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    The funny thing about that 250 off is that if you want to buy 2 pairs of skates, it's better to buy each pair separately and get 150 off of each. Just something I realized the other day playing around with different discounts in the cart. Edit: if you're buying two pairs of tf9s. If you're buying a TF9 and a tf7, then but then together and get 250 instead of 150+50
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    So I had the first skate on my TF9, so here are some quick thoughts: Baking had quite the impact on length - before baking I was feathering the toecap even when knees-over-toes, after I don't feather them even sitting upright. The new standard tongues don't work for me - created an instant pressure spot on the top of my instep, both before and after baking. Switching the footbed (didn't bother with the inserts for arch support and went for Superfeet Yellow) and tongue (classic VH felt) to what I was used to from my custom VH, the fit of the skate was very similar. Not sure what to think of the symmetric Shift holder and Steel after a single session. I didn't bottom out, the edges felt responsive, but top speed was lacking. Will try again in a few days. Comparing my TF9 7.5R to my Vapor 1x (1st gen) 7.5EE, I'd describe the fit as follows: Length: Pre-bake very comparable, Post-bake the TF9 feels longer. On the Bauer I couldn't go for 7.0, on the True I think I could pull it off post-bake. Width forefoot/toes: Pre-bake the TF9 felt narrower (constant pressure on the pinky), post-bake the TF9 ended up feeling slightly wider. Width heel: Don't remember pre-bake, post-bake the TF9 even untied does provide good heel lock, while the 1x needs to be tied down heavily in the 3rd & 4th eyelet. Comparing my TF9 to my True_V1 (1st gen under their banner, integrated shot blockers) and VH_V2 (2nd gen) custom skates I'd say: The felt tongue feels superior to the new stock tongue. The lateral stiffness of the True_V1 is significantly higher, of the 2+ years heavy used VH_V2 is about identical. The facing containing the eyelets is more "relaxed" (more gradual) on the TF9, but the eyelet positions seems to be essentially the same. The soft edge ("comfort edge" with other manufacturers) is slightly bigger on the TF9 Fit and finish on the TF9 is excellent, while with the custom skates you have loads of excess glue, blemishes in the clear-coat, etc. Visual: The carbon fiber on the customs looks to be a significantly "smaller" weave Visual: The 1st gen VH had a completely "flat" bottom between the front and rear tower mounting surfaces, while the 2nd gen forward had a raised area (also containing the drainage holes) that probably increased stiffness, while the TF9 has a "flat" bottom again. Tomorrow I'll maybe have some time on my hands and will measure, weigh and so on, but from a purely subjective PoV: The TF9 feels like a very good skate, with thermo-formability that more than rivals my Easton Mako 2 (that one I had to clamp down to achieve comparable heel lock), and stiffness slightly lower than the custom model. After switching the laces, tongue and footbed to what I was used to, they felt like my 2nd hand custom skates. It hugs your feet in an incredibly comfortable way, and will surely soak up plenty of the 2nd hand custom model market. I just got myself a True_V1 set in good condition in a similar size, but with the VH+Step holder. Will I switch to the TF9? Right now the Step holder and steel felt better, but I have not had the TF9 profiled yet (since no-one over here does profiling.....). So while the first impression was that the custom with different holder+steel+profile performed better, I'll give the TF9 a couple more tries.
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    Just had these done at Pure. I had some Mission NLS2 that were unfortunately, too wide. Bummed at the prospect of buying a new set of skates, my buddy told me to just troll around sideline swap for a pair of donor boots. These 1S in my size came up for a super cheap price - $135. I had Pure take off my Bauer/Mission chassis and put them on the 1S and I'm now loving it.
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    I really appreciate the support, guys. The amount of friends, memories and knowledge that I have from MSH is unreal. Much love and respect
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    I want all 3...protective while being light and non-restrictive.
