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    These beauty's came today.
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    Those are sweet!!!
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    You probably need a 13 with fingers extended in that case. If you have long fingers but want a tight fitting glove then I think ft1 pro stock is the way to go as the fingers are extended 1/4"I believe
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    I had the retail 2s Pro gloves, not the pro stock version. While it's a difficult place to get hit. I was a bit disappointed by the coverage in that area. To be fair, it wasn't the sole reason why I started looking at other gloves. Gloves tend to feel bulky once they break in. It doesn't help that I need a 14 or my fingers are busting out of the ends.
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    I'm with you in missing the heel curves. I'd check out pro stock options (Sideline Swap, Prostockhockey, etc.) or try Prostockhockeysticks.com, which (last I recall) was selling both a Drury and a Lidstrom clone (and also allows for custom orders). As others have noted, I think the turn to toe curves is a product of shifts in shooting styles, and - as time goes by - perhaps also a shift in what people grew up using or what they see the pros using. To me, it's not dissimilar to what's happened with stick flexes, where shops used to stock 85, 100, and 105/110, and now those numbers have gone down markedly, with sticks in the 70s all over the place. I'd say try out the toe curves, whippy sticks, etc. and see if you like them. If not, it's gotten a lot easier to find pro stock options online that offer specs less common at retail. (With the important caveat that more options online also means more sellers who might not be trustworthy.)
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    With respect to curves, either get used to a new one or fight the trends via custom, pro-stock, two-pieces, etc. It just got to annoying for me to find PM9s so I transitioned to an 88. As far as why the push to toe curves, the old man in me will shake my fist on the porch and drone on about kids these days just wanting to toe drag and then go bar down in tight to the net. The pragmatist in me will just adjust to a new curve and then be sure to duck if I'm behind the net and a young gun is winding up in the slot.
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    Try a P92 (Bauer) curve, the elevation thru the mid blade and toe might be closer to the Drury you used to use. My reasoning for toe curves is you provide a flatter surface for your passing but the shot slings off the toe for elevation in close. For boots it's not just the stiffness, they are made of different material (the stiffer the boot the more carbon fiber it has in it) and have other upgrades such as the tongue and a comfort edge and the steel. There are pluses and minuses to a Sparx but as long as the operator knows what they are doing, it removes the risk of uneven edges and uneven pressure from the operator (which leads to a ruined profile over time).
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    Yes and no. It has some weak points like the side of your hand and pinky finger. I took a puck there and felt every bit of it. Could be me being a little overly cautious seeing how I've broken that bone in the past. It's not a common place to get hit either.
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    Nice find. I guess he can afford to pay retail.
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    I think there’s a huge shortage in __________. And you can put whatever product you want into that space.

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