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    THANKS BUD! Had the procedure yesterday. The stented the distal artery - something they don't usually do. Apparently its really low down and they say people don't typically feel effects from blockages there (it was also only 70% blocked). For any of you that know me though, I am far from typical so yea, of course it impacted me!! The procedure went well and I actually do feel a bit different and better today. Hopefully that's not just my brain convincing me of that and this is it! Fingers crossed!! I am optimistic this morning!
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    Massachusetts Hockey updated their "acceptable" face covering for play policy today and states the Bauer splash guard as not meeting CDC guidelines: What is an approved face covering? *This guidance answer was modified as of 11/13/20 at 5 p.m.* While the Commonwealth appreciates the efforts made by various manufacturers to address the reduction of respiratory spray from players, further review of various products has led to clarified guidance indicating that the “plastic shield” style products do not comply with the CDC guidance for face coverings. As such, both the Bauer Concept 3 Splash Guard and the Tektor 1.0 and 2.0 shields are NOT able to be used in lieu of a face covering. The CCM “Game On” mask has been deemed acceptable and can be used to comply with the face covering requirement. Updated Massachusetts hockey guidance
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    Came across this on Reddit.... Goodness that skate is ugly.
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    Second skate in my TF9’s, love them. Fit like a glove, even better than the second hand Custom True’s I had before. crazy how broken down my customs were, I barely need to tie the TF9 with how they wrap and how stiff they are. Only thing I’m not a fan of is the holder size, was on 272 Tuuk and these came with a 263 Shift holder. It’s not too much length but it makes enough of a difference to throw me off. Thinking about going with a 272 shift holder though, I really like the blades and the holder.
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    I'll have some demos units in hand Monday to evaluate. I'll do a video.
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    I was watching the BU game where he got paralyzed. I was on the phone with the now Mrs. when he went for a big hit and missed. She heard my "ooohhh" over the phone and asked what happened. I told her some kid just knocked himself cold. Then you could see that he was awake and you knew what had happened. Travis could have sulked and vanished but instead became such a great inspiration and advocate. It is a huge loss that he is no longer with us.
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    So I do really like the Gonzales flag detail on the Stars jersey neck, they should still look more like this:
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    I got the CCM mask for goalie masks. I’m actually really impressed with it. I still don’t think I’d play right now with how bad it’s gotten, but it’s definitely something I’ll be wearing when I do.
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    I got sent these to try and test to give them feedback... Like people mentioned here, lace bite was TERRIBLE. I couldn't get them tight enough to actually make my skates feel "snug" until I cranked them and then I had to get off the ice for the shift because lace bite was so bad. I relayed this to them but got no response. That was with the unwaxed as I usually don't use waxed laces. I never bothered to try and use the waxed.
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    The shift to overseas production is part of it but doesn’t tell the whole story. I’ve owned a few pairs of overseas retail Bonafide X and overseas pro stock gloves built to Franchise (dressed as an AX1) or QR1 specs and they’re way nicer than the newer models. The real question is why on earth did they ditch the blooming MIA/Franchise cuff for whatever they decided to put on the AX1/QX/DX. It’s the #1 reason why the glove doesn’t feel nearly as good as the older model and I’d be curious as to what data/feedback/focus group suggested that was a good idea.
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    Domestic vs foreign production
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    IMO, the FT3 Pro and Trigger 5 Pro are both excellent compared to the Flylite in regards to performance, feel, and durability. CCM has really stepped up their game compared to everyone else.
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    Still no information on what there equivalent to and why they should be sold.
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    The holder has more forward pitch and is taller than the other holders. It's also symmetrical. Those things plus the inability to use the various steel options resulted in a very different experience and "feel" when skating on the SHIFT holder vs others. IMO, while CCM tried to replicate the "feel" of the EDGE holder so that players could more easily transition to the XS holder from the EDGE holder, TRUE instead wanted to change things up. These changes resulted in a significantly different experience which some may enjoy and other will not.
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    So the big deal about multi-radius templates was that you could have different radii for the toes and something flatter at the heels. With the ellipse are they saying they don’t believe that is the way to go? Because, i have a hard time believing that the ellipse is all that much different than a single radius once it is blended from a pragmatic perspective. It’s a symetrical radius, just an ellipse instead of a circle....
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    Honestly, this still doesn't really explain anything any better than I previously understood.
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    ok... first off I think they are fugly... like it's 3am, I'm still at the bar and the chick at the end must have lost 40 lbs over the course of the night come on honey lets do this fugly! 2nd... I had Vector pros and liked them and thought they were pretty cool looking. 3rd.. at this point I will wear whatever fits me best and helps me skate better.
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    The solution should not require needing to go with custom skates to avoid ugly aesthetics. If anything, make the general retail model more streamlined and offer customers that are much more extravagant. It seems like anytime we hit the pinnacle of ugly-looking hockey equipment the manufacturers always find a way to take it to the next level.
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    They look terrific in person. And they nailed comfort and fit. With the new RibCore as well
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    Definitely looks better when viewing from a distance.
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    Is that for a dirt bike rider? Pass....
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    $16 for "unbreakable" laces with no give. Looks like a solution to a problem that hardly exists.
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    I’m sure they’ll look even more “sick” after the graphics get chipped into oblivion like on every other CCM skate.
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    Well, look at the bright side: you won't be able to miss them when worn on the ice haha. As an Easton Mako fanboy, looks are overrated haha
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    I cry a little every time I see laces wrapped around the tendon guard
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    Thought this was super cool and had to share:
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    Every now and then a piece comes along that peaks my interest. Warrior Franchise 14N made for Robidas and the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Digital Palms, mesh gussets and sick thumb badge.
