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    Hey guys! Long time lurker, first time poster I work for STX and manage their Ice Hockey division. Hills over here has been an integral part in providing us with feedback on an initial prototype that we sent him. To answer some of your questions... Fit: The Halo glove (pictured), will be tight to hand, similar to the Surgeon line. We can't have these be loose fitting, otherwise the purpose will essentially be defeated. Protection: We would not be pursuing this product if protection wasn't a first thought. As someone pointed, we took inspiration from our RZR lacrosse glove. We beefed it up, and have put the gloves through industry standard protection testing. The gloves have passed with flying colors. We also have prototypes out in the marketing with elite youth and junior players. Release date: TBD... most likely May/June HPR2 Pro gloves: Improved four roll glove based off the HPR2. Releasing this Friday. I like to talk gear. Email me at ericb@stx.com if you'd like to shoot the shit.
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    But those 5 less grams on the FT3 are everything. It’s probably like 20 more goals over the course of a season
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    Not really Trigger 5 Pro 365 grams Jetspeed FT3 Pro 375 grams Halo 380 grams Tacks AS3 Pro 385 grams *advertised weights
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    Finally got around to stripping and anodizing my R1’s. Damn these look sick! Plan on painting the axles just to complete the murdered out look
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    If you look at the IG teasers the HPR2 Pro glove is still a 4 roll glove. This looks like the successor to the RX3 gloves Edit: pro gloves release the 22nd. In the IG comments for this pic STX said the release date for these gloves are tbd
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    indeed is the ft4 stick to go along with the ft4 skates. only a matter of weeks till the ft5 twigs come out
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    Hit it with a heat gun about 2-3" away. That will tighten it up. You can fill the gap in with a paint pen if it bothers you.
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    I thought this was funny, knowing that we will be zooming the skate.
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    Thats the graphics but we all know Kane wont switch away from his standard stick. This is all I can find thats public knowledge: http://www.hockeyworldblog.com/2021/01/20/bauer-vapor-hyperlite-stick/
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    Thanks for sharing this. I thought the ranking of the FT2 was interesting, so much so that my LHS had them knocked down 40% on clearance and I luckily had a gift card to us so I picked one up (not that I needed a new stick but whatever). After a bit of usage, I concur that the stick is more "forgiving" when it comes to shooting. As was pointed out, you can still get a nice shot off even if your mechanics are off a bit or your balance isn't perfect. I own both Trigger 2s and 3Ds (low-kick) as well as Super Tacks 2.0 and Ultra Tacks (Mid). I find with the low-kick, you really have to grip hard and snap to get the most out of them, while I find with the mid-kick, your mechanics/follow-through need to be sound to really load up the shaft get the most out of those sticks. The FT2 seems to me anyways better able to handle a wider variety of in-game shooting opportunities. Which is sort of how it's marketed.
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    I agree that this site is the best resource. Chassis: Hi Lo, Flat, Marsblade O1 (more for ice training) and R1 (designed for playing inline) and the Sprung chassis are the main playing options. I have tried Hi Lo, Flat, the old Tuuk Rocker and Sprungs and definitely prefer Sprungs, but you do have to maintain them (and if you want them to last, it's better to use them indoors then outdoors). I haven't tried the Marsblade R1, but would if my Sprungs were shot and I couldn't buy another set of those. The Sprung creator is working on a more durable version called the Fizix, but there's no definitive information on if or when those will be released (just prototypes on FB that have been posted for 2-3 years now). There are more detailed threads here with detailed discussions on the Marsblade O1, R1 and Sprungs. Wheels: This depends on your weight and the surface you're playing on. For outdoors on Asphalt, the Labeda and Revison Asphalts are two that are regularly recommended. For smooth cement, Labeda Gripper yellows are wheels many players I know use for that surface. The best wheel I've used for Sport Court is the Konixx Pure (I use them in +2); the newer version of that is the Konixx Pure X (haven't tried that yet, but they're discussed in a wheel discussion thread). Personally, I spend the money on the good wheels for Sport Court, but just get the cheapest, hardest wheels I can find for outdoor use and if I'm ever on cement indoors I either use cheap wheels or very well used wheels that I've retired for Sport Court use. Bearings: Personally, I don't notice a huge difference in bearings as long as they're clean and spin. I've tried Swiss, Ceramic, Helo Quark, Abec 7, Abec 5 ect. In my opinion, either buy good bearings that have removable dust shields so you can clean and lube them on a regular basis or just buy the cheapest bearings you can find and replace them when they stop spinning smoothly. I notice a huge difference with high end vs. cheap wheels on Sport Court, but really don't notice a big difference with bearings. Some people swear by high end bearings though.
