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    Flex ratings aren't measured from the tips. This has been discussed in other threads.
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    Interesting - I'll have to boot back over to OSX and give it a try (been running bootcamp for Windows 10 for work for...years). It's been broken for me since I finally got back into hockey over the summer in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and (cringe) IE.
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    This helps me to practice communication skills. As of now the skills have plenty room for improvement, but I dedicate myself to get better. Your criticism is very important to this process. Please, do tell how you feel about my posts.
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    Lots of snow coming tomorrow. No school. And new lax stuff should be coming in a few weeks (our team captains ordered custom gloves). Today's all good.
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    Julien is a victim of events for getting let go, but bostons playing has been absolutely atrocious for the better part of this season. If anything upstairs needs to give their head a shame because since the cup all the Bruins fans have witnessed is some atrocious contract signings, over paying for under skilled guys, not getting a return when it was time to trade guys or the offer was there, and an abysmal roster of draft picks safe for one or 2. Extremely frustrating seeing the Bruins looking more and more like the Bruins of the early 2000's.
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    I use a shelving system from Container Store called InterMetro: https://www.containerstore.com/s/shelving/intermetro/best-selling-intermetro-solutions/123 I have a shelf at the top where I keep helmets. originally the next shelf was about halfway down so that I could hang my pants (I had about 5 pair) but I've switched to girdle and shells so now it houses extra girdles and I stack the shells (I probably have about 40 shells at this point), under that is a basket shelf where I store some of my extra gloves. there is one more shelf at the bottom where I keep extra skates, skate dryers and extra elbow pads. I keep it inside a Stor-Pod cover: https://www.containerstore.com/s/shelving/intermetro/best-selling-intermetro-solutions/intermetro-special-offer-unit-with-stor-pod-enclosure/123d?productId=11003789 this was especially useful when we were having some work done in the basement. we were able to roll the entire unit into the laundry room and zip it up to keep out dust from the work that was going on. here's a pic from right after we finished the work on the basement. (this was when I still had pants) I forget how much the total unit was but it was worth every. single. penny.
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    I understand the price is a wash but from the link you posted, how does someone arrive at the conclusion the Blackstone is better? The page posted is very vague on information regarding how it's built, other than motor speed. Looking at the Wissotta site however, I see made in the USA, entirely including motors, information about the castings and its direct drive, no pulleys etc..Also , the site is deep with information regarding technique and other information. I'm not a rocket scientist but to me, the wissotta seems to be the better machine from the information provided. But... I figured I'd ask as someone may be able to enlighten me as to specifics. I admit, the machine looks nice but I don't come too the same slam dunk conclusion with the exception of the wheel dresser. That does look nice.
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    Looks great. If my 8 month old shows ANY interest in skating that will be all the justification I need to pick one up.

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