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    Forgot to take a picture of my awesome cake day presents. Decided to go back to the Covert line of sticks from the Alpha, and from the Covert QRL gloves to the Alpha Pro gloves. Haven't used the stick yet but the used the gloves last week in a game and they were amazing, felt broken in right away, and had so much more mobility than my QRL's, which now feel very restrictive. Wish I made the switch sooner. Also, another little treat, which I will not be wearing on the ice, a USA 1960 Nike replica throwback jersey. All in all, makes turning 32 pretty good.
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    I did both Robbie Glantz and Laura Stamm, and found them valuable - there wasn't an adult specific section, but neither program minded if an adult signed up. You were just placed with an appropriate level and could modify drills based on your ability and being two feet taller than the kids. (Memorably, Glantz does the waist belt with another skater hanging on - they just stacked a bunch of mites on my trailing straps. Kids had a ball.)
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    Probably safe to assume it was the operator. Maybe he's not doing enough passes, not de-burring the edges or letting skates go out with uneven edges. I've been pretty fussy about my edges since getting my Sparx. I'm probably going way overboard, but whatever...
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    From the other pictures available, it also appears to have a significantly lower, more tapered toe box. The silver heel seems to be cosmetic. Maybe this is a dialed back OD1N project. Speculating szn.
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    I never measured such but I would say its about the same. Both of their wheels are about the same level of hardness.
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    Got it. My apologies. I wasn't aware of the Sports Excellence exclusive blades. You mentioned carbon steel, so I thought you were referring to the LS5; which is marketed as 'carbon steel', but is, in actuality, also a coating. Based on the description you provided, what you're looking at appears to be almost purely cosmetic. Or, put differently, those runners are black solely for the sake of being black. Which is ridiculous. All of my other points are still germane: Stock steel from the major skate manufacturers is largely crap - including this black powder-coated stuff; Buy the skates that fit your feet and budget best, without regard to the steel that the manufacturer/retailer chooses to put on them. Then, if you're so inclined, change the blades. There are companies out there that make REALLY good replacement blades; Coated steel isn't a panacea. Though it CAN hold a edge longer than uncoated steel, that edge can be brittle; and Even with coated steel, you still have to sharpen your skates regularly.
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    I've seen their math; also, 500 is the lower number they claim. Was told you can go further, to about 750 before loss of performance (the wheel isn't coded) sets in. Their claim is that you should be refreshing your edges every time you skate, so if there's no trauma, one pass will do. 3 would be considered the extreme end of the cycle. Using the math above, if you go 3 passes x 2 skates x 500 pair, that equates to 3000 passes. 500 pair at $99 equates to $.19.
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    This is a sincere thank you to all of the posters in this thread who provided advice, leads, and admirably selfless help in aid of my quest to find a pair of Makos. Mission accomplished — the skates are being shipped right now. I’ve been involved in this great game for — gulp! — over 50 years now, and the one constant for that half century is how hockey people without fail help other hockey people when they need a hand. That’s priceless. Believe me, I will keep my eyes open for any new Mako leads ... paying it forward is a good way to live.
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    They look like a prop from the movie TRON.
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    Sometimes you end up with duds. I remember we had to throw out a bunch of A&R snaps because they wouldn’t work with anything.
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    After my local Pure Hockey told me they were ending their sharping deal with the platinum membership & extras with skate purchases etc(I don’t remember the last time I actually paid for a sharpening) & are going to a flat $10 a sharpen, let alone depending on who was working, sometimes a sketchy cut, I decided it was time to pull the trigger on this. We have 3 skaters and though my son and I tend to go too long between sharpens, seems my daughter wants a fresh sharpen about every 4-5 skates. Ordered tonight, meh...what do I have to lose.
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    Going in to a pure hockey on a Saturday at 2pm when they are not busy and asking to have some rivets replaced. They say that it will probably be two hours, so I leave the skates with them. Three hours later I return and they haven't been started and am told then that they won't be able to get to them until tomorrow. Counted at least five employees there and possibly three customers. Talked to the store manager and all he had were excuses about why 12 steel rivets should take two days to complete. Pure in cranberry has gone downhill.

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