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    I'm on my 11th year of playing hockey post-stent placement. I had what the cardiology world refers to as the Widow Maker back in December of 2008. I wasn't on a traditional blood thinner like Cumidin but I did take Plavix for a while. I had to be careful not to get cut just the same and bruising was pretty bad if I took a puck to a soft area. Here is what will happen. For at least the first few months you will strictly adhere to your dietary recommendations. If you were a drinker then you'll most like cut yourself back to no more than 2 adult beverages on a given day. I began mixing the non-alcoholic beers into my routine and still do even though I have become a little more lax in that regard. You will become acutely aware of every new sensation in your body and experience many anxious moments when something feels "strange". Relax, most of them are just normal aches and pains that you never thought twice about before your diagnosis. That said, be mindful of the warning signs and don't be embarrassed when you overreact with a trip to the ER only to stay overnight and be told you're fine. It will happen and better safe than sorry. I was about 11 months past getting my stent when I felt weird and disconnected one morning. Spent a night in the hospital followed by a stress test the next morning to find that it was nothing. You may also become obsessive with taking your blood pressure at home. I would do it every morning and if I didn't quite like the reading then I would do it again. Sometimes up to 4-5 times in a row. This is counter productive for 2 reasons. First, you'll make yourself anxious which will increase the readings and second because taking so many within a relatively short amount of time may also do the same. I've relaxed about taking the readings so often but now I can feel what a tester is listening for and if I can see the dial or monitor screen am able to tell what the reading will be before they do. One thing that I always keep in mind and keeps me from panicking is this; if you can recreate a pain or ache with touch or movement then it is most likely exoskeletal or muscular. You will get back on the ice. For me, it was 3 months after my cardiac event and going thru 12 weeks of cardiac rehab (basically 3 weekly sessions of increasing effort exercise under the watchful eye of trained specialists). There was no better feeling than getting back out there. You will check your heart rate on the bench and will be more aware of your breathing recovery. It is all part of the process.
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    The time has come!!!! Just got invited to a small private skate on Friday and I'm going. Only 10 guys. Invite only for guys who take the pandemic seriously and have been distancing and wearing masks. No locker rooms. No scrimmage. Just skill drills and shooting. No locker room either. This feels safe and I am going to take the dive and play!!! Very psyched. It will also be the first time I am on the ice since my stents were put in so it'll be great to see how I feel on the ice now.
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    I had met the Bladetech team at the PHATS/SPHEM show in Orlando a couple of years ago. At the time, they had been talking to a couple of equipment managers so we exchanged quick pleasantries and business cards. Neither one of us followed up, until a few weeks ago when Jeff reached out to me. We talked over the phone and he decided to send me down a couple of sets to test: Bladetech has a patent on their "flexible" blades. The front third of the steel has a different shape than stock steel, which leaves a gap between the holder and the steel. Here's Bladetech sitting on top of a LS4. ' Note that the toe is lower, not just the scallop before the fin: The premise behind this is that the steel will compress into the holder during push off then releases at the end of the stride. Bladetech's claim is that it will increase acceleration as well as alleviates pressure on leg joints due to the fact that it can absorb impacts better than stock steel. Over this weekend I balanced, profiled and sharpened one of the sets. The steel was extremely consistent in terms of its shape out of the box, as well as blade thickness. It sharpened well and left a nice finish. The next step for me is to find a rink to test these out. For now, I'll try to answer any questions you may have, and @Jeff Azzolin Bladetech will also be monitoring this thread. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to review these, and thanks for the MSH logo - that was a nice touch!
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    For those wondering the TF9 and TF7 weight. I had a chance to weigh the production version of both and there was only about 10 grams difference between the TF7 and TF9. The TF9 weighing in at 881 grams and the TF7 weighing 891 in a size 8D. This is actually less than both my AS3 Pro and Ultrasonic skates.
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    Just finished building a built in bookcase.
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    The funny thing about that 250 off is that if you want to buy 2 pairs of skates, it's better to buy each pair separately and get 150 off of each. Just something I realized the other day playing around with different discounts in the cart. Edit: if you're buying two pairs of tf9s. If you're buying a TF9 and a tf7, then but then together and get 250 instead of 150+50
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    Just wanted to update everybody on these Labeda Slime wheels. After about 8-10 skates, the wheels have fall off the hubs on the front wheel, or any wheel I move to the front. (3 total). If you flex the wheel in your hand, you can feel each one have a little wiggle off the hub, but the fronts have completely come off during skates. The wheels end up horizontal over the front of your chassis, creating quite a struggle getting the wheel and axle off. I have photos if anybody really would like to see them. I contacted Labeda vendors but they don't get back to me. I'll be making the switch to Pure X now.