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    This is pretty much the best website you'll find. Other than that, look through IW and just read the marketing blurbs will give you some ideas of what's out there. The basic rundown is either all 80s, 76/80 hilo, and then Marsblade. Boots just whatever fits you for ice wood give you a good idea. Wheels depends on surface you're going to skate on. It's pretty straight forward honestly
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    It's all about finding the most shallow hollow that allows you to control your edges and maximize glide. Using too deep a hollow requires more energy to push off, leading to quicker muscle fatigue.
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    The hand breaks look very similar to the RZR lacrosse gloves released last year, which used a single molded foam piece for the backhand with segmentation cutouts... If that tech has been moved over to hockey gloves I can see it being an interesting change in how protection packages are made.
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    The real issue with this sort of testing is players tend to base their comments of a comparison to their current stick. That's a moving target and offers little to no baseline. What you should try to do is get testers to use a "control" stick before testing, something you know. All comments and opinions should be made in comparison to the control.
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    I think of it this way, if you are driving straight down through the footbed, transferring force directly through the blade with no torque, stiffness of the sidewalls does’t come into play.
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    It's not one piece, if you look at it in full res. We've been through that song and dance at length just last year, with the speculations surrounding the mystery Kucherov skate, which ended up being the used McDonald's napkin UltraSonic. Bauer doesn't have to answer True, as they own the IP to the Mako, which is a first cousin of SVH's boots. It appears they simply don't have an interest in pursuing that avenue. Just as with the undressed UltraSonics, this new boot looks so much better than anything Bauer has squeezed out of its pipeline since the one95 that I wonder what is wrong with the world. I love that they went with the [PROTOTYPE] branding, just as STX did with their first sticks. That's the best looking stick since the Busch Balance series.
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    Watching him today at practice was awesome. Finally agile on his skates again and able to do what he used to do. On top of it, good speed that carries over with the new boots... for whatever reason. Of course, I agree with you, as I use 55Flex, or actually a leather knock off since they're out of business. From a performance standpoint, there is a tradeoff though. Too much flexibility and you lose power and explosiveness. Too little and it compromises control and agility,...at least for him and me. Finding that "sweet spot" is the trick. He certainly can take advantage of the flexibility though, as he has TF9s down two eyelets. That's crazy low lacing.
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    In general, roller boots are usually not as good as ice boots. In this case, the zoom air ice and roller boots were identical as far as I know. You would have no issue putting a holder on them. Now, when it comes to stiffness and protection, there's no way that going 25 years back in time is going to compare to today's options. Meaning, if you're looking at Zoom airs for the performance, you're barking up the wrong tree. If you want a cool retro skate for drop in and pond hockey, you'll be fine playing with these as long as they're in good condition
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    Well, that's a really good question. Based on this, I measured and..... they appear to be the same. I took his word for it about the height, but it looks like the height of the cuff from the base of the outsole is the same on both skates. Then, I measured the eyelets and with it down to the second hole on the TF9s, it appears to be lower by about a half an inch. *caveat: This is measuring with a tape measure assuming the bottom of the outsole on both skates represents where the bottom of his foot is. Still, it doesn't look like there can be much difference in height of the cuff and he probably is lacing them lower than he was on the Makos. He commented on how much stiffer the boot is on the TF than the Makos, so, maybe it's not the height of the cuff, but just the sfiffness of the cuff? So, now the question is,.... would the additional (-2) profile have fixed the issue and the new lacing pattern is just allowing him to adapt to the aggressive pitch? One more relevant point here is, last year he laced the Makos an eyelet lower. He was a freshman on the varsity team the coach told him to lace them one eyelet higher because it would make him faster to keep up with the older kids. So, with the new lacing on the TFs, he's back to where he was on the Makos one year ago, which is really friggin low.. if you've ever worn Makos, but faster in the TFs for whatever reason. Anyway, ..... I guess there is no difference in cuff height between the skates, just stiffness, but lower lacing helps, for whatever reason. Friggin skating........
