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    Just heard back from the Devils; they plan for the building to be open on 6/1. So, that's two months before the event.
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    I'm currently in protracted discussions with my agent regarding my retirement from hockey . That being said if things are back to some sense of normalcy I'd be in for SummerJam! I say let this ride for a bit longer unless it's stressing you out, in which case no one will fault you for cancelling the event for 2020.
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    I do think people are holding off on committing right now due to everything that's going on. My opinion is to be patient and wait things out a bit. For me I am hopeful it will occur and I'm looking forward to it. I do think that there is a decent chance of us being ok. What would be helpful is if members would indicate their interest and just say "If everything clears up, yeah I'm going." Truth is its all refundable so no risk if you are driving.
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    If its a place you haven't been to I would suggesting coming in on Wednesday so you can do the tourist thing and explore. There's usually at least a couple other MSH'ers around. In Pittsburgh we went to a Pirates game and the Warhol museum, for example.
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    It’s a great time. My first time spending the weekend with everyone was awesome. Highly recommend going for the weekend. Hoping my health can finally get in the right direction so I can come back, even if just to hang out with everyone.
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    We have had people who have attended our events who the first couple of times just showed up for the skate, then left after, or stayed for dinner. Unfortunately, they end up not getting the full experience. The reason why we do this is to bring people together who have a common interest. The people who come Friday night always seem to come back - you get to meet the members in a relaxed setting.
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    Just a warning for everyone, The Finn will be in again...
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    To clarify, yes there is an event hotel with a special rate. While it’s not strictly REQUIRED to stay there, you can potentially really jam up JR if you don’t.
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    Howdy, Yeah, typically all the out-of-towners end up at the same hotel and usually Friday's get together is there. Not a 'requirement' to stay there or anything, but it makes it easier. JR negotiates a block of rooms rate. IIRC I think NJ is $200/night? I'm guessing you could probably find a buddy to share a room with but ?? I usually have my family with me and I'm one of those folks that likes to escape off to be by themselves at times so I've never tried to get a roomie. Mark
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    Howdy, Usually a dinner/get together the night before and the night of the game, generally later in the evenings for both (at least for an old man like me). I would say at these events the ice time / manufacturer demo / whatever is roughly half of the experience for me, with the other half being those get togethers or other activities (like if you've got family with you and do the tourist thing or something). "Worth it" is kinda a personal thing. Its worth it to me. Mark
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    I've always seen photos of previous years but could never make it. This one is actually accessable and looks like something i'd jump on board for.
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    I was officially denied the day or two off for this that I requested. Have a good time everyone. I'll (hopefully) see you all in December.
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    I'm out this year unfortunately
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    Not able to make it this year :( maybe next summer.

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