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    Swapped in Blackedge coated LS3 Edge steel:
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    Anyone knows what special inserts uses Shea Weber under his laces? Looks like a special thing that enlarges height of the boot and allows to tight laces harder. Anybody know where this "thing" is available to buy? Thanks in advance.
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    Good question, I'm happy to explain. We spent a lot of time analyzing the ice skating stride with our research partners at the University of Calgary (Biomechanigg Sport & Health Research) as well as consulting prior research on the matter. The tendon guard on the Super Tacks skate is optimally placed to provide a maximum power stride. It has been straightened out compared to the previous version of Tacks to assure full clearance of the stride. See this video from Hockey Tutorial on Youtube that illustrates this difference. As for the tendon stiffness, it helps with its durability, as this is an area of any skate which is more susceptible to breaking down than almost any other part, due to how players put on and take off their skates. It's a spec that is often requested for our pro custom skates.
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    I believe those are Shotblocker XT Shortys. They're to help protect the front of the foot from pucks.
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    Eagle offers "extended pads" like that Tackla one: http://eaglehockey.com/accessories/extended-pads/ I was planning on cannibalizing some padding from my old Easton UltraLite shoulders when I got new Warrior HD1's this year, but the Warriors were already 5-6" longer so I didn't need to add anything at all actually. They also have extended bicep pads that could potentially work for the top of the shin-thigh area pad: http://eaglehockey.com/accessories/extended-bicep-pads/ My shins have extended hd-foam that covers the bottom 1/4 of my thighs. It's long enough that it never gets hung up under the bottom of my pants like shorter thigh protection seems to do on a lot of people. The longer length seems to help them sit perfectly under my socks actually. For both of those Eagle pieces, I can't find any online retailers that offer them. Maybe an LHS could order it for you if they have an account with Eagle?
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    We did an Advocare 24-day Challenge. The program is good because it gives you structure to kick start your weight loss. It's not cheap, but I think it's worth it for the month or so it lasts. We have pretty much stopped with the products from them, but maintain the eating habits that we adopted. They make shakes that we keep on hand just in case we need a quick meal. And unlike many other companies, their shakes are damn delicious. I'm not a crazy Atkins or no-carb freak. But we have attained a lot of success but cutting out most white carbs. No regular flour, no sugar, no white rice, limited white potatoes. Instead we eat whole wheat bread, use honey or agave for sweetener, eat brown rice, and eat sweet potatoes more. It's a pretty easy change to make that doesn't require a tremendous amount of planning. Saturday is cheat day where we eat whatever we want. The problem with natural fruit or veggie smoothies is that they are loaded with sugar and calories from the fruit/veg, even without adding any sweetener. You'll be better off going with a product like Advocare or another premium nutritional shake (maybe Herbalife?) that uses protein and fiber to make you full, but doesn't have much sugar or carbs. Plus they are easier to make and clean up after, and can be made away from home in a shaker bottle.
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    Goodluck to you and your wife! Also, think of it like an opportunity to see how mentally tough you are which will of course help you with goaltending! Eating right and exercising can make all the difference on one's health.
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    Thanks for the advice. It is advice that needs re-iterating for any of us trying to shed a few pounds. I have done this before, as after I quit hockey and was married very young, we could only afford crap food and I ballooned to 15 stone in a year's time. I was 9 stone. Okay- 215# from 127-ish. It took me two years of diet and exercise to get back down, then I became a competitive cyclist and duathlete. I learnt after a few fails in diet that it is a marathon, not a race as far as weight loss goes. I also now have to learn that I can't creep back into bad eating habits and recover like I used to, as I am pretty ancient. This is as close as I have ever been to being as heavy as I was in my late teens/early twenties. We're also trying smoothies and stuff because of my wife's ongoing medical problems. We have come to the conclusion that food you eat has a direct correlation to health, and some deficiencies can be relieved by food rather than supplements. She definitely has been making a slow, steady turn, as she FINALLY(!) quit smoking.I definitely know about the cheat days, as if you deprive yourself for too long, you end up with a cheat YEAR!!!! I will try the Herbalife shakes. Thanks for the suggestion.
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    Would be awesome to have them in the UK, from there everyone within the EU can get them (at least until Brexit or something....) :)
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    yes... be sure to keep your pecker up Opti! i know its a dialectal thing, but this sure does makes me chuckle!
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    I've heard good things about Herbalife shakes and they do taste awesome. After watching my mom and brother go through a couple of different tries at losing weight my biggest piece of advice would be that even though you are trying to lose weight don't forget that a cheat day every now and then could be the difference of continuing the weight loss program for a longer period of time. Too much change all at once normally leads to an abrupt halt of the program. Slow and steady wins the race!
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    And THIS^ is what I love about Mod Squad and the hockey community!!
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