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    Oh yeah I’ve had a few sticks from pro stock hockey sticks, I love all the customization options, in particular the round shaft available. Wish they had the old Easton Heatley available. I’ve yet to get one in my normal curve (p88 currently) so I can’t do a really good comparison of my in game skills with the odd curves
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    For that $150 price point I'd just get a pro stock stick from prostockhockey or one of the bigger sellers on SLS (Farrel, Reference, Valhalla, etc), I know it's not supporting a small company but you'll be getting a $300+ stick for a more reasonable price (and the performance is hard to go back from once you're hooked lol). Depending what model Trigger you had you can still probably find it, might be painted as something else but most of the generations are still being used in one form or another (still a few guys using the old old old Reckoner era model such as Crosby and Mackinon, Duchene used to until last year and Panarin until just this season).
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    I have a mercury v350 that I got when they were running half off. At that price I think it’s worth it, probably up to about 200, but I don’t think it’s worth 250, and frankly their marketing/social media is to me rather off putting in terms of sticking with them in the future. Shoots nice enough, haven’t seen any issues with durability yet. In my opinion it plays whippier than it’s flex rating suggests, and the puck feel is ok, nothing super special.
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    The P28 starts to open further from the heel, but it is more open at the toe than P29/92. Therefore, I would say at the middle of the blade the P29/92 is more open, but the toe section of the P28 is more open.

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