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    He uses the 033 which is the TotalOne construction
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    I thought Kane uses a One95 still...? Isn't he like the prime example of that guy? Maybe he moved to the 1x at some point? But I don't ever recall him with the elliptical taper on the recent vapors
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    I would do another bake, and if you are using wax laces switch to normal unwaxed laces.
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    Should be this year I believe. They usually drop around the spring time so it should be only a couple of months. I don't know that you'll like the graphics on the new ones any better though lol
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    That shipping cost for some thin film is ridiculous. They need to find a new shipping company. I can ship a bundle of sticks from AZ to Quebec for less.
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    Easton e700 are super light and breathable, as are the old stealth s9 and S19 if you can find a new one.
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    I was just thinking of the boom of composite sticks and shafts I saw during my time in youth and high school hockey. What were some of the random brands breaking into the industry that you tried out? ProKennex - these were either kevlar or carbon fiber shafts but didn't have any consistency as far as flex. I think they were a tennis racket company. I'd bought more than one, some were extremely whippy, some were stiff as could be Quad Force - I'm pretty sure these were some sort of reinforced fiberglass.
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    I definitely remember Tony Twist skating with a ProKennex....not sure how much use it got though, lol...Always wanted one when I was younger BC of him..
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    Some of you guys should check out Visorguard. I just put one on my Concept 3 and it's legit. I had reservations about installation and then after install, with some air bubbles and what not but I'll be damned if the thing didn't cure PERFECTLY as they said it would after a little while. I was kind of shocked. Good way to protect your investment. If it gets scuffed, just pull it off and re-install another one. They aren't super cheap but I think worth it at $18. I bought two and I'm still on my first one, although my league suspended play here in MA once the governor put us under a curfew so it's only 5 games old or so. Very similar to the film you'd put on your phone screens (think Zagg products) or the stacked tear-away films you'd see on helmet visors for Indycar drivers (prior to the 2020 season's new aero-shield). You can't even tell it's on my Concept 3 and doesn't change the optics at all.
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    I have been using Hoapa sticks for the last 14 months now, logging a decent amount of time with them in roller and some on ice as well. I really like them mostly because of the customization options (don’t need to cut them when I receive them, just tape and go, and I love “sharkskin” style blades). It’s nice to get a stick that’s already just how I want it. I’ve placed two orders now, the first sticks lasted quite some time (one snapped on my first shot after I got a nasty hack on shaft in a net front battle). Performance wise they have been great for me, particularly inline. Feel like my shots come off really well. Durability seems to be ok, obviously the one that broke wasn’t necessarily all on the stick, but my other one also has a nasty chip from being skated on, but can’t say that wouldn’t happen to another stick as well. Haven’t used the new sticks yet, but they seem slightly different materials, so I’ll see when I get some action in next. May just be a change in the graphics overlays. My plan is to keep using them, at least for inline, once rinks open up and things calm down. For best value I’ll buy two every Cyber Monday as they have great deals then.
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    I only used their previous generation sticks, nothing current. It was ok. I don't recall the model but it was green and had a holiday theme to it. This was quite a long time ago. I am sure they have gotten much better since then.
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    I used the full stick and not the 2 pieces. They are decent for the price but don't compete with the top stick companies or Prostockhockeysticks. But if you want the P91 blades I don't see a huge issue with it? Just know they won't compete with the best of the best.
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    FV1 has been fantastic. Doesn't fog and is very durable. I just wish it weighed a little less.
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    I skate on 7/8" when using standard width steel and 1 5/8" on Flare and have no issues moving people. You just have to use more force to dig your edge into the ice. The depth of the hollow doesn't really change how much leverage/force you can generate, it just requires you to push harder into the ice. If you use a flatter hollow don't push harder into the ice you will sit on top of the ice instead of sinking in.
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    Small sample size before the lock down but when I dropped my sharpen to 3/4 from 5/8 I seemed to have a harder time pushing people. They seemed to be able to push and move me more. It felt like I couldn't dig in the ice as well to push a heavy guy etc. I love the glide and would never go back but like I said very small sample size. I use to wear a mirrored visor so take what a say with a grain of salt.
