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    After a lot of agonizing, I wound up ordering the JAMM girdle. It just arrived today, so I haven't skated in it yet. But on first examination and after trying it on, it seems almost exactly like my old Tackla. The only difference (other than branding) is the butt pad (not the technical term, I realize), which feels more like the pads on more modern girdles than like the old-school Tacklas - i.e., multiple pads, rather than a single one. I obviously can't speak to the quality yet or on-ice performance, but I will say that I'm very pleased with the fit and prefer the feel and profile to the True, Bauer, and CCMs that I've tried on. Here's hoping that it holds up. And, regardless, I'll share my impressions once I skate in it.
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    My analysis is based solely on product claims easily found on each of their websites. If there is additional information on either/both, that is great to know, but it was not part of my breakdown. Update: After reading through Russ' response... I think you have to take it with a grain of salt, unless he wants to share the results of those head-to-head tests. I'm sure both units a good machines, with their pros and cons. It would be nice if someone would do a head-to-head to assess long-term value in a controlled unbiased environment. As I mentioned earlier, I am not in the market for a machine, I have access to one already and the $100 grinding wheel entry price was more than reasonable for me. My son and I have been sharing it for the last 18+ months with great results. Well worth the price considering we've only had a handful of times his blades were damaged enough to necessitate a trip to our LHS to get it sorted by a trained professional. As for the product page you linked to, not for the Home version, for the SkatePal. The Home machine wheels are $99.99 USD. No clue what the difference is or why 1 is more expensive for seemingly less sharpenings. Reading through the recent responses, I saw a few issues mentioned that I haven't experienced with the Home machine I have access to. If those issues are deal breakers or something that is giving folks pause, I figured I'd mention my experience with the ProSharp. Nothing more, nothing less, I've got no skin in this game. My son and I and our extended family (3 serious players in that household) have been very happy with the results the ProSharp provides. YMMV.
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    My son is using Vapor APX2 elbow pads. They're pretty narrow, fit snug and he's tall and thin. I can't comment on anything newer.
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    Are Vapor elbows lower volume than Supremes? I have Supreme 2S Pro elbows, small adult, and they slide down my arms. The next size down are too short ie leave exposed arms. I was able to tongue flop with my Supreme 2S Pro shins when I tried out tongue flopping, though I don’t normally do so.
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    The finish looks so much better now, from the 1st gen True skates.
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    We're just going to Supreme 2S Pro's from Vapor 1X Lite's. The 2S Pro's are much wider, higher volume. I'm not sure if this would be true in all Supreme-Vapor comparisons. Also, they are just regular "plastic" where the 1X Lites are Curv Composite and mold into any width with very little heat.
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    Glad it worked out for you, nice update.
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    Uni team was looking to make an order of gloves for the year but too many people were on the fence for model so I had to bite the bullet and get a 1 of 1 as a demo pair. Safe to say I've now got people complaining about the wait time for a second run. e: realize there is a separate custom glove gallery... should this be posted there?
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    Trying out some retail skates since my custom VH are pretty old now.
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    Maybe you didn´t choose the right Quad for your runner-lenght, or a Quad is not suitable for your setup/skating style. Depends on which profile/pitch you are coming from and what you want to achieve. The Quad seems to be more focused on agility and acceleration, the Zuperior on stability and speed and the Ellipse seems to be somewhere between those two.
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    Not to mention IMO one of the worst holders ever....
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    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this for sale on SLS. Blade isn’t in the greatest shape but I really didn’t care

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