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    Looks like a shot blocker on top of the tongue.
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    Not if its fitting ok for the rest of the foot. If it's just the outside of a forefoot, he would be much better placed to get the boot stretched to meet that forefoot size and still have a good fit everywhere else. I just don't get why people go up in size when it hurts "here". Fix the "here" and keep the good fit everywhere else.
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    So I had the first skate on my TF9, so here are some quick thoughts: Baking had quite the impact on length - before baking I was feathering the toecap even when knees-over-toes, after I don't feather them even sitting upright. The new standard tongues don't work for me - created an instant pressure spot on the top of my instep, both before and after baking. Switching the footbed (didn't bother with the inserts for arch support and went for Superfeet Yellow) and tongue (classic VH felt) to what I was used to from my custom VH, the fit of the skate was very similar. Not sure what to think of the symmetric Shift holder and Steel after a single session. I didn't bottom out, the edges felt responsive, but top speed was lacking. Will try again in a few days. Comparing my TF9 7.5R to my Vapor 1x (1st gen) 7.5EE, I'd describe the fit as follows: Length: Pre-bake very comparable, Post-bake the TF9 feels longer. On the Bauer I couldn't go for 7.0, on the True I think I could pull it off post-bake. Width forefoot/toes: Pre-bake the TF9 felt narrower (constant pressure on the pinky), post-bake the TF9 ended up feeling slightly wider. Width heel: Don't remember pre-bake, post-bake the TF9 even untied does provide good heel lock, while the 1x needs to be tied down heavily in the 3rd & 4th eyelet. Comparing my TF9 to my True_V1 (1st gen under their banner, integrated shot blockers) and VH_V2 (2nd gen) custom skates I'd say: The felt tongue feels superior to the new stock tongue. The lateral stiffness of the True_V1 is significantly higher, of the 2+ years heavy used VH_V2 is about identical. The facing containing the eyelets is more "relaxed" (more gradual) on the TF9, but the eyelet positions seems to be essentially the same. The soft edge ("comfort edge" with other manufacturers) is slightly bigger on the TF9 Fit and finish on the TF9 is excellent, while with the custom skates you have loads of excess glue, blemishes in the clear-coat, etc. Visual: The carbon fiber on the customs looks to be a significantly "smaller" weave Visual: The 1st gen VH had a completely "flat" bottom between the front and rear tower mounting surfaces, while the 2nd gen forward had a raised area (also containing the drainage holes) that probably increased stiffness, while the TF9 has a "flat" bottom again. Tomorrow I'll maybe have some time on my hands and will measure, weigh and so on, but from a purely subjective PoV: The TF9 feels like a very good skate, with thermo-formability that more than rivals my Easton Mako 2 (that one I had to clamp down to achieve comparable heel lock), and stiffness slightly lower than the custom model. After switching the laces, tongue and footbed to what I was used to, they felt like my 2nd hand custom skates. It hugs your feet in an incredibly comfortable way, and will surely soak up plenty of the 2nd hand custom model market. I just got myself a True_V1 set in good condition in a similar size, but with the VH+Step holder. Will I switch to the TF9? Right now the Step holder and steel felt better, but I have not had the TF9 profiled yet (since no-one over here does profiling.....). So while the first impression was that the custom with different holder+steel+profile performed better, I'll give the TF9 a couple more tries.
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    Just had these done at Pure. I had some Mission NLS2 that were unfortunately, too wide. Bummed at the prospect of buying a new set of skates, my buddy told me to just troll around sideline swap for a pair of donor boots. These 1S in my size came up for a super cheap price - $135. I had Pure take off my Bauer/Mission chassis and put them on the 1S and I'm now loving it.
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    I really appreciate the support, guys. The amount of friends, memories and knowledge that I have from MSH is unreal. Much love and respect
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    I want all 3...protective while being light and non-restrictive.
