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    Like I've always said, the weakest part of the Sparx machine is the bag of bones pressing the buttons. So I checked all my rings, they all say 40 per ring. Can someone hook me up with some of those sweet 60 per rings?
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    Jesus Christ this thread needs to die. One person not being able to read simple English is starting to add up to multiple pages of junk that benefits nobody.
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    Woodward and Berstein is about to blow the lid off the whole home sharpening industry. Prosharp and Sweetstick are already shredding documents left and right. This probably goes all the way to the top!!!
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    I wonder why I can’t stand the new kinds of foam... they are more protective but they never fit my head properly. I haven’t found a modern helmet close to the v08 in terms of comfort. Second place for myself was probably the warrior px+ but it got so hot and was heavy. I’ve tried the 710 and it wasn’t st all comfy. Same with the reeakt and the ims9.0. I must have a weird head or something. I’m just nervous for the day I can’t find one. I all ready can’t get a white one easily.
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    I thought I loved the V08 until I got a 310. Night and day more comfortable and lighter.
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    Howdy, Well, I guess when Sparx stops selling overseas, we'll know why. Mark
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    Same here. My V08 died and I am currently rocking a bauer 5100.
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    Dude, it was just explained to you....twice actually.
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    I find the VN way too hard and didn’t conform to my head shape. So my helmet history is basically V10, Bauer ReAkt, CCM 710, and Bauer NME for goalie masks (the more common Profile series used VN foams).
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    nothing against you but what they've written is no explanation in any sort or form. no one can prove this without knowing what's going on in the microcode. I could believe their explanation but I prefer not to because it's not plausible. The 11/16'' product is also a fairly new ring which was introduced later on! This makes no sense and if they won't provide a solution, I've also sent them an email, I'm going to challenge this!
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    thanks for replying here. First of all, I don't agree with anything said above. You are just explaining advertising changes or even possible product changes, that no consumer can follow or control in any sort or form. To add up on that, there's zero information on the shop part of your website. Why don't you guys clearly come out and post the corrected number of 60/40 average sharpenings on ALL of your rings. I just bought new rings and both of them state different numbers of average sharpenings 60 vs 40. That's all the info I can and will trust on! Why does my brand new 1/2'' ring come with 60 sharpenings on it compared to my brand new 11/16 rings 40 sharpenings, and don't tell me you have changed the packaging. Highly unlikely, that these are in the "old packaging" and even if so, as it stands these rings are sold with different lifespans from the moment of purchase. This is not acceptable and there's no possibility for me as a consumer to evaluate anything that you have said as it's implemented in your microchips and these "non changes" are not proven by comparative data. Therefore I prefer to be skeptical.Why don't you update or publish the numbers on your website backed by data??? and make your "results" publicly. I'm not buying this explanation.The differences on the packaging of my rings is all the info I can trust on as a consumer. I'm not aware of anything that's going on in the microcode of these printer like microchips. I'm looking forward to a positive solution to this or any form of compensation! Do you guys even know how much this machine and the supplies costs for your followers, who happen to be mainly individuals and not business customers, over here in europe? And how much effort, dedication and research it took to get this product over here, just to find out that we can't trust anything stated and that the rings are delivered with misleading information???. Get your stuff right guys and at least start selling the rings directly over here in europe. There's zero tax on sharpening rings and I'm willing to provide you with the customs tariff code TARIC which clearly provides this information. Additionally, you guys will have to deduct the US tax and apply the European tax. It's not some kind of witch craft. There've been many lawsuits over here in europe on printer like products using microchips and similar practices and I'm going to challenge this in every possible way and therefore I'm willing to use my rights as an european consumer! Who is ready to give up on 33% of the stated average usability depending on the ring! no one! except the affected products are exactly 33% cheaper. How do you guys even think a customer will react when he opens his 2 piece 180€=200$ grinding stone delivery, just to find out both rings have a different stated lifespan????  I'm urging you to reconsider this fact and to make things right!  Thanks! pic1 and pic2

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