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    Go have them done in a professional skate oven. You paid way too much for those things to not pay the $25 a pro shop will charge you to bake them! Also, you need to use a convection oven. The air circulation helps get the temperature the same inside and out.
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    CCM Super Tacks X Helmet Interesting...
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    This seems like a middle finger to hockey shops who carry their skates. I know, I know, it serves all the people who don’t live near a (competent) shop. Feels like they are taking away the only weapon small shops have vs online stores, which is the personalized fitting. So, now you get fit online and order with free returns online, and how does a brick and mortar store compete?
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    I used to head up to a Tournament at that Halton rink ages ago when I was in college. I think it was in May or early June perfect time of the year, what a great barn to play roller in, awesome competition and a great little town to have some fun nights out with the boys.
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    Inline is definitely more of a free flowing game, less stoppages and all that, which is part of what makes both ice and inline have unique challenges! Inline reminds me of just going out and having fun with the boys (granted I never played at an elite level in inline), where ice has always been so serious it seems, even in some drop-ins! And I really enjoy lunch time ice drop-ins (different crowd usually). I'm always down for a good tough skate, but some people go overboard. You can find that in inline as well though I guess. I think if an inline rink is ran correctly there has got to be a way for it to be for profit and still be competitive against ice rinks. From my understanding most ice rinks have municipal funding which makes it very difficult to stay competitive. There are very few private ice rinks that I know of. Thanks!
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    When you say market as a different sport altogether, what do you mean? No doubt I've got my work cut out for me but it helps that I have a little vision of where it could be, the biggest thing would be to develop youth leagues in order to bring more awareness to the sport who may then eventually develop into adult beer leaguers.... It's going to be a journey no doubt and take a little (read: lot) of luck, but I think it would be worth it, not only for myself, but for the sport and community as a whole. Thanks for sharing!
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    We definitely have plans to offer a bigger variation of settings. And which settings we choose to go ahead with is determined by what you, the players, demand. What I can add from a product development perspective is that the scale of different settings is not linear. The difference between 4 and 5 is quite large, while the difference between for example 14 and 15 is significantly smaller, So inbetween 4 and 5 it is a quite wide range of different skate feels. See image example below. Just to give you a better feeling of the setting numbers 🙂
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    Seems like 90% of the NHL wears either that pad or the RBZ.
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    I played a few pickup games awhile ago and brought 4 Verbero pucks. Two of them broke completely in half within 2 or 3 games. I would not recommend them.
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    Simply put the 01 feels better to skate around & train with in the yard or on the street & has a more movement. The R1 feels like a lowered sports car holds corners like your on train tracks & best used on a rink where you need that sort of performance. The bushing system is a similar concept on both but the R1 uses the top & bottom Part chassis as the base for the rocker limits via inserts. There is more movement in the O1 then in the R1 with the most rocker insert. They definitely feel different.

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