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    When I wanted my new logo, I got on Freelancer and hosted a contest for logo design. I set the winner to receive $25, told them a description of what I was looking for... and tons of graphic designers (from countries that think $25 USD is a big deal) really competed for it. A couple weeks later I picked a winner from all the submissions, and I ended up with the best logo in my league.
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    Yes, the weight distribution isn't the same as pads. When I first started wearing the belt, I noticed the weight of it, and I felt a lot more clumsy. Now, I barely notice the weight, and though, I'm still clumsy, it feels less so.. I think working with this during practice has improved my strength and balance. I've been doing a lot of punch turn work, and I noticed I have more jump on the crossovers coming out of the turn. I'm also doing this with looser laces, so I have to be balanced over the skate right, or I'm going to end up on my ass. I'm also doing interval training with the belt off-ice. I sprint up hills with it. The net results I'm seeing right now is I have more jump during the game, and because I'm also shooting with the weight belt on, I find, I'm driving my hips around on my slapshots a lot harder. I haven't felt this good in almost a decade.
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    Junior will be less wide. I would look at CCM FT4 gloves and the new TRUE Catalyst gloves. Both fit very snug.
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    I've had to convert a few of the newer TRUE skates with the screw/nut tendon guard back to the copper style since the players (D1 college and Junior A) kept snapping the screw inside the actual nut located in the tendon guard. It seems like this is just something that happens eventually over time. All of these skates were right around the 1-year mark. I assume as time goes on the tendon becomes more flexible and the increase in movement puts more torque on the tendon screw assembly and it breaks.

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