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    For those who have expressed interest in trying it; at some point we may be able to start a Long-Term Review. I'm hoping to hit the ice next week. As some of you know, my mom is immunocompromised due to cancer and so we've been extremely cautious about us being exposed (and consequently, bringing it back to her) and she's getting another surgery at the end of next week. So I'm looking to go to the rink when there aren't many people there, and that's usually a weekday noon open skate session (which would be the best way to try these.) I like the way this thread is going so far; there's been very good back and forth discussion. Keep it up!
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    Thanks for the input. I know it there is enough 'meat' around the end where the Sprung plate will go, my concern is that the very inner edge of the boot baseplate is almost hollow. Drilling through it doesn't seem like it will be stable at all. As far as general mounting goes, I just purchased the ModSquad mounting option and will be shipping them out to JR.
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    Correct, the blade itself is a spring. Visualize a diving board. Supported and anchored at the back, and free float at the front. Any deflection or "flex" results in built up potential energy that is released when the force is removed (either the diver jumping and releasing contact, or the skaters foot pushing off, and releasing contact), allowing the item to spring back to its original position and output energy. In the case of blades, the flex is extremely stiff and minuscule to the diving board, but the same concept. Thats on the "performance or power" front. Now for the "health and injury prevention" side. Running on a grass is better on your knees than concrete, jumping on a trampoline is better on your knees than solid ground, skating on Bladetech is better on your knees than a static rigid blade. The dynamic motion adds some benefit to the user by reducing and/or elongating the impact shockwaves. Similar to many sports equipment, springs are everywhere, people just dont notice them unless they look like a coil.... think golf balls, club heads, golf shafts, hockey sticks, tennis rackets... all can build up potential energy and release it, similar to a spring. Hope that helps.
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    How does Kraken not pay homage to the Pacific Northwest? A mythical sea creature originating from Scandinavian folklore sounds like a perfect choice to me. It embraces the fishing industry of Seattle and the high proportion of people of Scandinavian descent who work in said industry.
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    I think trues are able to fit ppl with foot shapes that arent "avg" to a degree. The moldability allows for a bit of flexibility in fit but obviously some people will just need custom boots. I fit into a supreme pretty well but there are some hot spots. Even with my one100 that I wore for 7-8 years, I had no pain skating, but when walking I had pinching above my ankle area. With my as1 it was super painful all over to break in. Once broken in they were ok but protection was non existent. I took light passes off the ankle that hurt like hell. I took a bomb from the pt off my trues and didn't miss a shift and I don't have the extra shot blockers. Vapor 2.9 I had to return. Overall fit felt ok but produced quite painful lacebite on the top of my forefoot from slight volume issues. Trues are the only skates I didn't have any pain or break in period out of box. Yes mine are customs but I'm sure I would fit fine into retails. You are right though. The as3 and the second from the top jetspeeds are also top or the line skates. They're essentially the previous years top skate. So if you look at it that way they're technically newer than trues which haven't changed tech wise except when they went to a diff carbon weave about 1.5 years ago. From my experience in terms of wrap and moldability. It's True (by a landslide), then CCM, and far down in third is Bauer. CCM gets soft really fast but I'm not sure if the materials are meant to get that soft since they recommend only to be baker for I think 3 mins. If done longer it does get pretty soft but since they recommend 3 mins, I'm sure it can't be good for the materials.
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    Hi guys - Steve from Sparx here. There's really no need to do anything different when starting up your machine after a few months. Like a lot of you, some of our machines were unused for a few months and there's no issues in starting them right up and sharpening. Thanks!
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    This thing reads like one of those “articles” that is actually a paid advertisement.
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    Topics split; use this one for discussion of the retail offerings.
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    No idea why anyone would want to run when they can fly around on wheels. This comment correlates with my waistline after 4 months of covid lockdown
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    There is no logic in this statement. If others don’t have data then the new player doesn’t need data? Come on... They are implying they reduce concussions, show me the evidence. I remember when people were touting concussion reducing mouthguards (there was a lady on here years and years ago making that argument) with no evidence. If you make a claim and then charge a premium, I want some data. Even data that is debatable is better than nothing, especially if the data is looked at without an agenda.
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    I learned hockey outside on roller blades, and only played on asphalt with a ball from middle school until intramurals in college. Before quarantine, I hadn’t skated outside in 12 years, and hadn’t purchased outdoors wheels in 15. Was fun to set up bearing and wheels again! I used to be SUPER comfortable on roller blades, and I’m kinda back, but haven’t regained stopping. I used to be able to more or less “hockey stop” on roller blades or do that power slide. Now, I just do hard turns and pray to break speed. I took a page from Vet88 and have been skating with my laces undone. Not sure if it will translate to ice at all. We’ll see!