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    Our saga continues with my son. But I think we are narrowing in on what works best for him. We've tried the Bauer Concept 3 splash guard, CCM Game On mask, and an UnderArmor sports mask. All with a Bauer Concept 3 bubble. For him, the best results are the UA mask. The splash guard fogged on him and made the visor fog more. The CCM mask felt too restrictive (maybe we needed to experiment a bit with adjustments, but didn't) The UA doesn't cause extra fogging and felt less restrictive. He is also used to it, as he's been wearing them for dryland, warm ups, and with his trainer. So he knows what to expect when he is putting effort in with the mask on. Given some states are now requiring a mask while on ice (we've been proactive in reducing his risk of exposure), I am going to pick up a few more UA masks for him so he can always have a fresh dry one, as he does soak them while playing or working out.
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    It's probably bc you were over tightening.
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    One noticeable difference will probably be in the blade feel. The Flylite will have a blade that's a feels a bit more "livelier" compared to the Trigger. Personally I've always preferred the Trigger when it comes to low kick sticks.
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    That Dallas third looks like it was designed at Hampton Beach. Trust me, the New England guys get it.
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    - Thrashers is indeed terrible, but I like that they tried (and failed) an asymmetrical pattern - The Habs barberpole PJ and the Kachina are both so bad that it's somehow good
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    I switched out a concept III for the FV1 that I got on sale a week ago (3 skates), and I’m amazed at how much better it is. The Bauer would always start fogging up down low and get worse as the hour progressed, but the FV1 has stayed crystal clear. Not exactly sure why, they seem to look almost identical, but maybe it sits a touch further away from my face.
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    Tried my UA mask with my helmet (w/ cage) the other night. It was comfortable, didn't interfere physically or optically, didn't have to adjust the helmet, easy to move out of the way to drink...very pleased. I much prefer the mask staying on my face when I lift the cage. Do note...imho, the UA mask fits a touch small.
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    Lipitor is a wonderful drug!!
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    So the angiogram on Monday revealed a new blockage and they did another stent. That brings the total to 4! I have a growing collection of titanium in my chest! "I am Ironman!!" This spot was only 30% blocked in March and now it was 85% blocked. It should not have happened. My Ldl level is rock bottom low (25) and I've lost 24 lbs so its not that. The surgeon and the cardiologist think that when they did the last angioplasty that area might have gotten irritated and the swelling led to increased blockage. I guess I have to hope that they are right because the other option means I am getting massive uncontrolled build up. Not a good sounding scenario to be sure. I guess since my surgeon is one of the preeminent guys in the field and does 1500 a year I have to trust his theory,. For now time to rest and recover and then back on the ice!!
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    Ok... 4 weeks post 4th sent (2nd angioplasty) and now I am going back again. Just don't feel right. This really f-ing sucks. Hope 3rd times a charm.
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    But what happens if both players are wearing this skate? Does it cancel the ability of the first player to fly past the other? We will have to wait for the answer to this mystery...
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    Im not overly picky about style but even I wont wear anything this ugly... Good thing the new Ribcor skate will be one-piece and looks very tame in comparison.
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    Unfortunately due to low returns on data from end users, the Prosharp Project is being shut down. The AS2001 is being packed up and sent back to Prosharp. I really felt that it would go over well and provide end users an opportunity to try different profiles at virtually zero cost to them, but a lot of them abused the generosity and work behind it. Situations like this only hurt what we're trying to accomplish here - having a community with opinions and experiences and being able to collaborate with manufacturers. To those who did provide feedback, we totally appreciate it. I felt that we were able to dial in profiles for those end users. I totally appreciate your honesty and willingness to try new things.
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    That’s the correct fit. Remember: these (and other non-medical grade) masks aren’t meant to necessarily filter the air you breathe in or out so much as just catch droplets. Think of it more as a face shield.
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    Does it also fit the True Shift holder?
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    Today at 1 PM A discussion with Joey and John from the ProSharp Canada offices about the Zuperior, Quad and brand new Ellipse profiles. https://fb.watch/1xEGxM2sCZ/
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    I found this that helps a little. It seems as was surmised, no more multiple radii and instead just a single ellipse. https://www.prosharp.se/pub_docs/files/Our-most-popular-profiles.pdf
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    If we look at a regular single radius profile with zero pitch, the skater would feel balanced without a feeling of their toes or heels are getting pushing up. If you have a 10 foot circle, you can cut out a 1 foot long section and the arc is going to be the same no matter where you make the cut. If you have an ellipse that is 10 feet from one end to the other, and then you cut out a 1 foot section, it's not going to be the same shape if you cut it from the middle as opposed to from one of the ends. Maybe the blade profile isn't a shape that is cut from the very middle of the ellipse. What if they are cutting it off center so the back of the blade is longer and flatter, and the front of the blade curves more. When you put that profile onto a blade, you might have the sensation of leaning forward too much. So, they put a reverse pitch on it.
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    The sound of someone wearing them coming into the defensive zone when I was getting the puck always made me feel like they were right on top of me even though they were still at center ice. lol
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    Just grabbed these early 1990's vintage Hartford Whalers Easton GX800's and Carolina faux Whalers socks
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    Just came back from pickup and remembered that last year I had been unemployed during the holidays and had to drop hockey to cut expenses. It reminded me to be thankful for things many people take for granted, like having a good job. i know some people on this board are going through or have gone through some rough stuff and I just want to wish everyone the best today and during the rest of the holiday season.

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