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  1. Guys,

    First off don't worry about the "Tron Guys" building the skates.  Joe is still running Alkali and was always part of the development and creation of the original Alkali skates.  He knows what he is doing.  Also, he came to me for my opinions and thoughts on the skates, and I helped tweak the design, colors, fit, etc.  As for the Nylon vs purlyn argument, the new skates that were launched have plenty of stiffness and durability from my experience.

  2. On March 8, 2016 at 5:31 AM, Thunder_Dad said:

    How do the Alkali gloves fit with regard to others?

    I have some Nexus which are traditional fit four roll. Looking to get a pair for just roller.

    Alkali gloves fit like a traditional roll glove.  They are a little snug on the backhand, but that varies depending on the thickness of a player's hand.  I personally played with the back hand pad flipped out.

  3. On February 24, 2016 at 2:24 PM, GeeZa32 said:


    Ahhhh bummer. Sounds like it wont work then.

    I think you may fit just fine in the 6.5 personally.  I am 10 shoe and wear an Alkali 8.5.  Most people with a shoe size below 10, go down 1.5 sizes in the sizing I have done.

  4. On February 26, 2016 at 7:05 PM, kovalchuk71 said:

    So, what is going on with Alkali? Seems like a lot of products/model lines have been reduced drastically. Example: their flagship skate is only $499 and lacks a magnesium frame. Were sales/popularity down over the last year? 

    You have to remember that most people do not buy High End skates.  The majority of inline skates sales is below $199.  When we built the RPE line, it was not a replacement for the RPD line, but an additional line that would fit in certain price points we didn't offer.  Many players we talked to said the Magnesium chassis was not really worth the extra cost (and believe me it cost dramatically more than regular aluminum).   Based on that feedback, we decided to offer a high end boot at a better price.  Sales were actually up significantly last year and from what I have heard and picking back up again (post-sale).

  5. The Zenith, Visium, and Rival are all built in the wider fit. The new skates come in different price points, to fit areas Alkali was missing. For example, the Zenith is the perfect skate for the person who doesn't care about a Mag chassis. The Visium will have Purlyn at a lower price than the Shift +.

  6. Alkali is not going anywhere. There is the new RPE line, but things have been in transition since the sale. Everything should shake out by the new year. They still have plenty of stock on the current line, which is not even a full year old.

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