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    Well, i thank you all For your input. Looks like im going skate shopping, will see how it turns out. Thanks again everyone
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    buying a new house and moving with a 3 month old is awful. Like getting kicked in the junk with steel toe clown shoes awful
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    Howdy, I think the risk is more about what happens to the competition if a bunch of folks get it. If the Pens are in the conference finals and seven players test positive, do they have to forfeit? What if both goalies test positive? Or the head coach and his assistants? Not saying that they shouldn't do it... I think they probably should. But the way things are going, you know one team is going to have to play without its top six players, top goalie, and head coach for the Finals or something ridiculous like that. Mark
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    Update: Deeper ROH blades definitely helped. Definitely felt more comfortable with the extra bite and felt more balanced.
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    I ended up taking advantage of the True rebate and picking up a pair of the TF9's in a 6.5W. The W width seemed really wide to me (which is what I need). I'd say the True W width is similar to a Bauer Fit 3 but the shape of the front of the True's are different from Bauer or CCM to me. It doesn't taper in slightly where the toe cap meets the boot on Bauer or CCM skates but rather, stays the same width. Also, it seems like it's a deep boot overall. There is enough volume in the top of the toe box where I think I'm going to use PowerFoot inserts to take away some of that space. The insoles I'm not sold on. It's definitely nice but it's a bit thick and you have inserts to attach for the arch (medium or high). Not sure how they will work out but I'll give them a shot.
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    Bauer Nexus GEO and TRUE PX?
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    I finally got my TF9 in the right size (7.5R) and hope I can try them on-ice tomorrow. Also got a second pair that was too wide and large (8.0W) that will go back to the shop. I'll try to do a quick comparison to my two sets of custom 2nd hand VH/True skates tomorrow as-well.
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    The games have been fun to watch! And having hockey starting at noon while working from home has been fantastic!
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    We asked at the EU TRUE helmet launch in the MIPS factory Stockholm, they answered very carefully to not imply exclusivity. It would make sense for MIPS to be in multiple helmets for their licensing model as with multiple helmets in other sports. However, given what you mention, if another company chooses to implement MIPS is another question... So for now it's exclusively in TRUE through choice of other brands not using it, not because there is a deal as originally mentioned.
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    FWIW I played a season of Jr D with a cracked shin pad. Mind you it was Jr D so guys couldnt really shoot that hard!
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    Get the elbow straps adjusted to fit you better.
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  37. 2 points
    I'm leaning towards the Leafs because I think younger legs will handle the layoff better. This and the CGY-WPG series are the two I'm really looking forward to.
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    I ordered at the lowest price and I got the same message. Looks like week 33 is August 10-16. Thankyou Marsblade for the update. I’ll stop standing by the door waiting for the UPS guy until August.
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    Yeah, nothing wrong with spending the money if you have it. I've got 3 little kids. If you're looking for comfort, sprungs have been a game changer for me. The suspension absorbs a ton of the impact. Even skating on shredded sidewalk I had almost no chatter at all.
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    First off, thank God you are ok. I didn't have a heart attack but I had three stents put in on March 2nd so I kinda dodged that bullet. I never felt symptoms but I had 3 90% blocked arteries. I was supposed to take about a month off and then Covid hit so I haven't been on the ice. Even though I am on some pretty heavy duty thinner the doc said I could play as long as I am careful. I'm down over 20lbs and walk and ride and roller blade every day so I can't wait to see how I feel on the ice!!!!! I dont think there is any reason you cannot play. To be honest once you get your get your diet and weight in line you'll be as good as new and hockey will help you. Just got news today that I am invited to a very small and safe skate on Friday so I will let you know how it goes. If you want to talk diet, recovery, etc send me a PM.
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    Hey Steve, Have you guys ever considered a discount for bulk grinding rings purchases? For example, you offer the (3) ring starter pack for a discount. I’d like to stock up on 1/2” and 5/8” wheels for the season and it would be nice to see a price break at some point. If I weren’t all set on 1/2” Fire wheels, I would just buy starter packs. Thanks.
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    Ultimately went with the 7.5 fit 1. Tried them on again today and the pressure wasn't enough to give up the snugness in the ankle in going to the fit 2. Baked them with superfeet and they felt good. The guy said if it comes to it we can bake again or even punch out the pressure points. Thanks everybody
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    I feel like Ultra Tacks is the modern one95. Everyone loved it, and then the company moved on to other fancier tech, but so many people would be happy just to have access to that slightly older stick.
