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    Some skates do have thermoformable shells, but the majority of the benefit from "baking" skates is in the foams used for ankle padding, tongues, etc.
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    I'm torn on this whole thing. On one hand, yes they deserve fair wages and all the other "support" provisions they are asking for. 100% on board with that. That being said, as soon as they start into the equality thing, they lose me. I'm very happy to see women's hockey doing much better especially with the NWHL doing pretty well. That said, it's just a simple fact that there isn't the interest or money in women's hockey (yet). So it's not really a fair comparison. There can't be equality when you're trying to equate apples to oranges. I'm in full support, until I see tweets like this: If that's the point they want to make, it's worth noting that there was a time in the history of men's hockey where pro players had to hold day jobs. As the popularity (and money) increased, so did their salaries. Look, I'm 100% all for fair pay. This is just a case where fair pay CAN'T be equal pay because the final products aren't equal. So I support these ladies... just leave equality out of it, please. (BTW - I hope this came out in text the way it did in my head, it's sometimes hard to make your point on a controversial topic without sounding like a dick... This entire topic is far from black and white in my opinion.)
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    Howdy, There must be something I'm missing. How come skate sharpeners are so expensive? I'm seeing between $700 to $2000 for single wheel machines that look to be setup for home / portable use. It seems like these machines should be fairly basic... A motor drives a horizontal grinding disc, with a flat reference plane underneath and a holder that clamps the blade of the skate in the appropriate position. Plus a diamond dressing tool with an adjustable radius. Is the cost just a factor of very limited demand? I'm used to stuff like mini-lathes / mini-mills in the $500 range and those look a LOT more complicated. Basic bench grinders are $50 or less. So... What am I missing? Mark
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    You should be able to replace tongues on any skates with use of a little bit of repositionable adhesive to positioned in properly first, then use stitching awl to stitch it in. This usually does not require great deal of skill, but you do need to be somewhat handy.
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    I should mention that it was in fact Severs. Went to the podiatrist yesterday. I've been wearing splints since 4 PM yesterday. Not good with hardwood floors. I didn't realize that.
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    The NTDP gets $3M yearly for the teams in Plymouth. USAH also purchased Compuware Arena and moved the team from Ann Arbor.
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    Thats not a concern for me. If I was scared of the shavings I would buy the better machine and wear a simple $0.90 dust mask. Getting close to buying the blackstone. I wouldnt mind sharpening my teamates skates so the machine could pay for itself and I dont want to buy 9 different rings.
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    Dished out some money today. Jetspeed 300s, QLT 290 pants and Ultra Tacks shoulders.
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    Bit the bullet and bought what I need to go from all inline to some ice. Jetspeed 300s, QLT 290 pants and ultra tacks shoulders. (Got a bad shoulder so good protection is imperative)
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    ^its 2017 how can you write such things?
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    Yes. I'm in Utica in a hotel with mine right now. Just c- clamp it to a desk and take care of business.
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    It's portable in the sense that you can move it around in a carrying case, but it's not a "grab and go" type of machine IMHO. For starters, you need to secure it so it doesn't move when you sharpen (the case helps), and the machine also "spits" out a dusting of grinding wheel material (when you dress it) and steel shavings (when you sharpen). It's also fairly noisy, so not sure your hotel neighbors would be too happy with you...heh. You don't necessarily need a ventilation/vac setup with the X01. I have it in my garage on a workbench, and I don't have any sort of collection system connected to it. I just brush away the debris left over from the machine each time I use it. If you're doing high volume (which then, you should be using the X02 at least), then it may be very beneficial to have a collection system attached.
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    In other news, water is wet and the sky is blue.
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    As much as I agree with it being an old boys club, and there could be some more support financially (I know that sport canada offers olympic athletes monthly ocmpensation for training, though not much either) The request to be basically put on salary in between olympics for the very little the women's team brings to USA Hockey from a business stand point is absolutely absurd.
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    You don't know what is causing it without getting checked out. You're not qualified. It could be something worse, it could be a lot simpler. Go see a doctor. No offense intended.
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    Looks like they're finally bringing the extended forearm to retail. Jofa DNA...
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    If there are Verbero Vortex skates left in your size they're a lot of skate for your money at $229. They're a full one piece boot, the stiffest boots I have ever felt (I don't own them, but I have felt a pair), addiction wheels and Bones Swiss bearings. If the complete skates are sold out you could by just the boots for $129 and then have the chassis of your choice mounted on them.
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    My bet is there are more woodworkers in North America than skate sharpeners. Bigger pool of end users to sell those mini lathes to than a skate sharpenening machine. Yup, simple economics I guess.
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    Howdy, The low volume makes sense. But I still run into stuff like this... Something like this costs around $500: "non-chinese / tuned up" versions are maybe double that? I'm just surprised there's not enough market for someone to make a basic single wheel sharpener & holder for $500 or so. The Sparx sharpener at $800 seems a little more in line, but it also seems a lot more complicated than it needs to be with a motorized carriage. It is what it is, it was just surprising to me. And, of course, I've also never actually sharpened a skate, so I expect I don't know what I don't know. :-) Mark
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    Also a Blademaster will last forever. Regular upkeep and it will outlive you.
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    Posting up my skates again since the last month of posts were lost. D. Sedin Pro Stock Total One Boot. Essentially the same as a retail boot except for the grip liner and non-factory drilled air holes on the outsole. I had my LHS take off the LS2 and mount on an aluminum Hi-Lo. I've played ice for years but I am a total newbie when it comes to roller. So far I've only got two games under my belt with these skates. The first game I played was in an older rink (smooth concrete) and I was slipping quite a bit. I thought about getting new wheels but after skating in a newer facility I found I had no issues with grip at all.
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    +1 for 6/32 t-nuts. First time mounting myself and wow is it rewarding. Also added washers to the screws.
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    Nothing special. Got a pair of Reebok White Ks last year and they fit well, but I just prefer a stiffer boot. I didn't have any luck selling them since their retail price has plummented to like $129. I didn't want to take a huge loss on a pair of skates that were worn less than 10 times and I didn't want them laying around, so I bought a $15 Koho chassis set on Ebay and did this: BEFORE: AFTER:
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    Just got these Bauer X100 LE Limited edition Ice skates for this years Inline conversion 2014. Using a Reebok green Chassis to keep the Green/Black theme. Enjoy. L.Taiapa#16 - New Zealand
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    i know this is a really old post, was researching if anyone else had built a sharpener, i built my own sharpener for less than £100 however i had acess to a fully equipped workshop with welding and machining equipment, a homemade effort would not be impossible with some skill, knowledge and basic fabrication tools, e.g my table was a granite chopping board (flat hardwearing and doesnt rust) frame was welded from heavy angle iron, grinder was a cheap £25 bench unit with one end chopped off, rest was made up from odds and ends of metal stock at work. have sharpened over 100 pairs of skates with no problems ,
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    A holder, a level horizontal wheel and a way to dress it. I'm sure it can be done. Positive. Probably cost a bunch and take a LONG time to get right. Best of luck.
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    Dremel tool and duct tape.

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