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    For those who have expressed interest in trying it; at some point we may be able to start a Long-Term Review. I'm hoping to hit the ice next week. As some of you know, my mom is immunocompromised due to cancer and so we've been extremely cautious about us being exposed (and consequently, bringing it back to her) and she's getting another surgery at the end of next week. So I'm looking to go to the rink when there aren't many people there, and that's usually a weekday noon open skate session (which would be the best way to try these.) I like the way this thread is going so far; there's been very good back and forth discussion. Keep it up!
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    Update: Deeper ROH blades definitely helped. Definitely felt more comfortable with the extra bite and felt more balanced.
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    I ended up taking advantage of the True rebate and picking up a pair of the TF9's in a 6.5W. The W width seemed really wide to me (which is what I need). I'd say the True W width is similar to a Bauer Fit 3 but the shape of the front of the True's are different from Bauer or CCM to me. It doesn't taper in slightly where the toe cap meets the boot on Bauer or CCM skates but rather, stays the same width. Also, it seems like it's a deep boot overall. There is enough volume in the top of the toe box where I think I'm going to use PowerFoot inserts to take away some of that space. The insoles I'm not sold on. It's definitely nice but it's a bit thick and you have inserts to attach for the arch (medium or high). Not sure how they will work out but I'll give them a shot.
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    I finally got my TF9 in the right size (7.5R) and hope I can try them on-ice tomorrow. Also got a second pair that was too wide and large (8.0W) that will go back to the shop. I'll try to do a quick comparison to my two sets of custom 2nd hand VH/True skates tomorrow as-well.
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    8W is likely a good fit for you.
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    I don't know if this sort of data is available, but I don't know how much shoulder pads necessarily help in that sort of situation. Growing up a kid a few years older than me got hit in the chest with a puck while wearing shoulders pads and his heart stopped and he died (I will caveat that this was in the '90s and shoulder pads have improved). As I understand, incidents of heart stoppage due to a puck to chest are incredibly rare. Sure, you can take the, "if it can save one life" sort of attitude. But at the same time you might as well wear your helmet while driving to rink as I would guess that is more likely to save your life than shoulder pads preventing heart stoppage from a puck to the chest, particularly if your car is older and doesn't have side airbags. Edit: I did some brief research and found this article: https://www.chicagotribune.com/investigations/ct-chest-protectors-commotio-cordis-standard-met-20160408-story.html. It focused on baseball mostly and summarized that there is no indication that chest protectors or even special heart protective gear reduce the risk of commotio cordis (apparently what it is called). The articles claims about 10-20 cases in the US, mostly younger boys, and is rare in adults. And the best solution seems to be immediate access to an external defibrillator to restore proper heart rhythm.
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    Yeah the MLB is doomed. They were so busy arguing about money that they didn’t bother coming up with an actual plan. Doesn’t help that nobody is following protocol and the players aren’t even limited to the hotel and ballpark. Even the umpires were wearing their masks as neck warmers.
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    The games have been fun to watch! And having hockey starting at noon while working from home has been fantastic!
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    The key is no travel and keeping everyone contained. MLB will never make it.
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    We asked at the EU TRUE helmet launch in the MIPS factory Stockholm, they answered very carefully to not imply exclusivity. It would make sense for MIPS to be in multiple helmets for their licensing model as with multiple helmets in other sports. However, given what you mention, if another company chooses to implement MIPS is another question... So for now it's exclusively in TRUE through choice of other brands not using it, not because there is a deal as originally mentioned.
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    FWIW I played a season of Jr D with a cracked shin pad. Mind you it was Jr D so guys couldnt really shoot that hard!
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    Howdy, Well, I guess there's still a chance for a sweep... Mark
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    Dual durometer is non sense on a single pour wheel. The Shore A durometer measure (which is measured by pushing a little pin into the surface of the urethane with a scale like this: https://baxlo.com/en/shore-a-durometer) can only output one value: that of all the mixed chemicals making up the final urethane. Of course on a multi pour wheel each band will have its own durometer. Together the bands will act very differently then on a single pour wheel, thats why you see more and more brands getting rid of the A shore measure. It also says only so much: player weight, skating style, profile shape, core, wheel age, exposure to sun / temperature, shelf life and added chemicals all influence performance on different surfaces.
