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    My son wanted a square toe stick and they are hard to find on prostockhockey. He is back to using P88s now until we get a replacement.
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    I recommend the CCM FV-1 over the Bauer's. Good clarity, no fogging. Install was a bit tougher, not a fan of the clips and I had to flip them around from how it's put on originally out of the box. But at least I don't have to dremel the brackets anymore like I did for the Bauers in the past. The CCM screws that come with it are really dinky and I could probably shear them off. The CCM J-clips are nicer and easier to dial in with how your cage sits. My U9 kid likes it on his as well.
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    Every time I use my CCM mask, I have to “peak” the metal nose piece so it’s not sitting flat across my nose, but it’s fine once I’m playing.
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    Exactly. Much like those wind tunnel tests done on cars, you see blowing vapor flow up, over and around the car to see where wind is redirected on the front, and also where turbulence occurs behind the car. If a player skates through another player's vapor particles cloud breathed out on exhalation, some of it is going to make contact with the outside of that shield, and some if it is going to flow up, over and back down to where the player wearing the shield can breathe it in. It's not usual to be close to someone forechecking or backchecking to where you are going to breathe in some of what the other guy is exhaling.
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    Minnesota m1s are hot
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    I've bought the Bauer multiple times over the years, because it was the only one available. They always start out great until one day it fogs, then you have to use a spray, and then after awhile even that stops working (I always use a microfibre cloth and use a protective bag to transport). I've recently purchased the CCM this time around (after an errant stick caused a huge scrape on my previous bubble), so far so good.
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    Were these products tested and certified by the FDA or CDC to prevent or even lower the risk of contracting or spreading Covid-19? If no, it's a cash grab. Same goes for the all fancy masks we wear on a daily basis, myself included. Once you enter the rink common sense is tossed aside. Think about it, if people were serious about preventing the spread there would be no need for splash guards on hockey helmets. Don't confuse me with an anti-masker or one of those covid is hoax whack jobs.

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