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    Yep that's been my take. The D3O in the knee cap is great but it's not a large enough piece. Shot hitting outside of the D3O area will be felt. The rest of the pad though is incredible.
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    I thought a lot of recent discussion in other knee pad threads was people didn’t like the Tacks because they had fairly poor padding in the knee area.
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    I wouldn’t be concerned. My 2n pro I grabbed after thanksgiving and have used for probably 20-25 games and the paint is jacked up, but the stick is rock solid. I should mention all my sticks look like crap. I play defense and like stick work, I also usually do not get a ton of time out of sticks. If this goes another month or two it will be the most durable stick I have owned oddly since my tps xn10 lmfao. Old school composite. Edit left out my personal favorite stick of all time. The APX2 lol
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    My pro stock has it. That’s just the outer weave I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’m 99% sure my 2s pro had one also, but she died a painful one timer death.
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    I have 3, it is on them all, on mine they aren't perfectly straight. Doesn't feel like anything either just looks like the carbon joint?
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    When I profiled mine I went from 5/8 to 3/4 and it felt great. I was originally on stock 10' radius and am now on quad .5 . The explanation I got was that with the quad profile you'll have more steel on the ice at any given time so you don't need as much bite with the hollow to get the same grip (disclaimer: I'm not an expert on the technical stuff, that's just the way it was explained to me and honestly the shallower hollow has not felt like it has any less bite than my old hollow on non profiled steel).

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