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    Everyone has their own opinion but I personally think CCM is way more advanced than Bauer when it comes to sticks. The FT3 Pro is a fantastic stick and CCM has two other sticks releasing this year that are also amazing as well. While I used to boucne around between brands for many years changing between brands I am firmly on the CCM bandwagon now.
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    They thumbs are very flexible and have little to no restriction. My gloves are 15" and I'd sat they're slightly longer maybe 15.25" it's really the fingers where you'll notice that difference the most. Whatever the size you'd normally go with stick with that
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    Can we hit the undo on that? No need to confuse the conversation. Retail version should get it's own thread. JMO
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    The play-in round is going to be awesome. 5-6 games a day starting between 9AM and 7:30PM PT. Gonna need to put a TV in my home office!
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    In my mind, once you're playing with other people (as opposed to just lacing up and shooting around by yourself) you want something sturdy. First of all for safety, you don't want something breaking down on you and sending you flying. Secondly, for durability, because the nature of playing with other people pushes you more, and by default it pushes your equipment more, so the wear and tear is magnified. Others might disagree, but I think decent skates are a worthwhile investment if you play a couple times a week. If you're looking for a new skate, honestly any other skate in the same price range as the RSX is probably better. If you go up to 300 you have the Fz5 or the Tour code 2.one, revel3, x2.7. Or for the same price you can get a decent used skate. I wouldn't put another dollar into the RSX boots because I don't trust that they would hold up at your weight even with better frames.
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    So I took the time to go try on the FIT 2 & 3 between the Vapor 2x Pro and the Supreme Ultrasonic & 3S PRO. I can't really get my feet into a fit 1 so didn't even bother with those. The tongue does play into how the skate feels based on trying a FIT 3 Ultrasonic vs a FIT 3 in the 3S PRO. The Ultrasonic tongue is much better than the previous 2S PRO but it definitely does take up more space, in terms of volume compared to the more standard 3S PRO tongue. When I tried on the 32 PRO, there was less press over the top of my foot versus the Ultrasonic in the same spot due to the tongue. I could really feel the Reflex segments in the Ultrasonic. Overall, the new supreme has more volume in the curved section of the boot or between the instep and ankle area compared to the previous Supreme and even Nexus line. There is less volume in the front half of the skate compared to the Nexus but part of that is also due to the new Toe Cap. I'd agree with the assessment that it's a slightly wider Supreme EE (Nexus D) but the heel area is definitely no where near as wide and cavernous as the Nexus. I'd call FIT 3 more like a Nexus width up front, mid section is like a supreme EE but with a little more volume, and the heel/ankle area is like a Supreme shape but the ankle and heel padding isn't like an Supreme EE (not as thick or bulky). Overall, for me, heel shape works better than the Supreme EE and Nexus as it seems like the padding is located better and shaped better for my foot. Regarding the FIT 3 between a Vapor and Supreme, they are similar but definitely feel different. The difference is most likely due to the boot cut and overall shape. Even with the asymetrical ankles, I fail the pencil test in the FIT 3 Vapor and pass the pencil test in the FIT 3 supreme comfortably. The FIT 3 Vapor feels slightly more snug overall (at least for me) and has slightly less volume overall... is the best way I can describe it. I'm going to guess depending on the foot shape, the feel difference between FIT 3 (and the other FITs) across the two lines will be more pronounced for some and not for others. I briefly tried on a FIT 2 Ultrasonic and that didn't really last long. The FIT 2 Ultrasonic seemed tighter compared to the previous generation Supreme D across all areas but I can't make much statement as it was an uncomfortable fit overall for me. Side note - the Bauer fit machine put in a FIT 2 but a second scan put in a FIT 3. Using Bauer fit system - it says I have a E Right EE Left forefoot, low end instep, high volume where the foot and ankle meet, medium ankle volume, medium/medium high heel. Length was 6.5 skate size. I like my skate tight and there was no way a FIT2 would even be comfortable for me.
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    my buddy sent them an email about his L chassis - the response was that they're finishing up production still. I'm assuming that it's end of July at this point, maybe early Aug. my other buddy and I preordered the M R1 and I am just assuming that we'll get them last week of August.

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