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    I would not get a used stick unless it was very inexpensive. If possible buy previous year's models, clearance options, etc. to save money.
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    Pretty much this. If you look at the clearance sections, if your timing is good, last generation's sticks can be had for 40-50% off, even the top tier ones. IMHO, there's usually no need to pay full price if you're patient.
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    Thanks for the confirmation guys. I’m going to try and return them and hopefully find a proper D/A skate
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    I think it depends on. how used the stick is. I have bought and sold used elite level sticks that have had plenty of life in them. I think a real pro is more likely to break down a stick than a beer leaguer. Most adult league players don't really flex that stick the way it's intended and it probably has plenty of life left in it. I wouldn't shy away from that value. To me the real value is in the new pro stocks tho.
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    My answer is the competitive level, for the reasons everyone else has listed, but what two sticks are you comparing? People might be able to give you some comparative options if price is an issue Also, where are you buying these? You can buy brand new pro stock sticks for $100-$150. That’s too much for a used stick where you don’t know what’s happened to it.
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    I play both.... when you are as bad as I am you need to use every tool in your toolbox.
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    So you're that guy? I'm a D man and I do not approve this message.
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    Measure them across the forefoot. If you don't have any calipers use something like a wire coat hanger. If the forefoot is smaller (C versus D) in width you have your answer, it's not the tongue but the width and when you crank down on the laces it's putting pressure on your foot. I'd say tie really loose or not at all as a fix but if you like your laces tight then you should get the skates stretched in that area, that will help a lot.

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