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    I mean, what Nick says it's kinda whatever. My point is that i did not experience the same feeling that you did. Obviously we can disagree, my point being that if someone comes here and reads this thread, they should know that there are different opinions. In my case, I read your post, wrote the Pure-X off as a bust and didn't bother with them until Nick convinced me to give them a try. The only reason I mentioned Nick is because he convinced me to give them a shot. Once I did I have to say from my own experience that I didn't have the same issue you did. (Obviously this is sales, but he said if I don't like them to give them back and he'll give me a set of pure +2s from his personal stock, so I really had nothing to lose and nothing to gain here). Anyway, point is, regardless of Nick, I did not have the issue you described with the Pure-X. PS- I agree, it's nice to get a little action here on the roller board
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    I think it comes down to competition level and program size. If your local facility has 4 to 8 teams per age group and the rink balances teams well, there is a lot of benefit to in house only, with evenly balanced competition. I believe that it does kids no good in their development to be playing on a team that always loses by a lot of goals or always wins by a lot. Kids need to experience all facets of the team game to develop. If your program is small and struggles to put more than two teams on the ice, having the kids play other towns is more beneficial in my opinion. It should also be noted that having a team go to another rink to play another house program is not travel, provided the other rink also balances their teams appropriately. On an individual player level though, the decision as to whether or not a player should play travel really depends on the challenge they are experiencing at the house level. I have coached travel and house, and I always tell the parents of players that I coach, that there is no need for true A, AA, AAA etc. play as long as your player is being challenged at the level they are at. If the player is absolutely dominating every game at house level, they should try travel as they need challenging competition to push them to develop further. If they are not dominating they should stay where they are. Overall I tend to agree with USA hockey, I really don't think true A,AA,AAA travel hockey is needed at squirt and below. I think that we could go a step further and save travel until U14. In a lot of places, travel hockey is really just a way to milk parents for thousands of dollars each year and doesn't provide a lot of return on investment, development wise. Ice time provides the largest benefit to development, and if house programs provided the same amount of ice that travel programs provide there would be similar development in house players without the expense of travel.
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    It shouldn't. Though I can sort of understand how some people playing maybe in lower level hockey leagues would be more interested in coasting/gliding and less concerned with agility; hard start/stops.
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    I wonder what stick he's using. Obviously, a brand that didn't pay the licensing fee.
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    Price in his other set. Jake Allen is in a pair of TRUE Sports leg pads. Not sure if you can view a facebook video or not. https://fb.watch/34p-1p_Rr2/
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    Idk, I spoke with Nick Boyarsky about this and he says that they are literally the identical formula, but stores were complaining about the discoloration so they used a blue dye to prevent that. He says they tested a bit harder and that was enough to convince me to try a set. I used them on sprungs and, theoretically at least, that should make them feel even slower than a fixed frame, but it didn't. I have about 4 games on them, so I'll definitely keep a lookout, but so far they're definitely not worse. I like them better than addictions and revision, the grip is better than tricksters. Whenever these go I'll try a set of the newest identities and compare them. Not sure if I can get mpc freestyles here, but they sound good. What surface do you play on? I tested all this on sport court
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    I wouldn't put a huge amount of weight on the results of this "test". Everybody has their own preference for kickpoints and flex profiles. If you ask someone to "test" something with a different kickpoint and/or flex profile than they are used to then of course something is going to feel off and not to their liking, especially at first. And generally, the higher you go up the hockey food chain, the more this will be the case.
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    I was gonna say, probably the rocker on the 28's toe. The 30 does have that dual lie but it's far less pronounced.
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    I get the business end of this but at the same time screw Bauer. As someone who was a kid when Bilt-Rite/Mission started to seeing it evolve and eventually make its way into the NHL only to be bought up and basically shuttered by Bauer is just depressing. Mission was always a great brand pushing the evolution and functionality with their equipment and they always had an edgy marketing approach & a design aesthetic that defined inline/roller hockey.
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    Does Mylec count? Only brand to this day where you could change your PM9 to a P28 within the same shift with a quick stomp of the sneaker. Still waiting for someone to match that tech.

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