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    Yeah, despite the fact that the organization should be overseeing this, you are in the situation you are in. You can definitely create a good experience regardless of wins and losses. My daughter's 5th grade volleyball team not only lost all of their matches, they only won two sets the whole season. Her coach did a fantastic job defining success as a completed pass, multiple passes, returning the ball, etc. I didn't hear one of those girls complain all year and they had a great time. This is when you can also grow as a coach, because it can be tough. Best of luck!
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    My old 704s were the best skates I ever owned. I truly wish they still made them. I bought a pair of 703s last year instead, but I miss the all-leather boot. They fit exactly the same in my experience. The 703 didn't feel any wider.
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    Ok I spoke to "the experts"... my 9yo son likes them, likes the colors and thinks the design on the reverse side is cool (has no idea who Beiber is). My 12yo daughter thinks they're lame (she's 12 and is VERY opinionated so this was an emphatic "lame!" 🤣), she has heard of Justin Beiber but doesn't know who he is or why he's famous. I mean maybe it's more aimed at local Toronto kids so maybe the rest of us are out of the loop but if it's aimed at kids I think more colorful and fun designs might be better (looking at you Dallas Stars with the obnoxious green on black that I absolutely hated at first but have come to realize it actually really works well... of course both of my kids loved it from the get go lol, I clearly wasn't the target demographic there either).

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