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  1. Nice article. I Babelfished it and it was a good read. Funny anecdote: "David outside staircase" (=Perron literally translated) Haha. :lol:
  2. Thanks for the kind words. Merry X-Mas, David. I think you got your present a bit earlier this year. Exdit: Time to re-new your avatar ^_^
  3. So being an MSHer also have its shadows (= the unknowing people blaming you for style and equipment geekness)
  4. http://img132.imageshack.us/img132/8805/sany0008oc1.jpg
  5. Shipwreck is an amazing band and they've had a knack of getting on the best tours/pick up the best shows the last two years. Uh yeah. They will tour Europe soon, which i like. Im actually only into this Boston/MV Hardcore stuff like Guns Up! and other bands im too lazy to mention. Check my last.fm, dude: www.last.fm/user/BluesSinger for pick ups. I also recommend Guns Up! they have been one of my favourite bands for awhile now. Sven you also listen to some really good music like Blacklisted, Cold World, and Have Heart which i would also recommend Shipwrecks first fulllength called "Abyss" just dropped. Its awesome. Its some sort of "concept album" - It like a journey from the bottom of the ocean to the top of a mountain. Its so tight and besides the lyrics are off the chain. (http://www.notpopular.com/lyrics/2968/Shipwreck_A.D./Abyss) Im digging it. Last but not least, the vinyl and the artwork are fine as well.
  6. Get one back from him in exchange. If you saved the PM, print it and sell it on.. um mshBay and get rich (or die trying). Yet again, im jealous of JR (not to mention DP).
  7. http://www.stltoday.com/blogs/sports-morni...ber/#more-17017
  8. INSAAAAAAAAANE. Big congrats!
  9. Maybe cause there is a pro career he needs/wants to focus on? ;) And, for the other stuff we got you and JR.
  10. I dont own this game, id apreesh a screenshot.
  11. Its such a weird feeling seeing him. I know, it sounds stupid, but i kinda feel like i know him and hes like a familiar guy when i see him on tv or youtube. I mean we (especially Pascal haha) know him for a period of time and for everyone else hes the "new rookie guy". Im really literally happy for him !
  12. Its some band. I actually dont know/like them. Actually, embarrassing.
  13. The red thing is supposed to be the "skyline" of our city. This building on the pirst pic (right side) is the roof/shape of our icearena.
  14. Unfortunately, im more in the west, near the border to the netherlands. Im in the area of Dusseldorf, Cologne, Dortmund, Essen and Bochum. Hit me up if you are in this area. If you want to check out the german elite league (DEL) check www.del.org for the schedule. I totally forgot to take some good pics of the socks, sorry. I will upload them tomorrow (its 0:40am now and im tired, just got home from an away-game) Jake: We can work something out, just message me.
  15. No, i dont mind. I actually love it.. but its a different thing for you north americans, because you are used to "clean" jerseys and we in europe need sponsors on our jerseys/stuff to get money to finance stuff like the jerseys itself, trips via bus and other stuff where money is needed. Its just a small amout of money, nothing big. Well, actually we all got a personal issue with one of the sponsors. One sponsor got into some weird argument with our organizer (some kind of equipment manager) so the sponsor does not pay us money for this season, which obviously sucks cause the sponsor IS still on the jersey and we are sporting his logo for free. Bummer.
  16. It was a joke, you... Ah forget about it. Not worth a warning..
  17. Unfortunately, its not. Its some minor league, but nothing flashy. Sock pics will follow soon, hehe.
  18. Nylon. The pics are quite dark so if you guys want i can take a picture of those socks in a minute. Got them in my bag. I personally like how they fade from dark to light green into red.
  19. Whats the actual update on em? The new white tongues? The holders? The cut? Thanks.
  20. Best buy, literally.
  21. Better late than never: Congratulations Dave. Im so happy (literally, not a effin phrase) for you. Dedication is the key.
  22. Uh, a real opponent for Dela Hoe Ya
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