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  1. Inline boots need to have a more aggressive pitch, since there is no rocker like a ice blade. The forward lean of the skate puts you in a more natural skating position, which makes the player feel more balanced. We design our skates specially for roller hockey, and that is why we have that angle.

  2. Do all of the new generation of Alkali skates fit the same? I tried on what i think were the RPD team and the fit seemed pretty good. I'm interested in the RPD max but the shop doesn't carry them. Will they fit the same? Any comments about slightly less/more volume/width/length due to the material differences will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    The Max's will fit similar to the Team. There will be a slight difference based not stiffness, but overall the patterns are the same. If you liked the fit of the Team skates, you will like the fit of the Max skates.

    Just stumbled accross this site after playing hockey for years. Ive played ice for the last 15 and just ventured in to roller in the last year or 2. Ive looked at Alkali skates online and it seems from reviews that the sizing is different than most skate sizing? I wear a 9 in my Bauer Supreme one.9's and my current roller skates are an older mission style also size 9. Ive been looking at getting either the CA 7's or the RPD comp models. Any help in regards to sizing? Thanks

    Our skates fit 1.5 to 1 size down from your shoe. When I skated old Mission (pre Bauer buying Mission) I was a size 8.5. I am currently a 8.5 in Alkali, and have a size 10 shoe.

  3. Kiwi,

    Great to hear you picked up a pair of Crew skates. For the heat fit, you need to have a convection style oven and set the temp around 180 F for 9minutes. Since you are not using a traditional skate oven, keep an eye on the skates and make sure they don't get to soft or hot. You can check out Alkali Hockey on Youtube and you can see how we heat fit skates.

  4. Ok, I will state my personal, non-Alkali opinions of these. This entire post is my own personal opinion:

    Does Sprung work - For some people. I personally do not like them at all. I do not like how the front wheel compresses, and feel much slower in them, have a loss in balance, and overall I am not comfortable in them.

    Do they turn better -Maybe. Personally I like how the back wheel compresses (this is funny, since I love how the old Vibe 2 chassis compressed in the back).

    Is there a place for them: Sure, some ice guys would like them, but I feel they are more of an off ice training tool.

    My opinion is you should support brands that support inline/roller hockey: Alkali, Bauer/Mission, Tour, Labeda, Rink Rat, and Revision.

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  5. alright im slowly narrowing down to a few skate options and i kinda like the ida behind the ca7 and ca9 but my concern is i dont see anyone wearing alkali in any of the 6 arenas i skate at. is there a reason behind this or am i just in a region where they arent widely availble? also if anyone had some feed back on the performence of these that would be a huge help!!

    Let me know if you have any particular questions regarding our skates. Obviously being a fairly new brand, there is limited players in our skates, but I believe you will see more and more players making the switch. If you see any people wearing Mission Skates from the pre bauer days, they were designed by me. So we are a new brand, but have been making skates for over 20 years.

  6. Brentdz, sorry they don't fit and you'll need a larger size. As a FYI, Mission skates never ran shoe size. Pre Bauer, Mission skates ran 1 to 1.5 below your shoe size. Our current skates fit similar to this in terms of sizing.

    SJS - We are not selling the Movement Chassis individually.

  7. The Major differences between the two skates is exactly what you mentioned. The Chassis (mag vs extruded), wheels, internal liner, and bearings. The internals are very similar, so if you don't need the upgrades, you can't go wrong with the Shift. The liner difference is not AEPE (which is not used on the Shift, that is a typo/mistake). The liner used on the Max is a anti-microbial, moisture wicking microfiber liner. This liner is our top of the line liner. The liner of the Shift is a hydrophobic anti-slip liner that works extremely well and very comfortable.

    Hope this information helps.


  8. Our pants run similar in sizing to the old Mission pants, so you should be fine in a size medium. The main difference between the Max and the Team is the material. The material on the Max has more stretch, a softer touch, and it a bit more abrasion resistance. Both are great options and you can't go wrong with either. Finally, both pants have dual layer knees.


    So i decided to take a dive into the Alkali family for the first time but since im set for skates i decided to give your pants a try. mine right now are serviceable but i really like the look of the black and charcoal rpd team pants (the max electric looks great too but its a niche color but give credit where credit is due)

    but before i buy i have questions.

    -I currently have Mission Helium 10,000 pants in a senior medium and they fit great except if it wasnt for the built in shin straps the bottoms threaten going into the wheels. And despite my larger size I also have really old cinch string missions (from the same era of the vibe chassis) and they are small. they fit fine (im wearing them now for house lounging and regularly for pick up games) but are tight once i have my jock and shins on. What size RPD pants would you recommend? BTW for what its worth I wear both pants below the waist on my hips

    - Besides design whats the difference between the MAX and TEAM pants? the only thing i see in specs is the material but how does that differ between the two, one more ventilated/stretchy/durable/weight etc.

    - on InlineWarehouse they say both have dual knees 1680 outside and 210 inside. Is that correct? i ask bc is says all of the new line has dual knees but on the alkali site it lists only the team and max with them.

    Thanks for your time Justin. Im going to try to find them local but i dont have high hopes. only 1 store around here carries alkali and theyre very limited and their staff is less than stellar,


    1. Do the RPD Max's come in 5.5?

    2. How would these hold up for ice hockey? Thanks.

    The Max do not come in size 5.5. They definitely will hold up for Ice. I am skating them on Ice and know a few others that are skating them on Ice as well.

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