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    A sad point that is also being lost is the amount of money owed to smaller vendors. Companies that are really going to hurt by the loss of business/payments still owed.
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    Any progress is good though. Keep trucking through. I ended up playing a terrible game last night and since it was so bad I had a lot to critique myself on. So perhaps it'll be helpful. This was by far one of my worst of the year and easily the worst game of the summer. Since it was so bad I'll go through the breakdown below. https://gfycat.com/HandyBlandLacewing Decent blocker save while deflecting it to the corner out of danger, looks like my rebound control is good this game. https://gfycat.com/SpanishBackAplomadofalcon I REALLY have to start working on my hands after I badly whiff on this shot and have been struggling lately. I find when one part of my game becomes good and I get confident in it (right now that is positioning) I really start to fail and lose confidence in another (glove saves). I never track the puck into my glove and my positioning for it was far too close to my body instead of out front. https://gfycat.com/DarkWellwornIrishwolfhound Coming off that horrible goal I wanted to be aggressive and ensure I didn't let anything squeak by me. With no real threat coming in front of the net and a decent shooter coming down I decided to just shut off the entire short side with a post over-lapping butterfly and the shooter put it right into my pants. The only real play here was to try a wrap around, but from that close it does look like the 5-hole is open but I manage to get down in time and I had defense covering the other post. https://gfycat.com/AthleticOrderlyCockatiel I do a pretty good job here coming from the RVH to push out more to the middle to challenge to stop a pretty good save right in my chest. This shooter has given me difficulties in my normal league so I did a decent job not getting locked to the post. He might have had some room blocker side but I thought I played it pretty well. https://gfycat.com/FluidSlowCranefly The team I am playing for has a tendency to block shots or try to get in the way, and it usually ends up with me losing sight of the puck and that is exactly what happened here. I saw the shot when released and then lost it in #17, it gets deflected by his arm and I don't pick it up until far too late but luckily my post bails me out. https://gfycat.com/IllinformedGrouchyEyra I will say right away I should've gotten out of the RVH here and been on my feet. But like I said earlier this team tends to screen me a bit and with all the traffic and puck play being down low I figured it'd be better to just cut off the angle. I completely lose the puck through the sliding player and find it again just before it hits my glove. So it was a bad play but it worked out to be exactly how I figured it would. https://gfycat.com/RipeGeneralBabirusa Inactive hands again mean I fight this one off with my elbow/upper arm. Really should've been a pretty easy catch. https://gfycat.com/WholePinkIcelandicsheepdog Bad rebound control again. I should've slid into the shot to take it in my chest but I was nervous with the fairly open lane and opposition forward in front of the net. I make a pretty ugly blocker save and luckily the rebound bounces past any opponents as I put it right in front of the net. https://gfycat.com/DefiantGlisteningInvisiblerail Player coming in alone again, no real threat to the middle and he is so high and away even if I go down I feel I can recover to be set and square to a shot from the middle. I cover the angle fairly aggressively and drop into the butterfly to take away holes. This team seemed to shoot for the inside of my blocker a lot, so perhaps I was giving them some space blocker side, but it explains for the poor rebound control again here. https://gfycat.com/GregariousAdeptKodiakbear Right before this play one of their better players had a pretty open shot right between the hash marks, but he shot wide and the puck ended on the boards. On the shot I tried to direct it into the corner but it wasn't hard enough for me to do so and I believe I didn't get all of it and the puck got the top of my stick as well thus making the puck flutter to the glove side... and some good hand eye coordination bats it home. https://gfycat.com/DeliriousOpenIndianhare Another relative free lane to the net, but the defense does a good job removing any possibility of the shooter cutting back towards the middle. The shooter was also on the backhand so doesn't have too many options. I simply get low and cover all holes and make a stick save when the shooter tried to put it 5-hole. https://gfycat.com/DigitalBraveEasternnewt A deflection of the defense's stick leads to an awkward floating shot I try to bat away with my blocker. My recovery is really lazy and too slow here leading to an ugly VH save with my stick putting the puck behind the net. I should've been in the RVH here and made a much cleaner save. https://gfycat.com/YellowDecimalAntlion Relatively weak shot on net but with a player in front left alone in a dangerous position. I manage to get my glove on the initial shot but bobble it due to my poor hands, luckily I grab it out of the air before another goal from a flying rebound. https://gfycat.com/TautAdmiredCockerspaniel Right off the opening face off for the 3rd period and this happens. Again bad rebound control off the inside of my blocker, I would've been fine with the straight on rebound shot but defense slid to block it and I completely lost the puck and the shot. I think it deflected off of him and then my blocker and in. I over slid the rebound and wasn't perfectly square to the shot and left the blocker side open a bit. https://gfycat.com/ViciousWastefulGreatdane I dropped too early here but with how the game was going so far I didn't want another garbage goal. I actually got lucky with the pass that went out front, it hit a player skate and ended up hitting my knee block and staying between my pads. https://gfycat.com/LoneAthleticKangaroo Another flubbed shot to the blocker I fail to control, the rebound goes right to an opposing player and I screw up big time. I felt the puck was sliding 5-hole under my pad so I attempted to lift my leg in hopes of stopping it with my skate and you see the end result. This was a terrible decision and if I just stayed put and didn't overreact I probably would've saved it and covered it. https://gfycat.com/CompleteFixedBat Another bad rebound... but also another straight on shot with no real challenge. https://gfycat.com/SpottedWarmheartedBird Broken record but bad rebound. I should've pushed right instead of lunging but I was still in the "save" motion and the lunge was out of desperation... this team clearly had my number tonight. So yes, 6-3 loss while up 3-1 after the 1st and 3-2 after the 2nd period.
