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    I wanted them to use this kind of glove color setup:
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    Yes sir. I actually just did that. One step closer to getting back on the ice. Thanks a bunch!
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    He has scored 30 goals a season except for the last on an hilariously bad team in which he still had a 21 goal pace. He scored 35 the year before... one meh season is hardly proof of a decline. Not to mention they traded for him knowing they'd have an extension signed.
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    Pacioretty signs extension with VGK for four years @ $28 million That should help justify the trade somewhat more (from a VGK standpoint).
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    So I was sharing this situation with the guys in the shop and wondered what would happen if : the customer has a low end stick that broke under the 30 day warranty but he paid $300 for it ??!! Will Bauer replace with like $$ spent on that stick ??!!
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    For wheels as well Konixx Pure's and Labeda Addictions are what all the top players have been skating on out here. I've skated two seasons now on the Pures and love them. No chunking or cracks just normal wear. I love them. They have excellent grip on the sport court surface while also having enough density for speed. So you don't feel like you having to work hard in softer wheels.
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    Scott— I created this account to tell you how thankful I am that you took the time to share your knowledge. I don’t have it quite as bad as you do in trying to find equipment (I’m 6’2”, around 300), but it’s still difficult, and your guide has saved me hours of research in my efforts to pick up hockey again after a decade off. I’m actually about 40 pounds lighter now than I was then, but I could get Tackla pants in a 60 off the shelf back then. So, in order to pay it forward and help other big guys, my experience: I called Montreal Hockey about the Tackla pants. I have about a 46” waist, so I thought their size 58 is about my only hope, unless I order direct from Europe. Unfortunately, they’re sold out. However, he told me about the JAMM 5000/1 girdle, which is currently available on hockeydogs.com in 3XL, and it allegedly fits a 46” waist. It runs a shade over $100, and the various shells are around $40. I’m going to order one next paycheck, and I’ll let you know how the fit is.
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    so glad LA is going to grey cuffs! I'm so tired of teams having boring black and white gloves. I treasure my yellow outline Bruins gloves.
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    There should be a review on the older sticks here. It was light, but had poor puck feel and balance and was like most cheap non-brand sticks. Even at $60 I wouldn't buy one. Maybe for the Mercury but not the older ones.
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    Toffoli rocking the grey cuffs during media day Giroux in STX gloves from the same event
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    Looking at this slightly askance, you may consider the following possibility: You could always coach.... I don't know what part of LA you live in, but if you're close to any of the local youth rinks and have the time, you may find your love for the game is rekindled when you step on the ice as a coach. It happened for me (former NCAA player, disenchanted with beer leagues, introvert, etc....)
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    Yep. While I don't go out of my way to recommend Trues for most youth players, I don't actively recommend against them. As alluded to earlier in the thread, unless a skater has a biomechanical issue that is best addressed with custom footwear, when asked about Trues, my response is generally something along the lines of: "Hey, if you want to spend the money for customs, you can't go wrong with True. However, go into it with your eyes open. Your 9 year old's $800 skates WILL NOT fit him next year...and MAY not fit him by the end of this year; so you must be prepared to upgrade earlier than you otherwise might have to. As a parent of a kid with a relatively 'normal' (albeit, wide) foot; I wouldn't go that route...but I can't deny liking my True skates and, in the end, it's your money!"
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    The MyBauer custom skate is not full custom by definition. That merely offers length and true width (not knocking that at all) along with a choice of liner, modest selection of tongues, and steel. Silk screening name and number to me cater to the young and foolish. What I do like (if done right by the fitter) is the ability to size down or up off the scan by using retail skates to dial in how the skater wants the skate to fit. What's also great is that the fitter can add detailed notes directly to the foot scan and they'll be addressed by the experts up at the custom factory. Custom skates doesn't always mean just a bake and you're all set. Even customs need some tweaking from time to time. The problem I see at retail is that too many skaters, even those who have been skating forever, are skating in improperly fitted skates. In my experience very FEW players actually need a custom skate. What I see too often with True/VH are skates that wind up having way too much overwrap. Too much overwrap can make it harder to flex forward and will ultimately lead to premature breakdown of the boot. For those of you who know me you can attest that I have some of the ugliest and widest feet around, yet I can skate comfortably without pain in Bauer, CCM, and Graf skates. I wore the Easton Mako as well and really liked the performance of that skate. My choice if I wanted performance similar to the Mako in a one-piece boot would be to go CCM, either in the FT1 or AS1. From a lengthy career that involved needing to be able to read people my impression is there's a lot of thin skinned folks posting in this thread. For those of you who don't mind excessive weight and overwrap then all the best to you. Me, I'll go AS1 for my one-piece boot.
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    I've talked to a handful of shop managers/owners who sell True skates and they said in their observations that 90-95% of skates work for the customer the first time around so yeah, it wouldn't be practical for them to make dozens of sample skates for each retailer to try on, especially when you market yourselves as a true custom skate that doesn't care about standard sizes.
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    If you were properly fitted, then the scan was done in a weight bearing position. As such, your foot should have been spread out as far as it will go. Skates should have been built to that width. I'm not doubting that they messed up the build on your pair, just stating that a close fit shouldn't be a problem because it shouldn't squeeze your foot. Whether you're 130 lbs or 500 lbs, the skate shouldn't squeeze your foot.
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    All skates have issues. How the customer service dept handles it is the difference. As for this fit above I wish I was around to help out. Sounds like a little more expiernece with the skate may have made it a little less of an issue. Although it sounds to me like every base was covered. I have had a client albeit shorter over all similar stature and had a similar issue. 3 pair was a charm. In my opinion 2nd was fine but customer is always right. Happy camper now. I'm sure Rob will sort it he is a magician.
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    Yes, subjective to the end user. When I went from MX3's to 1S I had to drop a half-size to achieve the same fit. Results may differ from me to you and others. No one is right and no one is wrong here, depends on the individual and how a skate fits to them.
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    Agree to disagree: translation: I have nothing to support my opinion and refuse to accept that.

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