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    Glad to see Bauer bringing back that CCM DST and Nike Quest Speedwrap tech.
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    Some recent stills of Kuch's (same star) new boots. The more I see them, the more they look like the outsole really has crept up onto the quarters, cupping the midfoot and heel. My thought is, this is Bauer's initial response to the VH/True and CCM monocoque boots. They look like Bauer's interpretation of the Mako is finally here. Even some of the lines of the Mako are still there: of course there's the newer, sleeker toe cap that's already known from the Vapor lineup, but the wrap on Kuch's boots is reminiscent of the Makos (though with more negative space involved in this instance) as is the thick seam where the exposed composite met the plastic wrapping the Makos. In this case it looks like an inversion of its predecessor: instead of the shell of the boot going from exposed to covered as it did on the Mako, the shell of this stealthpreme still appears to be a "two-piece" boot construction with the composite quarters married to the outsole so that the prominent seam marks the end of the outsole's incursion up the rearward sides of the boot. This makes sense. If it's a viable design, it could allow Bauer to reap similar perceived benefits of the monocoque construction ("perceived" because there are plenty of both yay and naysayers) while minimizing the degree to which they have to alter their construction methods. It can't really be a question of developing their own monocoque boot from scratch, since they own the IP for the Mako. This looks to be Bauer staying true to their ways, which still has them in a fairly comfortable lead in market share if I'm not mistaken, while attempting to fend off competition that has eaten somewhat into that market share of late. My experience in a monocoque boot (MLX) has made me think the real performance trick has to do with its minimizing torsion which I can easily picture being exaggerated between the various parts that make up the traditional hockey boot twisting independently, as they are subjected to opposing forces in acceleration maneuvers and therefore pull away from each other somewhat. A monocoque boot would unify that system into one part that still probably twists, but as one thing rather than several, which makes for a more much more immediate response. I have no experimental or theoretical physical model showing that this is indeed what happens, it's just what it feels like going from other boots to MLX, and how I picture that feeling when I draw it in my head. There's probably a deal more redundant material in that heel/quarter/outsole sandwich than there would be on Bauer's skates with traditional outsoles which run roughly parallel to the ground (we're a long way removed from OD1N's "LET'S DELETE THE OUTSOLE!!!"), but if this can mimic that reduced interstitial torsion of a monocoque OPB it could be well worth it.
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    I can say there might be some truth to this. I used SF for YEARS and now I just use regular EVA foam in my True's. It's hard to describe but now I can literally feel the blade under my foot and where it is at all times, the first thing I thought when I skated without SF was wow, I'm "hyperaware" of my runner and where my edges are. I think the firm bottom on the SF which it might help align your foot better or provide arch support, it does kind of "mute" that feel. Also for guys like me with pretty low arch, the newest iteration of the hockey insole from SF was a little more firm and a touch higher in the arch than the OG yellow. Gave me foot pain almost right away. My old Yellows had cracked so I was SOL. I eventually ended up using the stock insole in the FT2 before I went to True. I felt that it was adequate and nothing better nor worse than SF.
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    I have done the exact same setup using these... You need to trim, modify, etc as necessary. There's several different sizes/versions. They're easy enough to trim using tin snips, and are flexible enough to bend if you want to change the "loop". https://www.homedepot.com/p/3-Hole-Zinc-Plated-Picture-Hanger-814128/204273798 https://www.homedepot.com/p/4-Hole-Zinc-Plated-Wire-Eye-Strap-Hanger-814118/204273797
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    It was Branches that had it. As I recall it never really retained its new curve, and went soft REAL quick.
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    The profiler was at a decent price point. It’s the sharpener which is costly.
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    That has to be one of the best looking skates I have ever seen Bauer make. I hope they dont cover it with ridiculous graphics.
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    Yea, I personally did not find this to be blade heavy at all. It’s well balanced and light IMO.
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    You should. I have been trying to buy a profilier for 2 years. They wont sell to anyone except NHL teams.
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    Jakucek still has Reebok skates too...
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    We've gone from wood / fiberglass to aluminum (shafts) to carbon fiber (with wood completely eliminated) just in my lifetime alone, so I don't think it's a stretch. I'll be surprised if it doesn't happen in the next 10-20 years. Having to buy a fixed curve at retail that can't be modified is a step backwards from where we were in the past, and we don't usually go backwards in features and stay that way for long.
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    Enough with the discussion about the article posting. We’ve set rules that have been in place for 15 years. And since I’m the only one listed on the paperwork here, I would greatly appreciate not having to deal with any legal issues.
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    For your own personal use as pointed out in their terms of service, I am sure posting it on message boards wasn’t what they had in mind.
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    I sharpen with a Sparx at home.
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    After the 4th paragraph it started to feel like an advertorial for Elite. Didn't take long after to realize that I was right.
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