school. I have saved enough on sharpenings to have paid for 2 of these things. Moreover, My kids have fewer hockey trinkets, shirts and all the other stuff you get roped into buying for them when you walk in a pro shop....Sorry Pro shops but Ice time is expensive enough and you get my Dough for sticks and gear.....2 broken APX2's in one weekend 2 weeks ago. You ask me, a sharpener is one of the first things any hockey dad should buy. Great invest meant and I can probably sell this for almost what I have into it.

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