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    Wow! I had forgotten all about the Easton message board (and the holiday toy drive #RIPMetalMatrixZBubble) Circling back on this, @dkmiller3356 I truly meant no disrespect to the all the people who've worked very hard behind the scenes for years. I appreciate all they've done but was truly curious about the current state of this community and what the future holds. Reading through some interesting replies and learning from them, my thoughts are: Gear market is stagnant; lack of innovation and interesting products in addition to reduced number of companies / offerings Increasing prices without perceived benefit to the masses Change in how people consume content; away from message boards and to social media (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook) Change in how companies message the release of their own products via their athletes and social media channels Great conversation all, thank you!
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    Honesty if you are just looking to recreationally skate a bit until rinks open back up, I’d just get a nice pair of K2 or rollerblade skates. No matter what, unless you go all out and invest in a marsblade system, you’re not going to have the same/similar stride, so a hockey specific boot is only going to do so much. If you’re looking for something to play outdoor hockey games with, then yes a conversion could be an idea
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    I'd try to find a used vapor ice skate and convert them to inlines. More bang for the buck and the boot is somewhat of a known thing to you, no adjusting or tweaking. I was glad I went that route but I already had a pair of skates I wasn't using. The MSH pro shop can do the conversion.

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