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    I think past versions are floating around the net, but I hadn't seen one for 2015 - so I thought I'd post. Apologies if wrong spot! Surprised by the complete lack of FBV cuts.
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    So I did the Weekend Warriors camp in Vail a couple weeks ago. I'm a C league player who grew up playing in mostly rec level roller hockey leagues and then started playing ice 6 or 7 years ago. Overall I thought the camp was good, and I learned a lot. Most of the other attendees were a good bit older (I'm 29), and more beginner level players. A lot of the focus in the beginning was edge work and power skating type stuff which I found pretty easy and basic, though I have room to improve for sure and it's always nice to brush up on that stuff. We did split up by skill level for some of the drills which was helpful. The best part of it for me was learning to stop properly with both feet and using your outside edge to stop. That was definitely my biggest weakness coming into the camp, and I absolutely improved there. In fact, I could hardly stop at all turning to my right and had no confidence in it in a game, and now somehow I can stop better on that side than the other. They also taught us some good basic strategy points that are easy to remember and try and focus on during games. I really would have liked some more focus on shooting. We just did some drills where we did some wrist shots and slap shots against the boards for a few minutes. The second half of the sessions doing more advanced things were a lot more interesting and valuable for me than the first half. It was A LOT of ice time, almost bordering on too much for me. Not really physically as I was surprised at how I was able to keep going pretty good, but we were in such a nice location that it would have been nice to have a little more time to relax and enjoy it in between. I would recommend maybe staying a day or two extra after the camp is over to just hang out an relax. The coaches were all very good. I got some individual instruction here and there when they spotted that I wasn't doing something quite right, probably about as much as can be expected with a group that big. We got jerseys, some Tron socks, a water bottle, and some other swag which was nice. I didn't really need or want the socks or water bottle though as I liked the ones I have better. Overall I liked it, but I probably won't do it again. Many people there have been going every year for a long time. I guess as a social thing it could be a fun annual thing to do with your buddies, but I was just there to learn. For me, it was too expensive to do again just because (About $1200 for the camp and hotel). I got better at some stuff and have some good things to work on on my own now but I don't see the need to do it again. I would say if you're more of an intermediate player you might not get as much out of it as the lower level players do, but it can still be a good experience.
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    Hi, everybody. Things are great and I'm happy to be back on Modsquad. I have a new frame company called Fizix, and we have designed and engineered a completely new aluminum frame that will be Everything that Sprungs were plus Everything that was missing. Website coming soon. Pics as soon as I can get them up. WooHoo!
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    What is that saying? Owe the bank 1 million, the bank owns you... Owe the bank 100 million, you own the bank. Good luck to those of you in the industry.
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    Except my sticks break within a year while my drivers normally last for a decade.
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    Friday at work was so hectic and all I could think about was going home and mowing my lawn. It's therapeutic
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    I've seen that padding in heaps of NHL locker rooms. I'm keen to know what it is and where to get it!
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    I'd assume it is due to the delicate-ness of the FBV sharpening, and the resistance to change. If you fold an edge in a game with FBV, it is MUCH harder to recover than if you do the same thing with an traditional ROH (In my experience at least)
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    Bottom line: getting old sucks. A lot of my Friday Night Hockey guys are going to Santa Rosa, Ca for the Snoopy Tournament this week. They are in the 50 + division, with a lot of the guys closer to or older than 60.
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    Funny you mention Slapshot. We are getting old. I was working at a rink yesterday and one of the shop staff was around 20 something... Had no idea who Hanrahan was. A part of me died inside.
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    Would you like butter on that sir?
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    I saw this on the FB page - it looks like an Aluminum version of the Sprungs. The Sprungs are great, but over time the area that holds the front arms can get worn down by friction, plus there's an occasional broken knuckle on the arms. Hopefully this would address these two issues. Although Aluminum can bend, whereas plastic either holds or breaks. They do look light and streamlined, but hopefully they're robust enough to resist bending.
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    Thanks to those who called/emailed/texted me over the past couple of days. I had been in Columbus, OH for the past two weeks training our employees down there - even ran into a few MSHers while in the store - and so my time was pretty limited. Obviously, there is a human element to these cases, similar to what we've seen during manufacturer mergers and acquisitions. Rest assured, I'm in good spirits and very optimistic that there will be a favorable outcome to this.
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    I'm severely allergic to a lot of the grass used in Arizona, but money is money and I'm Mexican. I enjoy mowing the grass, just gotta wear a mask. But there is a calmness to it when you're riding on a mower, pushing one can be annoying, but a good workout
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    High Prices from TRUE set the table? There are a broad spectrum of prices from TRUE and they all offer a higher value than what the competition is kicking out at commensurate price points, but nowhere in their buying program do they stipulate growth to achieve a discount. They only owe TRUE approximately 300k, so before you start pointing the finger at me perhaps a little more insight or knowledge of what has been going on in this industry for the last 5 years would help you. The fact is that when a certain mfg's buying program sets the table with 20% growth tiers every year for 5 years to attain a respectable discount it sets the tone for dealers to over eat. This coupled with the fact that nobody in credit shut them off when they were past due 500k, then 1 million, then 2 million and on it goes until oh shit... they owe 20 million... How did that happen??? Was it really an accident? An oversight? Or reckless greed??? Sorry to disappoint you, but this failure does not fall at the feet of myself or anybody at TRUE really.
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    Those things were awful. Nothing like paying a premium price for junk, just because of the logo on it.

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