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    It's been awhile, missing my helmets and 9K Girdles:
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    That's great. We are going for that to an extent, but it is also a performance enhancing/custom option presence we are trying to have with the replaceable palms. Great to hear you are loving the XCore 9, trust me you're not the only one. Thanks, It's great to be back. Hoping I can make an appearance at SJ this year, but may not be able to pull off another sample thing like in the past. With the testing we have done, we believe its something that works very well. Also the response we have gotten from consumers is even better than we anticipated from the start. It's amazing how much call we have been getting for the shaft and blades. It nice being in the position we are in that we can provide a product like the shaft and blades that other brands have totally given up on. Obviously there is still call for them.
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    You may have a problem my man.
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    Best part about that, it kept the registration fee down to $100. :) That included: 3 games plus the potential for 2 playoff games, we got 1 playoff game. Gatorades/Beers/TigerMilk bars/Tape in the lockers before/after each game 1 Flex Fit tournament hat 1 Tournament hoodie (from Violent Gentlemen) 1 Ticket to a Ducks game (I'm a Kings fan, but who cares, it is free and I chose the game against Washington, so I will see J. Williams and Mike Richards play) 1 admission to the Tournament Kickoff Party at Honda Center with an open bar. So, not too shabby in my opinion.
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    Had a little play about with mounting a gopro on my stick, just a screenshot from that at training.
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    Had a feeling JDK was back in the game with some of the previous comments in the True thread. Welcome back, still blown away by the SJ "samples" from the other gig.
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    Picked up a pair of pro stock Quinten Howden skates (pair on the left). They are wider than my customs, but I swapped out the thin tongues for the thicker VH ones and put in some CCM insoles and they feel pretty good. The new style tendon guard and toe box feel very solid. Put new CCM tongues in my customs as well.
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    Highlight to my fitting career......... Ok I can sit back and enjoy just helping people now after watching PB score this goal in the skates I was lucky enough to be able to fit him in.

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