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    I guess I have some good news. I played in a pickup on Sunday, as I mentioned here: The guy told me said it was a D5 skate (the division I was previously playing in). It very much was not. Though, being a pickup it also wasn't as difficult as D4 (which I have subbed in a couple times when I got to the rink early for my game and their goalie got hurt or didn't show up and got LIT UP). It was basically D4/D5 mix of players playing at a level somewhere in-between. Anyway, that to me actually made it fun. The other pickup I've been playing in for years has definitely declined in skill level for the most part, which makes the 2-3 really good players basically just annoying because it's non-stop breakaways. This was way more fun than that. My legs were jello pretty quickly, and semblance of flexibility I had is completely gone, and my timing and angles are all totally hosed. But I don't care. It was fun because it was a challenge. I let the guy know afterwards that it was really fun and that it makes me much less disappointed not being on a league team knowing I could do pickups at this level. He asked me if I wanted to return and I happily agreed. So, looks like I now have a weekly ice time once again. Its at noon which is good and bad - good because its not 10PM, but bad because it basically kills my day. But I'm not about to complain, I'm just happy to be doing something again.
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    Maybe it doesn't apply as much but when you have something spinning/vibrating, the weight of the entire machine dampens it and reduces wobble. In woodworking the better equipment weighs a ton for this exact reason, sometimes guys will search out old vintage machines from the 30s and 40s because they are even heavier. Not sure how that comes into play here but you do notice the higher end sharpeners also seem a lot beefier. I could be wrong but that is where my head is at.
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    7.5R TF9: 263mm 8.0W TF9: 272mm The MK2 was quite a while back, after running and dropping some weight I dropped an entire size, so very hard to compare today. I used to skate in 8.5EE Mako 2 at the same time as 8.5EE Vapor XXXX/x:60/x7.0, went to 8.0EE in 1X (1st gen) and then 7.5EE in 1x (1st gen as-well). So sadly no current comparison, but I remember how the boot felt very well.
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    That's the way to do. Something I'll consider especially if they can offer a cheaper unit.
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    Habs played really well last night. Kulak has been a force.
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    I went from the cheap Sheerwood which nearly got me killed, got a shoulder to the chest when my head was turned and was coughing for about six weeks after. Went to a JOFA which was a tank but way to bulky. Down to a CCM mid price point which was OK. Then I found the CCM CL shoulder pads and could not be happier, I don't even know they are on and they have saved me at least twice with no problem.
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    Thank you !!! One thing I can't stress enough is aggravation I have been having with the Sparx sharpened blades after about a year and a half of non-commercial use. It's gotten to the point where I started taking our blades to a guru every couple of months to have them "doctored". All because after a while of continued Sparx use I started feeling flat spots, ringles, and other crazy things I remember from way back when when steel was crap and women were happy. I can't put a price tag on that. Good to see MSH is very much alive and happy after some 4 - 5 years away :-). I will post a review of the ProSharp Home after we run it for a couple of months. Thanks again ALL!
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    I agree. The cost of the unit and wheels is more but the cost per sharpening skates is less. I think it all depends on how much volume you're gonna do. I'd you're doing 1-3 skates a week the Sparx is better. If you're doing 10+ skates a week the ProSharp is likely better.
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    I bring my portable prosharp to the rink for every game and sharpen everyone's skates on my team. My SUV has a 12V outlet. Each guy kicks me down 2 bucks and I use that for our team beer money after the game.
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    I think you might not need a wide. Your foot is the same width as his, but it's longer, so the larger size that you take might be ok in a regular width... Just food for thought
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    You just defined “pro stock” initially those pads were part of a sale to a professional team. Regardless, there’s almost assuredly a restriction for third party sales, including eBay, SLS, and a site like PSH
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    N = 1, no control for any other variables, it is what it is as far as any generalizable conclusions.
