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    Can you elaborate a little more on what the tightness is like. Is it like a vice or is it mild discomfort or simply rubbing? I always have issues with the same area. I'm in Nexus Ds and I find Supreme EEs fit about the same in terms of width in that area. Sometimes all you have to do is wear thinner socks. Other times leave that bottom eyelet a little loose or try starting the laces from the second eyelet, leaving the bottom ones unused. Other times still putting a little padding on the pinky toe area can help. my 2 cents.
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    you can get a boot stretched - and even in a toe cap. Before everyone says it can't be done - I have done it.
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    Well, that a luxury that people in the Deep South don't have. We have literally two places in the entire state that sell hockey equipment and 90% of their inventory is either for kids/juniors or figure skaters so we can't just run down to the local Pure Hockey and try a bunch of skates on...
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    Based on what you have been in, let me put this as simply as I can: NO, Nexus will not be your answer. Why would you put a small heel in a wide skate??? Go to the shop, try everything on. Fit in this order 1: length (laces and tongue pulled out, foot in, toes brushing the toe cap, you shouldn't be able to fit a pencil down the back of your heel) 2: heel lock 3: volume (pencil test across the 3rd and 4th eyelets) 4: width. I say width last because if the other 3 are good then a tight width can be fixed with a stretch or punch. You can't fix any of the others without either major work or compromises.
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    IMO, they're either going to explode if they make a very noticeable difference in skating or die out just like other failed technological "revolutions" if the don't work or if any difference in only marginal. I was already out of the game before composite sticks completely (or nearly completely with the exception of some old-timers) replaced wood sticks, so I didn't witness how long that transition took to filter down and become universal; but that seems like a comparable example. If composite sticks only made a slight difference, there wouldn't have been much of a market for them beyond the most elite levels where players don't pay for anything and where even the slightest advantage is worth paying around 5x to 10x more for each stick. The last time I played before coming back 4 years ago, there were only a few guys on my team even using composite shafts and replaceable wooden blades. How many wooden sticks (or blades) do you see nowadays, even in recreational leagues and pickup? If these things work as advertised, they're a lot cheaper compared with what everybody's skating on now than composite sticks are vs. wood sticks. Of course, if they work but don't hold up under playing conditions, then, they'll probably be used primarily at the elite levels (assuming they're approved for use) where neither cost nor inconvenience is an issue, exactly as suggested by Santos and others.
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