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    Well, it's obviously my personal opinion after watching my son almost have a concussion wearing his True lid for the first time in a game... Check out the previous thread 'New True LId' Pg 4...
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    I apologize for the misunderstanding. Thank you for the clarification
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    Awesome! If leaving the holders on, I’d do it the way you did, to get a truer wrap of the foot.
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    The jofa numbering confuses me so bad. There’s a few pairs if jofa pads I’m looking at but I’m not sure which ones or pro stock or rent just a retail low end pair.They are expensive so that’s why I’m leaning towards tacks as I can try it on. But good to see they are great if I decide to go that way. yeah. The ones I want no stores in my city have the ones I’m looking for. And the other issue is the 2S felt fine but I didn’t realize it was going to dig in and cause bruises. I’m just a bit wary. It sucks because I love the pad I really do but the bruise is nasty and playing especially on my right arm hurts. It never really heals.
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    Possibly misinterpreted your statement, and I apologize if it came off as confrontational, I was challenging what I perceived to be your argument that since others don’t publish data, why should this company? I don’t know exactly what data is out there for the bulk of the helmets we wear, at least from the manufacturers, but this helmet is telling some story about concussions and using buzzwords like machine learning and advanced polymers. Everything implies they have made a helmet that reduces concussions. Just using advanced materials doesn’t mean performance is better. So, just like some other threads where some of us are asking for a little bit of data before buying into the high-priced new stuff that is coming out, this should be held to the same standard.
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    Yes, decades ago I played on wood and remember using 86a single pour wheels for that and still having a lot of grip and that was in the pre-Sprung days with a flat chassis. I think your plan of using the R1 outdoors and the Sprungs indoors makes sense. The grit of outdoor surfaces can get in the part of the frame that holds the front rocker arms in Sprungs and loosen them up with friction wear. Plus, as you said, the asphalt can wear down the plastic. When you get the R1's and have a few hours of playing on them, I'd love to hear your thoughts on those vs. Sprungs. I don't know how many they have, but I know Coast to Coast inline has some original Konnix Pure's in +2 listed on their site: https://coasthockeyshop.com/collections/indoor-inline-roller-hockey-wheels/products/konixx-pure-wheel?variant=36561322769 I have never used them on anything, but Sport Court though; so don't know if they're the best option for the surfaces you play on. Most of the guys, I know that play on polished concrete with Sprungs swear by the yellow Labeda Grippers. They spend money on top end wheels when they play on Sport Court and have tried those on cement, but say for some reason the single pour wheels work better on the polished concrete. They are lighter than I am though.
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    Vet88, to provide further education on metallurgy let me first start by outlining this. Hardness is a great factor to consider, but it is not the only factor. There are other mechanical properties such as toughness for a quick example which are critical in the making of a good steel. Hence if I simply told you my steel has a Rockwell of 55 and then you asked "OEM-B" who said that their product called "LS4" had the same Rockwell, you might be compelled to think both companies blades will hold the same for edge retention and durability. Which is far from the truth. It would be like saying plexiglass and wood have the same hardness value and hence are the same material and will behave the same way. Which, is far from the truth; if you try to bend both, snap both, or bang both against each other, very different things will be found. A prime example is the breakage rates on LS4s which were snapping like candy sticks and had high volume warranty issues. Our steel holds its edge much longer not only due to our hardness, but also the other mechanical properties and our processing techniques. By using a high carbon stainless, and having a good ratio of Fe, C, Mn, Si, P, S, Cr, Mo, Ni...etc...etc. alloying elements we make a great steel. We used to publish extensively what we used and our processing techniques, but really now, not even 1% of people would comprehend or appreciate the subject matter, so it doesnt make sense to communicate it in depth and in fact it only harms us by allowing new entrants (who are all copy-cats anyways) a quicker advantage to follow our recipe. Sorry to not be of more help, but hope that gets your head into the brief underworld of metallurgy. Onto some facts now, I can say our warranty is 1 year (go beat that) and even with that time, Im very proud to say we've had an extremely low number of issues and most issues were more in our early days when we were still tweaking and refining our process. On the edge side, one fun example is an NHL EM we work extensively with ran a player for 3 games (+ the practices in between) on a single sharpening (yes he checked thoroughly after every session, he is a pro, but the steel didnt need a tune). And yes, we find many beer leaguers / all players are able to cut sharpening down in frequency, or in keeping the same frequency, the edges only need a slight tune-up, it might be a 3-pass sharpen, instead of a cross grind and 8 pass re-hollow for example. We formed our company to serve the strict needs and demand of the NHL and other high calibre pro leagues. We want to not only be effective for its players (speed, performance, health benefits), but to make the life of the EM's more efficient and hopefully save them valuable time too. Again, tried to shed the light I can, hope it helps. Cheers
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    I've bought nothing. I had bought what I needed last year and still have stuff leftover, like tape, and gear is still in great condition from playing once a week.
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    They are different. Dual pour is the process. Dual durometer is the material. Dual pour means that each durometer is poured separately and set individually. Dual durometer means that the two different urethanes are poured simultaneously, so they do not set separately and they do not each form their own layer. Instead, you have a single pour, dual durometer urethane that had some of the advantages of both and is typically superior to single durometer single pour wheels, but inferior to dual or triple pour/durometer wheels. This is my understanding of it, and if you look at RR promo materials on the trickster, you will see clearly that they refrain from writing anything about dual pour, but they try to wordsmith it in such a way that the dual durometer sounds like you're getting the same advantages. But they consistently avoid writing dual pour because it isn't.
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    Black Armour (DLC) is $125 and stainless is $99
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    Yeah, I figured they'd be able to get me some if I contact them directly. I'll probably hold off until rinks and league play reopens to try to order. I was planning on using them for indoor wood actually. I'm about 30lbs lighter than you, so I'd probably do fine with the world cups anyway, but I'm more interested in the dual pour freestyle. I'm using sprungs and with my weight and how hard I skate I would love to get on an 84a dual pour for indoor wood and tile. I think the grip would be ok since the sprungs flex a decent amount, and they would probably fly. I can't see myself on 78a and sprungs. Tried that on painted concrete and it was slowww. For outdoor asphalt I'm using 89a or 90a. Anything less lasts me about 3-4 skates. I'll really just have to see what surfaces open up for league play soonest before I order anything though. Until then it's all asphalt for us.
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    All good, that's the story I think a lot of people are interested in. This is a gear geek site with some here pretty well-versed in the ins and outs, so talking about the minutiae is par for the course (some threads get into the 100+ page range). As for OEMs, yeah, but that isn't unique to hockey, established companies always have that advantage, that is why a brand in and of itself has value. Newer entrants always have the challenge of crossing the chasm.
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    Didn’t realize the twitter user and the poster were the same, my fault! sounds like CCM Fast Team is saying curve aspect alone is same as p90T
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    This is definitely true. Rinks have been shutting down consistently for a decade+ around me. I'm sure this covid shut down is going to be a dagger for a lot of these rinks too. That said, I don't get dek hockey and I only know of one place here that has an adult league and it's mostly the result of having a lot of extra space in their facility and enough roller rinks already
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    No idea why anyone would want to run when they can fly around on wheels. This comment correlates with my waistline after 4 months of covid lockdown
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    Interesting to see the RE-AKT 75 scoring among the highest, whereas its predecessor IMS7.0 scored 2nd lowest. I have (2) Cascade M11's, the IMS 7.0's predecessor, as it was the only helmet at its time that felt truly comfortable on my wide but short front-to-back noggin (think Stewie Griffin). The RE-AKT just does not seem wide enough on me compared to the M11 or the IMS7.0, pressuring the area above the temples due to the redesigned shell. Any existing or former IMS7.0/M11 users out there that have come across a current generation helmet that's comparable in fit for fatheads like me? Thinking about getting an IMS 7.0 on closeout to replace my oldest M11, as I only play shinny at a speed where there's less chance of concussion to start with.

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